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Visa Services in Dubai

UAE offers enough reasons to be the most popular destination globally. The distinction began due to lucrative visa processes. There are five common types of Residence visas permitted in the UAE including Investor and Partner visas, Employment visas, Business visas, Golden visas, and Dependent visas.

UAE Dubai Residence Visa
overview of Dubai visa services

Overview Of Visa Services In Dubai

Demonstrated experience is required in the acquisition of these visas for foreign employees and investors alike. At Avyanco, we offer effective advisory solutions and required assistance in the application for new visas and visa renewals in Dubai.

With our well-informed team of consultants and service experts, we can assist our foreign clients to get through the daunting process of documents preparation and the acquisition or renewal of all the Dubai residence visas effortlessly. Save your visa processing time in Dubai with our service.

Types Of UAE Residence Visas​

Here are different types of Residence visas are permitted in UAE; employment visa, investor’s visa and partner’s visas. However, the process to acquire the visas involves a whole lot of paperwork and regulations. Find below the detail about various types of residence visas available in Dubai and the UAE.

Investor and Partner Visa​

As the name implies, Investors in UAE and Partner Visa is granted to the foreign nationals who acquire a company with shares in an existing entity. Such foreigners may also hold shares in the expatriates, wishing to establish their business on their own in the UAE. This visa is valid for only 3 years and can be renewed by the holder when required. The beneficiary can legally enjoy the benefits of living and working in the UAE. It will also give them the leverage to sponsor the visa of their family.

An investor/partner visa in UAE is provided to a foreign national when they set up their own business in Dubai or invest in an existing business. This is a UAE residency visa that is valid for a period of 3 years.

Employment Visa​

Employment visas are sponsored by the organizations to their employees. If a foreigner gets employment in the UAE, they must have a resident visa to legally proceed with their professional career and reside in the UAE. The employers who sponsor the visa can be any company from a UAE government entity, UAE mainland, or a Freezone jurisdiction.

However, the first step companies should take before hiring a foreign employee is to process the employment visa. This way, the visa will entitle them to enter the UAE. Upon entering the country, they will undergo mandatory medical tests and will be liable to complete the ID card biometrics to obtain the resident visa and Emirate ID card.

On the other hand, if the employee is already a resident of the country, then the employee visa status can be changed via the country application. However, the medical test requirement and completing the ID card biometrics will remain the same for the issuance of the visa and Emirate ID card.

The employment visa is only valid for 2 years which is sponsored by the mainland or LLC company. However, a visa sponsored by a government entity or Freezone is usually valid for 3 years. They can be renewed after this period.

Employment visas are provided by companies or organizations to the employee who is appointed by companies. The employment visa for Dubai or every other emirate in the UAE has clear guidelines to ensure that the organization must provide employee visas to their employees.

Business Visas​

A business visa is a type of long-term residency visa for foreigners to obtain for themselves and their dependents. Entrepreneurs from any other country with experience in the field of new technology or innovative field of business are qualified to apply for a business residency visa.

A business visa is part of the Golden visa system. Foreigners can obtain a long-term visa for themselves along with their dependents with this visa type. Aspiring business owners from any foreign country with experience in the field of innovative field or new technology are eligible to apply for this form of visa.

Golden Visa

This form of visa is also for long-term foreign residency. It is ideal for those who want to invest in a business in the UAE. It has a validity of up to 5 to 10 years, depending on the eligibility of the foreign national.  Golden Visa offers long-term residency to foreign national entrepreneurs and investors who want to start a business or invest in the UAE.

UAE permits golden visa to:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Specialized talents and researchers in various fields of science and knowledge
  • Bright students with promising scientific capabilities
  • Eligibility For a 5-year Golden visa (as a Company owner):
  • Minimum AED 5 Million for the applicant in the company’s capital share and must provide a certified audit report for the last two years
  • The person must be inside UAE
  • Eligibility for a 5-year Golden visa (as Property Owner):
  • Minimum AED 5 Million (Fully paid, not mortgaged) more than one property also will be accepted under the applicant name
  • The person must be inside UAE
  • Eligibility for a 10-year Golden visa:
  • 1 investor in public investments of at least AED 10 Million (investment fund inside the country)

Dependent Visa​

Individuals with a valid UAE residence visa can sponsor residence visas for their families or dependents. Employees earning a minimum salary of over AED 3000 including accommodation can sponsor their family members regardless of their job titles. However, all dependents have to undergo medical tests who have completed 18 years of age.

