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Why Foreign Investors Open A Trading Company in Dubai?

April 18, 2021

Dubai is the global trade hub of the Middle East and the most profitable market. According to the global investment report issued by UNCTAD (United nations conference on trade and development, the UAE is the second largest beneficiary of foreign direct investment in Western Asia. The UAE stands 33rd out of the 183 countries for the overall ease of doing business. Dubai is the ideal crossway between the east and west that opens immense doors for any business. Dubai has transformed into a business giant, rivaling globally. Today, Dubai is an extremely attractive trading business destination for any company that wants to capture Asia, Middle East, and Africa's faster-expanding markets.

Open Trade

The freedom and convenience provided to traders to establish open trade partnerships are called free trade policies. They encourage many trading companies from all over the world to open a trading business in Dubai. Trades can create an open trade partnership, free from discrimination between import and export of foreign authority.

trading license in dubai

Top Factors Why Foreign Investors Attracts to Open Trade in Dubai

Dubai provides ease of doing business with the competitive and fostering environment to all the foreign investors. Dubai has a state-of-the-art infrastructure that attracts foreign investors and entrepreneurs in business across the world. Most foreign investors prefer the trading business in Dubai because it provides the major logistic services. Dubai has a culture of free and open trade with its trading partners and has cheap free zone license registration procedures.

Dubai is an open port with no tax and low import duties; it offers great value. Most products and goods that are imported into Dubai enjoy low import duties.

  • A stable and growing economy
  • No tax
  • Easy to operate the company
  • Low cost starts up consulting companies in UAE
  • Low cost of company formation
  • Easily get top trade license registration in Dubai
  • Translucent laws and regulations
  • Government support
  • Free zone
  • Strategic location

Advantages of Opening A Trading Company In the UAE

Setting a trading company has many benefits which availed by almost every trading business;

  • Low-cost company formation

  • Setting a business is relatively reasonable. Business owners must submit the business plan and necessary documents, and the projections of the profits.

  • Visa Facility

  • Dubai offers a visa facility once the company registration in Dubai is done. The owner and the family members of the owner will get residency visa in Dubai and get renewed every three years if the company is up and live, each company also can sponsor employee visas upto their requirement without any hesitation. There have been new 10 years visa policy is also introduced in UAE which give flexibility and encouragement for investors to start business in Dubai. The multiple visas allow the trading company to keep the physical existing in Dubai.

  • Visa sponsorship

  • After receiving a visa, you can sponsor other people, and a sponsored person can get a visa easily by following simple procedures.

  • Trade locally and internationally

  • Opening a trading company in Dubai, a foreigner can sell the imported goods in UAE as well as overseas countries' markets. The re-export of the goods also can be managed easily.

  • Reduced barriers to trade

  • The costs at the opening of the trading business are less and reduced time. The entrepreneurs and foreigners holding the Dubai mainland trading license are exempted from the paid-up share investments it increases the profit of the trading business.

  • E-trader license

  • The company formation regulation and license sector understand the requirement of regulation in the e-trading business. That is why they have introduced the e-trader license to allow both the GGC countries and UAE to conduct their business on digital platforms.

  • 0% Tax rate

  • As per the UAE Ministry of Finance, there is no corporate tax or income tax levy on the earned profits in the company or individually. Many entrepreneurs and foreigners attract to business across the world. They only need to pay the processing fees during the registration process.

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