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ICP Smart Services UAE Guide

ICP Smart Services
August 31, 2022

The ICP Smart Services provide UAE citizens and people from other countries a single platform through which they may access numerous services related to visa and permission inquiries, fee and fine payment, and updates to personal information. Through their Smart Channels, ICP offers smart services, and their E-services are accessible online around-the-clock. Keep in mind that ICP is formerly called ICA Smart services.

What is ICP Smart Services?

ICP Smart Services is an effective system that manages everything related to your identification and citizenship when travelling in the UAE, including entrance visas, passport services, emirates ID, and other documents. You may also use this service to check the visa status of your passport and the validity of your visa simply by using your phone or computer.

Through ICP Smart Services, the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (ICP) is dedicated to making life easier for UAE citizens, long-term residents, as well as visitors. The ICP provides a variety of services including checking visa status, visa extension, tracking visa applications, and more. The ICP Smart system may be accessed via its Smart Channels, and the e-services are also available online around-the-clock.

Benefits of ICP Smart Services

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP) in the UAE has introduced ICP Smart Services in UAE via which it offers additional comfort and conveniences to citizens and UAE residents desiring to return to the UAE.

Foreigners and residents of the UAE have access to a common platform provided by ICP platform via which they may request visas, get permits, pay fees and penalties, and update personal information.

Here are a few significant benefits of using this service:

  • File an appeal online
  • Update your Emirates ID
  • Request a refund online
  • Make changes to your application online
  • View the business and tourist visa services online
  • View and check almost five applications from the same device
  • Check your application simply using your phone or computer while staying at your home
  • To check the status of your application, login with your Smart Number
  • Check the status of your application using any web-enabled device, including a laptop, tablet, or Smartphone.
  • You can book a new appointment for resident admission online if necessary.

Visit ICP website for more 

CP APP on Android Mobile Phone 

ICP App on iPhone Mobile Phone

Services Offered by ICP Platform

Using ICP Smart services in Dubai, different FACILITIES are provided to GCC residents, GCC nationals, UAE residents, and visitors.  Users can access these services by using the mobile applications available for iOS and Android or by visiting the official website.

UAE Residents

The platform has provided several services in this area to UAE citizens. People may apply for a variety of fundamental yet useful services, such as Emirates ID services, visa applications, residency services, and more, through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship webpage. These services are also available for its sponsor.


UAE nationals can use the ICP Smart Services site to get citizenship benefits and sponsored services. These services include those for Emirates ID, passports, family books, and many other helpful things.


Visitors are the focus of the first service category. These services deal with information and entrance visa administration. Using ICP portal, visitors may apply for visas, follow the progress of their applications, and obtain their visas.

GCC Citizens

Emirates ID-related services and services devoted to their sponsorship are provided to GCC nationals by ICP.

GCC Residents

ICP Smart Services in UAE has also provided services to GCC nationals. These consist of administering visas once they are issued, tracking visa applications, and other services linked to entering visas.

Who Can Register on ICP Portal?

Business travelers to and from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other destinations in the UAE can use this evolutionary system. You must register for the service if you plan to remain for more than three months.

If your journey to Dubai is only going to last seven days or less, there is no need for you to bother about registration. If your visit will last more than seven days, you must register as soon as you arrive in the UAE.

Registration is available for:

  • UAE Residents
  • Workers or employees
  • Representatives in Dubai
  • Entrepreneurs or Business owners

How to Register for ICP?

You can register for the ICP Smart Services by providing your Smart Number and nationality at the Smart Services desk. You may also sign up simply by dialing 800 9090 from your phone.

Requirements for ICP Smart Services Registration

To get ready for your identity and citizenship and ICP Smart service registration in UAE, you'll need certain paperwork and complete documentation. Your employment history and personal data must also be included on an application form. Your visa will be issued more quickly if you register for ICP system on the Federal authority for identification website. Moreover, you can easily submit all the necessary information even before travelling to the UAE.

The visa application procedure is equivalent to the registration procedure. The application form must be submitted providing the following documents:

  • Emirates ID
  • Visa entry permit
  • Passport number
  • personal information and work history

ICP Registration Fees

Once you arrive in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, the AED150 registration cost for the ICP approval and registration will be charged. This payment can be made in person or online at the ICP office.

Tracking ICP Application Status

Using your passport number and expiration date, you may check the status and duration of your visa on the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship - ICP website if you have applied for an entry permit or resident visa to Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, or Fujairah.

Contact the ICP Call Center

Another simple approach to monitoring your application is to call the ICP number. Operators are on duty around-the-clock and eager to hear from you. The number you can use is 600522222.