Documents Required To Apply For UAE Residence Visa

Documents Required for a Foreign National – Investor or Partner Visa

If the visa is required for a foreign national, they will likely have a company or will have to open a company. Later, they can get the investor or partner visa by submitting the below documents. However, there are two scenarios based on the investors, i.e. mainland or LLC company investor, or individual from a Freezone company.

Investor from the Mainland or LLC Company – Docs Required from the Investor

  • Personal photo on white background
  • Passport
  • Bank Statement (if required)
  • Previous visa and emirates ID and its cancelation (f required)

Investor from the Mainland or LLC Company – Docs Required from the Company

  • Trade license
  • Immigration Establishment Card
  • Local Service Agreement (for Professional License)
  • Memorandum of Association (For LLC)
  • Partners list for LLC
  • Partnership Contract (if any)

Investor from a Freezone Company – Docs Required from the Investor

  • Personal photo on white background
  • Passport
  • Bank Statement (if applicable)
  • Previous visa and emirates ID and its cancelation (if applicable)

Investor from a Freezone Company – Docs Required from the Company

  • Share Certificate
  • Trade License
  • Immigration Card
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association

Documents Required for an Employment Visa

Employment through a Mainland or LLC Company – Docs Required from the Employee

  • Personal Photo on white background
  • Passport
  • Educational certificate
  • Tourist visa or entry stamp from the passport (if required)
  • Previous resident visa and emirates ID and its cancelation (If required)
  • Tourist visa entry stamp from the passport (if required)
  • DHA approved health insurance

Employment through a Mainland or LLC Company – Docs Required from the Company

  • Company Immigration card
  • Trade License
  • Company Labor Card

Employment through a Freezone or a Government Company – Docs Required from the Employee

  • Personal photo on white background
  • Passport
  • Educational certificate
  • Copy of the offer letter or appointment letter
  • Tourist visa or entry stamp from the passport (if required)
  • Previous resident visa and Emirates ID and its cancelation (if required)
  • DHA approved health insurance

Employment through a Freezone or a Government Company – Docs Required from the Company

  • Trade License
  • Online visa application duly filled in
  • Office Lease Agreement
  • Company Immigration Card

Documents Required for a Business or Golden Visa – Having over 5,000,000 AED Property

  • Title deed of the property
  • Visit visa
  • Passport copy
  • Bank Statements (if required)
  • Health and medical insurance

Documents Required for a Dependent Visa

Docs Required from the Sponsor

  • Original Emirates ID
  • Copy of Passport and UAE resident visa
  • Copy of labor card and contract issued by the Ministry of Labor
  • Ejari/Tawtheeq (lease) certificate or equivalent as proof of domicile
  • Arabic salary certificate issued by the registrar if the employee by a government or a Freezone entity
  • 3-month bank statements (if required)
  • Latest electricity bill

Docs Required from the Family Members or Dependents

  • Passport-sized photo un white background
  • Passport (valid for at least 6 months)
  • Marriage certificate for spouse
  • Birth certificate of children
  • Copy of the previous visa such as tourist visa or on arrival visa details or canceled visa (if required)
  • DHA approved health insurance

Steps And Process To Get UAE Residence Visa

The process to apply for the UAE Residence visa is straightforward if carried out correctly. It hardly takes 7-10 days to get the visa. Applicants should follow the below steps for a seamless procedure.

Visa Documentations

Gather all the required visa documentation that required for the Visa Application.

Typing Center Visit

Visiting a registered typing center - After collecting all the visa documents, we need to visit the typing center.

Documents Submission

Submit the documents after cross-checking - It is required that we check all the documents before submission to avoid any mistakes.

