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William’s Whirlwind UAE Appearance to Sustain Mutual Trade Partnership & Exorbitant English Investments Later

February 12, 2022

As bigger investment returns are being forecasted, the Duke of Cambridge is excited to deepen bilateral ties with UAE.  


With pledges to advance trade agreements, the Royals’ visit to the UK pavilion received a warm welcome. Tweets from the Duke and Duchess reveal the Prince embarked on fulfilling official duties on the trip.

The short-lived tour to the City of Gold highlighted the significance of wildlife preservation, environmental conservation, and progressive ecological sustainability. Britain disclosed signing a £10 million campaign to promote tourism in the region, an action many dubbed as initiatives to cement UK-GCC trade ties. Experts believe these actions are one step forward to liberalize global trade, attract global investment, and develop a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Source: The National News

In a series of Tweets, the Dutch of Cambridge was seen visiting the coastal intertidal zone at the Jubail Mangroves where he planted saplings to encourage coastal protection.

Source: My London

His Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Prince William are both pro-environmentalist, working hard to support biodiversity. The Royal duo cited these actions as inspiration for future generations to become advocates of environmental sustainability, and determination to further his efforts pertaining to The Earthshot Prize. The official Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Twitter account posted, “Together, with a little bit of optimism, we can achieve great things.”

Source: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Twitter Account

Practicing the softer version of diplomacy, Prince William interacted with many others, offering the ideation that suggests the British monarchy is connected with the residents in the country. Outside the British pavilion, a large crowd gathered to greet the Royal couple – females shouting the price’s name in excitement, with the Union Jack swaying high, and people single “God Save the Queen.”  

A sizeable crowd gathered outside the British pavilion, with children waving the Union Jack, women calling out the prince's name, and a group of men impromptu singing "God Save the Queen."

The trip symbolizes no matter the changes in the global situations, long-term alliances can withstand the test of time. The nobles can sustain exceptionally symbolic ties between their countries. It is recounted that assembling the right forces, skills, and people, with progressive ambitions can expose positive changes for the world.

It is a fact that unaided development plans stand zero chance of survival; hence, joint support can help the cause for good. By squaring out hefty returns for trade, transport, and finance investment partners, with a promise of evenhanded return on investments, Prince William and His Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan embark on a journey to establish a knowledge bank; synergizing training and technology to ensure prosperous returns for every participant.

UAE’s oil wealth helped with the fast and brisk development and transformation of the country’s humid coastlines into a concrete jungle, adorned with five-star hotels and beautiful skyscrapers. Migrants from South Asia tolerated the burden of building the UAE from a desert to an economic hub. However, the British community has mostly relished luxury living, handsome pays, and warmer winters.

In the country, UK nationals assumed work responsibilities as a teacher. Likewise, they embrace different positions as event planners, hotel managers, bartenders, real estate brokers, fitness trainers, and hair stylists, to name a few.

The British lifestyle dominates the UAE landscape. And, recent developments to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries are expected to swell up investment and returns for all!

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The one-day visit symbolizes a momentous milestone in consolidating ties between the UK and the UAE. And not just ties, the Duke initiate a new era where all parties engage in healthy economic activities and prosper.

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