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Save Costs with Timely Customs Refund

Failing to claim Customs refunds can result in losing profits. Our Customs experts help you receive Customs refunds periodically and enhance your margins.

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Customs Duties Refund to Increase Profits

Trading businesses in the UAE have to pay Customs duties on imported/exported goods. However, these Customs duties lower your business’s overall profit. However, companies often fail to claim the Customs duties refund offered by the Customs authority. 

Businesses fail to claim the refunds because most of them are unaware. Many lack the expertise due to complex documentation like Exit/Entry Certificates and complicated claim procedures.  This results in losing potential profits from refunds.

Eligibility Criteria for Customs Duty Refunds in Dubai

Dubai Customs allows 1% Customs duty refunds if the goods meet certain requirements, such as –

  • imported/exported through Dubai Customs
  • 5% Customs duty was paid
  • Goods are imported for resale in the UAE

Required Documents to File Customs Refund Claim

It is mandatory to submit the correct documents for the Customs refund claim. The following documents are required –

By Air

  • Exit/Entry certificate 
  • Copy of Export Declaration or Copy of Airway Bill

By Land

  • Exit/Entry certificate 
  • Copy of Export Declaration or Copy of Manifest

By Sea

  • Exit/Entry certificate 
  • Copy of Export Declaration 
  • Copy of Manifest or Copy of Bill of Lading

Import Declaration is applicable when

  • Import to local from a foreign country
  • Import to local from Customs Warehouse
  • Import to local from a Free Zone

If you want to amend the claim details, Dubai Customs allows that, too. You can also cancel the Customs refund claim if you think there is a mistake or for any other reasons. 

How the Customs Refund Disbursal Process Works

Refunds are automatically credited on the 30th day of the import declaration clearance. The refunds are credited to the same Customs duty/credit/debit account that was used to pay the Customs duty.

In case of E-payment or cash, the refund is received in a bank account that was registered with the Customs Code.

Use Avyanco’s Assistance in Customs Refund Services for a Seamless Experience

Customs refund procedures and the documentation can be complex for new business owners. As a result, eligible businesses lose money in the form of unclaimed refunds.

Avyanco, with its team of highly experienced professionals, help you claim your Customs refunds consistently to maximise your profits. Our team of Customs experts help you through each step to make the entire process seamless. 

We help you with complex documentation and ensure you are following all the necessary compliance to become eligible for a refund. We also constantly follow up with the Customs office to ensure you receive your refunds sooner rather than later. Connect with you today to start claiming your rightful refunds and increase your company’s profits.

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