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Types of Audits in Dubai: Guide

December 8, 2022

To maintain financial sustainability within the business several result-driven approaches and techniques have been followed by business owners. The audit is the very first and top-notch priority that they make sure to conduct annually. There can be several types of audits in Dubai and each is conducted by approved auditors. The audit helps evaluate where the company stands, what is the current financial condition of the business, and determine compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Are you operating a business in Dubai and want to be on top of your business's financial health? Do you also want to comply with the corporate and commercial regulations and laws in the country? Do not look further. The guide tells you everything you need to know about audit and its types.

Auditing in Dubai

An audit entails the review or examination of a company's books of accounts. It is typically conducted by approved auditors in Dubai followed by a physical inventory check to ensure that all departments are adhering to a defined method of documenting transactions. It is done to ensure the correctness of the organization's financial accounts as well as assess compliance with the state’s commercial rules and regulations.

Audits can be performed in two ways;

  • An internal audit by workers or department heads, or,
  • External audits can be performed by an outside independent auditor.

The objective is for an impartial body to audit and verify the accounts to guarantee that the books of accounts are done fairly and that no misrepresentation or fraud is going on. All companies must have their accounts reviewed prior to declaring their results for any quarter. Audit firms in Dubai work across the country to help businesses comply with the mandatory laws to avoid any fines and penalties.

Types of Audits in Dubai

Audit varies in nature and can be performed as per the requirements. A few common and essential types of audits in Dubai are mentioned below.

External Audits

It is referred to as an independent auditor's inspection of the financial documents of a company. Companies hire external auditors to outsource auditing services. The audit is meant to verify a company's financial statements and examine the accuracy of accounting records. The reports were further shared with the key stakeholders allowing them to understand the company's health, current position, controls, and operations. It also aids external parties in assessing an organization's investment opportunities for the future. Investors typically demand external audits in order to be confident in the quality of their company's data and information.

Internal Audits

The company’s internal auditors conduct an internal audit of the business. The audit is initiated by the firm’s owner, and it is carried out by another individual. Businesses with shareholders or board members utilize this audit to keep themselves up to speed on the company's finances. Internal auditing is useful for ensuring that financial targets are met. It allows businesses to assure the accuracy of financial treatment, accounting transactions, and other general system controls.

Tax Audit

Businesses must prepare for tax audits that are performed by the Tax Authorities. Tax audits will verify tax due by checking the taxpayer's accounting and bookkeeping records, as well as VAT return submissions. Tax audits examine the company's planning techniques, goals, processes, operations, and operational results in terms of tax compliance, such as corporate tax excise tax, and value-added tax (VAT).

Financial Audit

When financial audits are performed, the auditor examines the integrity and correctness of the company's financial accounts. In this process, approved auditors examine the transactions, processes, and balances. Following the audit, the third party presents the audit opinion to the creditors, investors, and lenders.

DMCC Audit

The DMCC audit is one of the auditing types in Dubai Freezones that validates corporate policies and processes to ensure that they adhere to internal and external standards. All DMCC firms must have their audited annual financial statements submitted to the DMCC authorities by a DMCC-certified auditor. Our skilled auditors will examine your DMCC Freezone Company's accounts and verify financial statements using supporting documentation.

Importance of Financial Auditing in Dubai

Businesses are built with the aim to grow, generating higher revenues, and remaining successful. To guarantee success, any institution, public or private, must deal with financial openness. In order to achieve preliminary goals, one of the core objectives of a company is to maintain the management in tip-top shape.

 In this regard, corporate firms always take a cautious approach in the form of audits. Company leaders devote increased attention to reviewing all parts of monetary affairs for simplifying and keeping track of transactions.

As an entrepreneur in Dubai, having your accounts audited every year guarantees that your company's records are in order and dependable. Auditing services in Dubai examine a company's internal controls, current systems, and financial statements during an audit.

An audit performed by audit firms in Dubai will help you in various ways including:

  • Aids in detecting fraudulent activities
  • Contributes to the company’s growth
  • Assists in making significant choices for the future of the firm
  • It aids in maintaining compliance and understanding the business

When Your Business Needs Hiring Auditing Firms in Dubai?

An audit firm in Dubai can assist you in maintaining, managing, and analyzing your books of accounts, detecting potential fraud, and recommending necessary ways to reduce loss within the organization.

Whether you are a startup, an SME, or a large-scale corporation, you must hire an auditing firm if you detect something strange with your financial records or suspect misinterpretation of numbers in your book of accounts. You should consider hiring an auditor in Dubai to preserve your company's financial operations. Auditors collaborate with your internal finance staff to evaluate financial statements and assure compliance with corporate laws as well.

Approved auditors will help you:

  • Make your company's financial records more organized.
  • Provide advice on how your organization may save expenses and enhance earnings.
  • Ensure that financial statements are accurate and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

How Avyanco Auditing LLC Can Help Your Business?

Avyanco is the leading auditing firm in Dubai successfully assisting businesses with their auditing needs. Team Avyanco comprises approved and certified auditors who are honest in their professional and ensure delivering transparent, accurate, and reliable solutions. We will help you organize and maintain all of your paperwork for tax filing and make sure that your records are accurate.



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