Medical and Emirates ID

Medical fitness test and Emirates ID registration are crucial steps that we need to follow to get the Visa done.

Immigration & Residence

Immigration approval and residence visa stamping is the next step after getting the Medical test report.


Message from the center informing regarding the approval. After all the steps, the center would inform about the approval via a message over the number provided while registering.

UAE Residence Visa Related Services

Find below all the Dubai, UAE residence visa related services.

Residence Visa Cancelation Services

To cancel the residence visa service at any time, you can consult our representative. We can save your time by filling the cancelation form on your behalf and processing your visa cancelation request online through the respective GDRFA.

Residence Visa Renewal Services

The UAE government permits a grace time of 30 days to an individual after the expiry of the visas. At Avyanco, we understand the need to renew the visa before the ending of the period to avoid fines. Reach us out to get your visas renewed. Our representative will create an account using UAE PASS, submit the application to renew the card and the process will be done!

Visa Stamping and Medical Card Services

Visa stamping and medical cards are mandatory elements to successfully obtain a residence visa. These two authenticate your authorization to reside in the UAE, run the business, continue with employment or live with your family which depends on the type of visa you have applied for.

UAE business visa types

The types of visas needed to set-up a business in UAE

  • Investor and Partner Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Business Visas
  • Golden Visa

Popular Questions

FAQs on UAE Visa Services in Dubai
Can I travel to other Emirates freely if I set up a company in Dubai and get a residence permit?

Of course! Foreigners holding residence visas issued by the UAE government can travel anywhere in the UAE. A residence visa for foreigners is issued by the UAE government. So, they can travel to any of the emirates in the UAE.

What is the process to get an investor or partner visa in Dubai?

To obtain an investor or partner visa in Dubai, individuals must set up a company in Dubai. Once the business is set up, the UAE government will grant you a business license after obtaining a trade license for the established business. A residence visa will be issued to you by the immigration authorities right after all formalities are completed.

To get an investor or partner visa that allows you to reside in Dubai, you will need to set up a company in Dubai. At that, a business license will be issued by the department after you obtain a trade license for setting up your business. After completing immigration formalities, a residence visa will be issued by the UAE immigration authorities.

Do I have to be a full-time resident in Dubai to own a company here?

Absolutely not. You need not stay in the country however, as a business owner you must travel at least once a year to UAE to ensure the active status of your residence visa. At Avyanco, we can help you process your residence visa prior to setting up your own business in Dubai.

It is not mandatory to stay in the country. However, the company owner must travel at least once a year to UAE to keep the residence visa active. Avyanco can assist you with a residence visa processing post setting up a business in Dubai.

How many visas can I get in the LLC Company?

Companies can apply for several employee visas based on the company’s requirements in UAE. Some of the factors include the industry of the business, its profitability, business turnover ratio, size of the office. For instance, if a construction company has a number of projects to complete and they require multiple laborers, the organization will undergo a few checks. The labor department will evaluate the volume of the contract and its tenure based on which employee visas will be approved.

A company can get any number of employee visas based on the company’s requirement in UAE; however, visa allocation from the ministry of labor depends on the nature of the business, the profitability of the business, turnover of the business, and size of the office. For example, suppose the company is into construction and has building projects to complete. In that case, the labor department checks the contract’s tenure and the volume of the contract. Based on that labor department approves more laborer visas even if the company has a small office since workers will not be seated in the office.

How many visas can I apply for when starting a company in a UAE Freezone?

The application of a number of visas before setting up a company in the UAE Freezone depends on the office’s size. Business owners can issue 1 visa for every 9 square meters.

The number of visas you can apply for when starting a company in one of the UAE free zones depends on your office’s size.

How long does it take to get a UAE Residence Visa?

The visa application process is a straightforward task if steps are followed correctly. It usually takes 7 to 10 days to get it in hand.

How many years of validity does UAE Residence Visa have?

There are different forms of residence visas as discussed above. Therefore, the validity of the visas also depends on their types, varying from 2,3,5, to 10 years.

What is the cost of a UAE Residence Visa?

The cost of the residence visa depends on its form. However, it usually ranges from 500 – 7500 AED.