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How much does it cost to start a company in the UAE?

December 30, 2020

Owning a company in the UAE is a dream of every business contender. When you are thinking of setting up a company in Dubai, the cost can stop the flow. Hence many factors need to be considered before the business setup in UAE. The first step that takes you ahead is the startup cost. Contact the best business setup consultants in Dubai and know about the business setup company's initial cost. Whether it is free zone license registration or trade license registration, the best business setup consultants in UAE can solve all your concerns and help for business setup in UAE.

For entrepreneurs, the tax-free nature is the most enticing point around the globe. Many hidden charges are involved in starting a business. For instance, instant license or approval, approval of trade name, rent office, contract drafting, court agreement attestation, admin services costs, memorandum of association, public waste municipality fee, economy fee, etc., and also there are further yearly expenses to afford or market fees. Get cheap free zone license registration and top trade license registration with the best business setup consultants in UAE.

Free Zone Business

Free zone business setup in UAE is an excellent option for business investors who are looking for tax-free nature to get foreign ownership, instant employment, financial privacy, residence in UAE, and easy visa process. Low-cost startup consulting companies offer many specialized packages like free zone license registration based on the location, business activities, office provision, and business setup company on the free zone. Get easy business setup consultancy in Dubai to develop the free zone company.

Free Zone License Registration

The fees will be charged against the registration of the company with the authority of free zone depend on the type of the business such as free zone establishment the cost is variable, each has different startup fees and procedures; some free zones require the owner of the company to get the minimum amount of capital if they are going to develop the business. The other type of running cost of a free zone is supporting the employees by sponsoring them a visa, guarantee from bank, etc. The low-cost startup consulting companies are helping to get cheap free zone license registration.

The Setup Cost of Mainland in UAE

The cost of mainland setup is similar to the free zone cost. The startup's expenses in land rely on certain variables—for instance, business nature, visa grant tallies, and locations. Get the best business setup consultants in Dubai and start up your business in the Mainland.

Government Charges

The government's compulsory charges include legal charges, exchange license, enrollment at government, and lawful understandings. Either be only time charges or yearly.

Business Integration Fees

These charges are one time and incorporate, or integration fees include record entries, a plan of reviews, and some other costs. The additional compulsory fees are new company enrollment with migration and the ministry of labor. The registration is rechargeable, legitimate expense one time, company location, and visa as per each individual. If you want to build a limited liability company (LLC), the offer will be required, or the minimum capital is approximately AED 300,000. When you get the permit for LLC, you can change the proposal to the working capital.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

In the LLC case, foreign equity in the business will not exceed 49% of the share. You will be required the resident partner with more stake in the company. If you want to keep the foreign branch in UAE, you must develop the associated on the location yearly.

  • Fee for the ministry of the low-cost startup companies' registration
  • Free zone license registration issued
  • Expert assistance expenses for exchange permit management
  • Initial charges of the chamber of commerce registration
  • Auditor's fee
  • Fee for approval of the leading company
  • Waste management fees

Business setup in Dubai is not that difficult as it seems with a cost. Contact the best business setup consultants in Dubai for cheap free zone license registration, top trade license registration, and easy business setup consultancy. The best business setup consultants will make your process much simpler for business setup in Dubai or a free zone business setup in UAE. The top local business setup agencies can lead your setting up process and assist you from the beginning.

Start your business with Avyanco

Setting a business in UAE is challenging; get the business setup consultancy from Avyanco to establish the company in Dubai with ease. Avyanco empowers entrepreneurs to take steps in the business world through effective, accelerated, and simple procedures. The mission of Avyanco is to guide the clients with the best options and solutions to get the maximum profit from our expertise.

Avyanco business setup is authorized to establish the company in Dubai and offer the best setup services, and continuously advance the procedures to help the clients. Avyanco is here to help you, with high-end customized services to set up business in UAE, and a team of consultants to fasten your startup process from registration to the location. 

Contact us today for a free consultation to know more about opening a company in your interested area in Dubai, UAE. Call/WhatsApp: +971 50 3989000, (T): +971 4 240 5000, Email: info@avyanco.com.

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