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Corporate Tax Services in UAE

Avyanco is a globally recognized tax consultancy service that aspires to assist small to medium to large scale businesses comply with the corporate tax laws in Dubai.


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UAE Corporate Tax–Comply In Timely & Efficiently

In a couple of years, the UAE underwent crucial tax reforms in an effort to expand its state revenue sources, modernize its tax code, and bring it into compliance with worldwide best practices. According to the Ministry of Finance, federal corporation tax on UAE business profit will now be 9% with an AED 375,000 threshold.

June 1, 2023, marks the implementation of this new corporate tax reform in Dubai. UAE Corporate Tax is among the most competitive in the world and the lowest in the GCC. Since it is a federal tax the UAE corporate tax (CT) will be levied across all Emirates including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and more. The Ministry of Finance (MoF) will be held responsible for administrating, collecting, and enforcing corporate tax in Dubai.

Avyanco is one of the trusted corporate service providers in UAE envisioned assisting you in complying with the UAE corporate tax laws, avoiding any hefty fines and penalties, and meeting your business’s goals seamlessly.

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What Is Corporate Tax in UAE – Expert Assistance

Corporate Tax laws in Dubai will undergo a number of changes in 2023. To implement a new corporation tax (CT) system in the UAE, the UAE Ministry of Finance published Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022 on December 9, 2022.

Starting with their first fiscal year that begins on or after June 1, 2023, all companies and businesses will be subject to UAE Corporate Tax. Corporate Tax (CT) is a direct tax levied on companies and businesses’ net income or profits.

UAE Corporate Tax: Scope

  • Banking activities
  • All companies and investors performing activities under a UAE trade license will be eligible for UAE corporate tax
  • Foreign organizations and investors that conduct trade or commerce on a regular basis in the UAE are eligible for UAE CT
  • Businesses involved in development, construction, real estate management, agency, and brokerage in UAE

UAE Corporate Tax: Exemptions

  • Pension or social security funds
  • Qualifying public benefit entities
  • Qualifying investment fund Subject to regulatory oversight
  • Charities and public benefit organizations
  • Government and Government-controlled entities
  • Interest and other income derived from bank deposits or savings plans by an individual
  • Dividends received by a foreign investor within UAE will be fully exempt from corporate tax.

How to Prepare For Corporate Tax?

  • Before preparing for corporate tax law in UAE, make sure to assess whether or not you are applicable for it. It is always recommended to consult with an expert corporate tax service in Dubai who can assist you regarding the CT laws.

    Avyanco is all and well capable of providing informed assistance to businesses in various industries to help them regulate their accounting and bookkeeping and comply with corporate reforms.

Understand the requirements for your business

  • Whether and by when your company needs to register for Corporate Tax;
  • What is the Accounting / Tax Period for your business;
  • When your business would need to file a Corporate Tax return in Dubai;
  • What applications your business may or should make for Corporate Tax purposes;
  • What financial information and records your business will need to keep for Corporate Tax purposes?

Consult with an Experienced Corporate Tax Consultant

It is better to consult with an experienced corporate tax consultant in UAE who can help you understand further development incorporate tax rules, regulations, circulars, and notifications from the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Tax Authority. Avyanco will help you understand every aspect of the CT law and comply with it efficiently.

Corporate Tax Services in UAE to Excel Your Business

Timely planning for corporate tax compliance will help businesses save higher costs and relieve internal teams of the strain to finish these preparations by a short deadline. Avyanco keeps an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest corporate tax laws in Dubai. Our experience powered by expertise will ensure that your business will make a humble transition into the era of Corporate Tax. Comply with the tax rules in Dubai hiring the best corporate tax services in Dubai and growing seamlessly.

Impact Assessment

  • Initial assessment of the anticipated impact of the introduction of CT and TP: (Transfer pricing) based on the group structure and solo entity
  • Assess the decision related to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and cost-benefit analysis of pre-tax and post-tax return on FDI

Detailed analysis based on legislation

  • Identify restructuring and optimization opportunities and required system changes by reviewing contracts with suppliers and customers
  • Dividend distribution decisions on cross-border investments
  • Merger and Acquisition decision due to huge loss incurred by one of the group companies


  • Assist in implementing necessary changes to legal documents according to the requirement of Corporate Laws
  • Designing TP policies, legal structure, operating model, capital structure, tax function, etc
  • Continuous coordination with management to have the best possible outcomes of tax structuring

