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How to renew your Dubai business license?

February 23, 2021

Once you’ve put all the hard work to get your business setup in Dubai, the last thing you want to happen is to lose it, that too for something like not renewing your Dubai business license! Let’s get straight to the point – if you’re running a business in Dubai you renew your business license, issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED), every year. If you don’t you may end up paying substantial penalties. You may also face other negative consequences, such as blacklisting of your company, or complications in expanding the business you have set up in Dubai.

Fortunately, company license renewal in Dubai is pretty straightforward and can be done easily both online and in person. It can be easier still with the help of business setup consultants who know everything that needs to be known about company registration in Dubai and also how to renew a company license in Dubai.

Why you must renew your Dubai business license?

The Department of Economic Development or DED and other regulatory authorities in Dubai mandate that all business in Dubai must renew their business licenses well before their expiration date. If you do not follow their mandate on company license renewal in Dubai here’s what can happen:

You’ll end up paying huge amounts as fines

You can be charged approximately two hundred dirhams for each month the fine remains outstanding. Not just that, if it is found that you are running a business in Dubai with an expired license you may end up shelling out five thousand dirhams!

Your company may be blacklisted

Delay in renewing your company license in Dubai can also land you in hot water with the regulatory authorities and even end up with your company getting blacklisted, which is severest punished meted out by the authorities. Blacklisting can in turn lead to consequences such as

  • Your business’s transactional capabilities getting blocked
  • Visas getting invalidated and travel bans being imposed
  • Bank will suspend the corporate bank account
  • Customs will block the shipment

Your business may be barred from expansion

If you delay your company license renewal in Dubai, your crucial business operations may be restricted, and your company may not be allowed to expand. It can spell doom for small businesses if they cannot scale up.

business license renewals in dubai

How to renew your business license in Dubai

The three important steps to renew your business license in Dubai are

  1. Make sure you have a valid tenancy contract

  2. This is the first step in renewing your company license in Dubai. You must make sure that your business/company has a valid tenancy contract (validity be for a minimum of at 1 month at least). For the tenancy contract to be valid, it must be attested by ejari. If your tenancy contract does not meet with these criteria, you cannot start your Dubai business license renewal process.

  3. Apply for company license renewal

  4. Once you’ve made sure that your tenancy documentation is in order, you need to move to the next part of company license renewal - approval from concerned authorities Dubai processed renewing their business license. This can be done both online and in person. For this you need to apply for Dubai business license renewal at the Department of Economic Development (DED), and submit all the required documents. The list of all the documents you need to submit to the DED for the purpose of company license renewal include

    • A typed BR/1 form
    • A copy of your valid current tenancy contract
    • A copy of EJARI Registration Certificate
    • A copy of your current business trade license
    • Copies of all the business partners’ passports

    Please note that these documents are needed for both offline and online Dubai business license renewal.

  5. Pay your license renewal fees

  6. After submitting your application along with the necessary documents, the DED will provide you with a payment voucher. If the documentation you have submitted is all in order, you will receive your payment voucher within three or four working days. As soon as you receive the voucher, you need to initiate the payment procedure. As soon as you make the payment you will receive your renewed license from the DED.

    Sounds rather simple, doesn’t it? After all the effort and financial investment, it took to undertake your business setup in Dubai and get it up and running, do you really want to run such a risk by letting your Dubai business license expire? All of this can be easily avoided merely by being cognizant of your license expiry date and getting it renewed before the deadline. You could task someone in your company with the responsibility of company license renewal, or you could work with reputed business setup consultants who have in-depth experience in such matters. Whatever option you decide to go with, it is imperative to ensure that your Dubai business license remains valid or you could end up risk of losing everything.

    How Avyanco can help Dubai business license renewal

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