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Reclaim Lost Revenue with Excise Tax Refund Services by Avyanco

The UAE has low tax rates. However, the complex tax regimes can become an issue for taxpayers. You may not have the time to go through all the FTA rules and end up paying more than you are supposed to.

Similarly, failing to pay taxes within the timeframe or non-compliance leads to heavy penalties and fines. The process itself is quite time-consuming for taxpayers. 

Hence, it is beneficial for you to hire excise tax specialists. Avyanco provides specialized excise tax support so your tax refund requests are on time. We understand the end-to-end refund procedure and simplify complex procedures, enabling you to keep the margins.

What is the Excise Tax Refund in the UAE?

The excise tax refund implies that an excise duty paid by the taxpayer can be refunded when the tax paid is more than the payable duty amount. This scenario happens under special circumstances, and refunds are provided as a relief to the taxpayers. You can claim a refund by submitting a refund request to the Federal Tax Authority. 

When to File an Excise Tax Refund Request

There are two circumstances when you can claim a refund for the excise duty paid. 

  1. When an excise good is used to produce or get transformed into another excisable good and it again becomes liable for excise duty. For instance, the liquid used in electronic cigarettes is an excisable good. However, excise duty is again payable on an electronic cigarette made from the same liquid. 
  2. When the excise goods are exported outside the UAE and the excise tax is already paid for them. 

How to File Excise Tax Refunds in the UAE

The procedure to claim the excise tax refund is entirely online and processed using the FTA’s website. Here are the important steps.

Log In

You must use your registered email and password to log into the FTA e-services portal as the first step. Next, click on the ‘Excise Duty’ tab.

Access the Refund Form

Now, you must click on the ‘Excise Declarations and Repayment of Excise Duty’ tab to initiate the refund process. Now navigate to the ‘EX301 – Excise duty refund’ form and open it.

Add Information in the Fields

This is the most important step, and you have to be extremely careful with this one. In the form, you must fill out all the required details, such as information on the excise goods and tax paid. Provide all the required documents. After you finish, click on the ‘Save and Review’ button.

Submit the Application

Double-check every little detail once so as not to make any mistakes. After completing the review, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Check Your Balance

The FTA receives your request after you submit the form. To check if your refund is processed, you can go to the ‘Transaction History’ in the ‘My Payment’ section. Here, you can check your current balance. 

How Long does the Refund take?

The refund process of excise duty can take months. The FTA holds the authority to conduct an audit within 21 days to verify your refund request. Usually, they take 2 months to process the refund. However, there are instances where it can take a year.

Avyanco Lets You Claim Refunds Quickly and Improve Overall Margins

Don’t lose another day’s hard-earned revenue by overpaying excise duty. Avyanco simplifies the complex excise tax refund process for you. We help you with claiming your refund as per the process mentioned under the 2017 Decree Law.

Our excise tax refund assistance services include upfront eligibility checks, preparing required documents, submissions, and follow-ups. We calculate the overpaid tax for you and claim the correct refunds for you. Our team of experts helps you avoid any costly mistakes. 

Our excise tax experts have years of experience and expertise in the UAE laws and regulations. We enable you to get control over your import/export excise tax costs and increase your profits by simplifying the complex procedures.

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