Post Implementation

  • Assist with CT registrations and applications for tax groups
  • Preparation and submission of CT return, and TP documents
  • Obtaining tax clarification and tax exemptions from tax authorities
  • Appearing before the tax authorities to accomplish the tax assessment initiated by the Federal Tax Authorities

Benefits of Corporate Tax Consultants in Dubai

Choosing the best corporate tax services in Dubai is a win-win for small to medium to large-scale companies. We will help you remain aware of the taxation policies and latest reforms in the country. We make sure to deliver quality and real-time tax assistance to add value to your business

corporate tax services in uae

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Keeping up with tax legislation to reduce your tax obligation

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Corporate Tax Consultant in UAE

Why Choosing Avyanco Tax Consultants?

Boost business growth and accelerate financial success with our expert accounts and tax consultancy services in Dubai. Avyanco is a trusted tax consulting company in Dubai that aspired by its vision to assist businesses to adapt to modern changes and excel uninterruptedly.

  • Our team is self-driven by the fundamental objective of enhancing the overall wealth of stakeholders.
  • We analyze tax-cost management alternatives through applications of appropriate tax strategies to operate within legal boundaries.
  • We have implemented total tax management strategies to reduce the overall tax burden on cross-border international transactions.

Related Types Of Services We Provide

We provide a wide range of additional services to ensure your business gets all the financial support from the experts’ financial advisors.

Withholding Tax Advisory

Withholding tax is a form of income tax that an employer or payer is required to deduct from the employee’s wages, salaries, and other payments. It is usually based on the amount of money being paid out and the applicable rate set by the government. The purpose of withholding tax is to ensure that employees pay their taxes on time. It also helps reduce the burden of filing taxes for employers and employees.

A Small Good News for You

The UAE has long been known for its tax-free environment. Currently, there is no WHT in UAE, unlike other GCC countries. However, from June 1, 2023, the UAE will introduce federal corporate income tax (CIT) for certain businesses and sectors.

So if you are a business in the GCC region looking for ways to minimize taxes, look no further! Avyanco Withholding Tax solutions enable you to save money by fixing complex WHT payments in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Plus, with our experienced team of tax experts and our best-in-class customer service, you can rest assured that your taxes are handled correctly and efficiently.

How Will Avyanco Help You?

Avyanco services provide businesses with the tools and resources needed to understand and comply with CIT regulations, helping them remain compliant and avoid hefty fines. It offers country-specific tailored solutions for every business belonging to any industry. Avyanco will help you adapt to the changing landscape, so your business can continue operating smoothly in the UAE.

Tax Residency Advisory

Do you know UAE’s Cabinet Resolution No.85 established specific residency requirements in 2022? It requires you to pay a tax

  • if your permanent residence is in UAE
  • if your source of income is in UAE
  • and if you lived in UAE for six months consistently.

Numerous factors affect an individual’s tax residence status. For example, habitual residency in a nation, economic links in a country, and annual time spent there. The tax residence status of a corporation is typically defined by where it is incorporated or registered. However, in some situations, a company’s tax residence may differ from its country of formation or registration. This can occur if the company’s management and control are located in a different country and the company’s economic activity is centered in another country.

So you need to manage several documents, have words with government officials, and get your TRC (Taxation Residency Certificate). This certificate is vital to the availability of the benefits of DTAA (Double Tax Avoidance Agreement). And that’s where we help you. Avyanco is your go-to partner for tax residency services. With our expertise in income tax laws and their relations with legal treaties, you get personalized solutions to your needs.

How will Avyanco help you?

Hassle-free Residency Solutions

Avyanco offers excellent tax residency services to both individuals and organizations. We provide professional advice on all aspects of taxation and residence based on GCC tax legislation.

Fast Documents Review

At Avyanco, we take the hassle out of document review for tax residency purposes. Look no further, as we offer a comprehensive review of all the documents required for your applications’ smooth processing.

Reliable Advice & Assistance

Our team consists of experts who have been in the taxation industry for many years and know what it takes to solve complex taxation issues. So trust us with your tax residency requirements – we make sure that you get nothing but the best results!

Foreign Tax Credit Advisory

Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) allows you to receive a credit for the income taxes paid to a foreign government, cutting the taxes you owe. This credit is available to anyone with income from a foreign source, such as those working or investing abroad, for instance, freelancing on international freelancing websites.