Use Mobile Application

Logging into your mobile application is likely the most practical approach to verifying the status of your application. Use the mobile app anytime you need to, day or night.

Use Your Online Accounts

Logging into your online user account and searching for your program is simple. You can track up to five visa applications at once using your device. Once you reach the UAE, you will receive an email with your tracking number and instructions for logging in. The email will also provide a link to your online tracking account and your ICP registration number. Later, while you are in the UAE, the email will arrive.

How to Use ICP Smart Services?

You can schedule appointments with immigration and labour officials once you get a tracking number. By choosing the day and time of your visit, you can simply make appointments.

Additionally, you can schedule a meeting with a representative of the Dubai Land Department. The officer will provide you with a confirmation of your appointment, which you may use to modify your visa application and residency admission procedure. You may also obtain a resident visa for the UAE using this confirmation document.

You will get a service charge and a payment receipt from the Dubai Land Department. You can be required to pay supplementary costs if you don't adhere to the Visa or residency admission dates. You could also face entry restrictions from the UAE, or you might even face deportation. In addition, to get any relevant news and updates you can contact the call center.


Know Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

ICP services in UAE are provided by the Federal Authority for Identity – a federal agency that manages all matters pertaining to customs, citizenship, and port security. The Federal Authority for Identity website provides a range of helpful services and information for both citizens and tourists.

In addition to that, assistance with ID cards, passport applications, and visa status is provided by this organisation. In addition to other types of identification, everyone travelling to or from the UAE must have an Emirates ID. You can learn more about the procedures, principles, and ICP Smart Services on the Federal Authority for Identity’s official website.

What to Do With ICP before Arriving in UAE?

You might need to engage ICP Services due to the new requirements for a UAE residency visa. You are still able to begin your temporary residence by using ICP services if you are visiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE as a tourist or for business.

You will need to schedule a meeting with the ICP smart System before travelling to the UAE. You may schedule an appointment from your account online. Pick a date for your appointment, and then follow the instructions to confirm your booking.

Alternatively, you can click Contact Us on the ICP website. You may also make a direct call by dialing 800 9090 from a UAE phone number or +971 4 227 7000 from a landline outside the UAE.

How to Check Visa Status in UAE?

Visa status check UAE

You can verify the status of any dependents or workers, as well as your own visa. For a maximum of five passengers each visit, you can verify the status of each entrance visa. However, you do not need to recheck the status of your entrance if you already have an invitation letter and have reserved a hotel through this ICA. There are several ways to ICP smart services visa validity check:

Checking Visa status in UAE with with your passport you can use the following ICP Smart service by clicking link https://smartservices.icp.gov.ae/echannels/web/client/default.html#/fileValidity  then you can use passport or file number then fille out information including your nationality then click search button. You can use the link to track visit visa and residence visa as well. This is the simplest way because you can check your visa validity in UAE by yourself online.

The other options of checking visa are the following

  • At the airport counters
  • By calling the call center
  • Online prior to your arrival

How to Apply For a Change of Visa Status?

You may make up to two (2) modifications to your application. Additional fees and penalties will be incurred if you need to make any additional modifications to your application. If you currently utilise ICP Smart Services, you can use the online system to apply to alter your status.

How to Apply For Visa Extension?

There are multiple ways by which you can apply for your visa extension. At the ICP services desk in the airport or by calling the contact centre, you may extend your visa. In addition to that, even without a credit card or an internet connection, you can apply for a visa extension in the UAE.

How to Apply For an Exit Permit?

You can ask for exit permission at the ICP Smart Services counter. However, you will have to present your passport, the dependent's visa, and your residency card. You'll get a fresh admission card and your exit permission will be extended.

How to Renew Visa with ICP Smart Services?

Online renewal is available if your Visa is about to expire. You may recover your visa online by logging into your ICP Smart Services account. You will have to add your passport, Visa, and residency card to complete the renewal procedure.

How to Cancel Visa with ICP Smart Services?

Simply log in to your ICP Services account and complete the necessary steps to cancel your Visa.

How Avyanco Can Help You?

According to the rules of the airline, passengers with newly issued e-visas arriving in Sharjah or Ras Al Khaimah on an Air Arabia aircraft must register with ICP smart services before departing.

If you intend to relocate to Dubai for business purposes, Avyanco will make the relocation process smoother. We can assist you with all the necessary paperwork, identify the ideal location for your business, and help you obtain favorable visas in Dubai.

Avyanco is a well-known company setup advisor who actively assists investors in establishing their companies swiftly, conveniently, and securely. From the acceptance of visa applications to documents, getting a company license, and securing entrance permits including Golden Visa and Green Visa for foreign investors, Team Avyanco makes sure to expedite the whole process.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any queries.



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