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How to Apply for UAE Entry Exit Report from immigration via ICP

September 19, 2022

An individual's entry and exit records show individual numbers of visits to the UAE and entry exit report in UAE is required by the individuals to prove in their country of origin how many days they stayed inside the country. The Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (UAE ICP) issues an entry or exit report for its citizens or the UAE residents as per international standards.

If your visa was issued by an emirate else than Dubai, you may get the exit entry report via ICP official website or might get one from their physical service centres in UAE. However, if your visa was issued by Dubai immigration department, an individual will get UAE entry exit report from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

For both ICP and GDRFA, the documentation requirements and application procedure for the Entry exit report in UAE are the same.

  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • Emirates ID if available

UAE Entry Exit Report

Steps to Apply for UAE Entry Exit Report via ICP Website

  • In order to get an entry and exit report in UAE, first download their App or visit the official website.
  • Once you have downloaded their App, register your user name and password and go to their individual service panel from where you can select “entry and exit report”.
  • Select the start date from when until when you require it and pay a service fee amount of 151 AED.
  • Once you have paid service fees, the report will be sent to your email.

Benefits of Entry-Exit Report

The Dubai government requires an entry and exit report in order to monitor the flow of individuals into and out of the country. Any individual entering or exiting Dubai is required to file a report, which must contain details including the person's name, birth date, nationality, passport number, as well as the date and reason for their trip.

  • an entry exit report in UAE offers various benefits along with keeping an appropriate record of the person.
  • The report is useful to your home country to show that you are a resident of a particular country for tax purposes.
  • Moreover, for an individual who wants a tax residency certificate, it is mandatorily required to show that you are in the country for more than 180 days in UAE.

What Is the Use of UAE Entry Exit Report?

The travel report is simply a document revealed by the UAE's immigration department. The report includes a traveler's complete entry and exit dates as well as the relevant entry and exit ports. The traveler's passport card number as well as other pertinent immigration information is also included in the report.

The core purpose and the use of this report are to show that:

  • Whether you are inside the country or outside the county.
  • To save the tax in your home country to avoid double taxation

Services are available on the ICP smart service website where you can apply for entry and exit requests in UAE to get relevant information. To get started with that simply download the application, register your number, and password and avail of the service.

Types of Travel Report

In the UAE, there are two different categories of travel reports including:

  • Single entry or exit travel report in UAE – which contains a record of a traveler’s last visit.
  • Entry exit passenger report – which shows the entry and exit history of a visitor.

Who Can Apply for Entry and Exit Report?

UAE visa holders or any other foreign citizen can apply in the portal to get a UAE entry exit report, the travel report containing all the information for themselves or their family members as well.

How Avyanco Can Help You?

All potential applicants who want to get UAE Entry and Exit Certificate, want to get nominated for a golden visa, or apply for entry exit reports, may apply for the visa by submitting an online visa application through ICP smart services official website.

However, it is highly recommended that you consult with a trusted, experienced, and reasonable business setup and consultancy. Avyanco is a certified business setup and advisory service helping UAE residents and foreigners to resolve challenges successfully.

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