Among all the Gulf countries (GCC), FTC only implies two countries: Kuwait and Oman. To claim the credit, you must file a tax return in the country you love. You will need to provide information about your foreign income, taxes paid, and the country where the taxes were paid.

At Avyanco, We Make Taxation Easy With Our Team of Experts

FTCs can be given even without a tax treaty with the source country. Our team provides advice and guidance on how to claim foreign tax credits (FTC) under respective country tax laws and double taxation agreements. We also advise on eligibility criteria for FTC and compliance/document obligations. With us, you can save time and money as our team of professionals is here to help you maximize your tax savings.

Transfer Pricing Advisory

The adoption of a new model of transfer pricing has lately drawn tremendous attention due to its growing impact on corporate income taxation in Dubai. The objective is to create frameworks that sovereign states may employ to prevent multinational firms from artificially moving earnings in order to take advantage of differences and inconsistencies in tax regulations across different jurisdictions. The framework will streamline the entire taxation mechanism in the country enabling both the government and the businesses to benefit from it.

What Is Transfer Pricing in UAE?

As per the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Transfer Price refers to the price at which a business transfers intangible properties and physical goods or provides services to the associated businesses.

The UAE has joined the OECD comprehensive model on Base Erosion & Profit Shifting (BEPS) to streamline its taxation as per global standards. By joining the model, the country has deliberately committed to exercising BEPS standards including Transfer Pricing Documentation. With the implementation of corporate tax beginning in June 2023, Transfer Pricing regulation will also have a proportionate impact on customs duties, withholding taxes, excise tax, value-added taxes, and a variety of other government charges.

Transfer Pricing Regulations in UAE

Enriched by oil revenues, the UAE has experienced a dazzling economic rise in a couple of years that transform the country into a strong vibrant economic and commercial hub attracting foreign investments into the country. To take its initiative of making the country a global economic hub to further, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in UAE announced that the Federal Corporate Tax (CT) on corporate revenues would be imposed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) starting with fiscal years beginning on or after 1 June 2023.

On April 28, 2022, a Public Consultation Document (PCD) with more detailed information on the expected UAE CT regime was also released with the intention of soliciting feedback from interested parties and stakeholders prior to implementation. Businesses must abide by the transfer pricing regulations and documentation requirements established in accordance with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines in UAE.

Permanent Establishment Advisory

As a business operating across borders, you know how difficult it is to manage your country’s complex taxes, compliance, and obligations. Avyanco understands this burden and has developed a comprehensive solution to help you understand it all. Our solution simplifies the complexity of international tax regulations, allowing you to quickly determine your tax liability in both ‘resident’ and ‘source’ countries. With our taxation services, you can save time and money while staying compliant with regulations.

Why Do You Need to Take Advantage of Permanent Advisory?

A Permanent Establishment (PE) is a taxable presence when a business has a fixed location where it regularly conducts its activities. A permanent establishment determines if you’re liable to pay domestic tax in the source and resident countries. Anyone who operates companies in two different countries has to go through this. But it’s more challenging than it sounds. Companies are required to manage both international and local laws, and these laws are very volatile and complex. Staying compliant with ever-changing tax regulations is challenging for businesses of all sizes.

How will Avyanco help you?

Helps Existing Businesses and Proposed Business Ideas with PE

At Avyanco, we provide comprehensive assessment services that help you understand the risks associated with PE and establish a more secure business structure. Our team of experts has years of experience and is highly knowledgeable in this area. Avyanco ensures your business always complies with local and international tax regulations!

Helps With All PEs Types

Avyanco provides services for all kinds of permanent establishments, such as Fixed Place, Service, Supervisory, Installation, Agency, and Virtual PE under Local Tax laws and Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements.

Helps Ramp up Operational Functions WRT Permanent Establishment

Avyanco helps you save time and money by cutting down the hours required to review paperwork and make decisions. With Avyanco, you get the assurance that your processes are compliant and up-to-date with the latest regulations.

Advisory on Double Taxation Avoidance

Double Taxation Complexity

Taxation is a complex and challenging process, with taxpayers often subject to multiple taxes and obligations in different countries. This happens to those who operate multinational companies. DTAA is a complex issue because UAE has different Double Tax Avoidance Agreements with other Gulf countries and even countries outside GCC. As a result of UAE’s separate treaties with each government, you need tailored solutions based on the type of business you do and your source and resident countries.

How will Avyanco help you with this?

Avyanco helps you save money by reducing or eliminating taxes in the UAE and other countries. It identifies the best tax treaty for your business and gets the maximum benefit. With our expert advice and guidance, you can get all the benefits of these DTAAs while avoiding costly mistakes.
Avyanco offers the most comprehensive and accurate guide to understanding your residence status and requirements per the updated laws. Our specialist team of tax lawyers and business analysts help you determine whether you need to pay taxes and will provide you with tailored advice on how to comply. With Avyanco, you can confidently manage your taxes and residency status, save time and ensure peace of mind.
Avyanco aids with the costly problems of double taxation, allowing businesses and citizens to benefit from the free flow of goods, services, and capital and the transfer of technology across borders. With its innovative taxation approach, you can save time and money while complying with fair taxes.

Why Choosing Avyanco Tax Consultants?

Avyanco is the leading corporate tax consultant in UAE committed to assisting businesses from small to large in examining and implementing corporate tax systems that are tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Specialized in different jurisdictions
  • Well-versed in the dynamic of the UAE corporate tax structure
  • Brand value and business valuation

Still Confused about taking your decision?

Taking a Consultation

  • Expertise

    Our expert team equips with good exposure to build the best relationships with clients.

  • Ease

    Our expert team equips with good exposure to build the best relationships with clients.

  • Clarity

    We are specialized in different jurisdictions to help you meet your business goals.

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surabhi mathur
21 November 2023
The visa process for my company set up was extremely smooth.Ankit from Avyanco was the point of contact and he gave us all the information as and when we required . He was available all the time over the phone and the whole process was absolutely seamless
Saad Raza
Saad Raza
20 November 2023
Appreciation for Outstanding Service Dear, Avyanco I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional service provided by your team. The professionalism, attention to detail, and promptness exhibited by Mr. Ankit have truly exceeded my expectations. From the initial inquiry to the finalization of the License, the entire process was seamless and stress-free.Mr. Ankit demonstrated a deep understanding of my needs and went above and beyond to ensure a smooth experience. I want to commend Avyanco for fostering a culture of excellence. The commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction. I will undoubtedly recommend your services to friends and family and look forward to engaging with your agency for any future needs. Thank you once again for setting a benchmark in customer service. Sincerely, Saad Raza
14 November 2023
Excellent service
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tushar sajnani
9 November 2023
Special thanks to Gritsa, for her kind assistance and continuous follow up till all required was completed accordingly. Regards, Tushar Sajnani
lucas pagno (guga)
lucas pagno (guga)
6 November 2023
Harmisha was so attentive and answered all my questions. The services were quickly and fairly priced. Thank you so much Harmisha, If I need it in the future I'm already close with Avyanco.
vinay kumar Tiwari
vinay kumar Tiwari
3 November 2023
I had wonderful experience with Avyanco for all my Business Setup Needs . Astha was highly professional in handling my process and make it smooth . I highly recommend Avyanco for all the Business Setup needs in UAE

Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Real Estate Income Subject to Corporate Tax in the UAE?

If the income earned from your property comes from activities that do not require any government authority license, then this income is considered natural persons income, and you do not need to pay any corporate tax for this real estate earning. The source of this income can be direct or indirect, and it could be from any mode of earning, such as selling, leasing, sub-leasing, and renting land or real estate property in the UAE.

What is a Permanent Establishment under UAE CT?

A non-resident will be recognized as having a PE in the UAE if they have a fixed place of business or a dependent agency there. The language employed in the Law to define these tests appears to broadly mirror the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines. Any further nexus in the UAE that might lead to a PE would be resolved by a Ministerial Decision, in accordance with the Corporate Tax Law.

Who can claim small business relief for UAE CT purposes?

Any legal entity or individual based in the UAE who has annual revenues below the Minister’s threshold and who satisfies any further requirements may apply for a small business exemption.

What UAE CT rates will apply to entities established in a Free Zone?

The following rates for UAE CT will apply to entities based in a free zone that satisfy the requirements to take advantage of the free zone CT system (“Qualifying Free Zone Persons”).

  • Qualifying Income – 0%.
  • 9% of Taxable Income that does not fall within the criteria of Qualifying Income

Read more about UAE Corporate Tax Frequently Asked Questions