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If you want to start an import/export business, you must register with Dubai Customs. Avyanco assists you with customs registration and helps you with seamless import/export operations.


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Scale Your Business Operations Globally with Dubai Customs Registration

UAE is one of the largest hubs for importing and exporting commodities globally. Being the centre of international trade in the Middle East, UAE has strict Customs procedures to ensure a seamless movement of commodities in and out of the country. 

Businesses must obtain a valid trade licence and Clearance Code from the Customs department to incorporate an import and export business in the UAE. This guide explains the eligibility criteria, application processes, and shipment protocols to equip businesses for compliance as they expand into international trade through the UAE.

Obtaining Customs Code

A valid trade or business licence issued in the UAE is legally required for participating in cross-border trade. Dubai’s Customs officials provide businesses with a Client Code that pairs with the specific licence on file.

The Customs Client Code authorises the movement of goods through customs. During shipment inspection, this code helps identify the shipments of a business to avoid any confusion with others. Businesses must renew their client codes annually to avoid any interruption in business operations.

Getting a Customs Code is an online process.

  • You must access the Dubai Trade Portal. 
  • Fill out the application.
  • Submit copies of required documents, such as a founding trade licence, passports attached to ownership/management, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce certificate as proof of firm establishment, and an undertaking letter.

After receiving the application fee, officials review the application and all documents. If the application is approved, they grant a Customs Code to the business.

Linking TRN

One of the important parts of new clearance procedures is to integrate tax registration numbers (TRNs) into a company’s customs code access and documentation. This allows cargo shipments to automatically generate a bill of value-added tax or VAT in the right category.

To link the TRN, 

  • You must visit the Dubai Trade Portal again. 
  • In the ‘User Management’ menu, click on “DP World VAT Profile.” 
  • Fill in the relevant details.
  • Submit your application.
  • Wait for a confirmation message from the Customs department.

Once the TRN is integrated into your Client Code, the Customs department can check your tax status and the payable amount as your business performs import and export activities. 

Custom Clearance Charges in Dubai

The Customs Clearance charges may vary based on the type of shipment and several other factors –

  • Import fee – 15–100 AED 
  • Export fee – 15–100 AED 
  • Transit fee – 15–80 AED 
  • Transfer fee –  80 AED
  • Admission fee for a brief period – 100 AED
  • Knowledge fee – 10 AED
  • Innovation fee – 10 AED

Restricted/Banned Goods

The following goods are restricted and banned in the UAE and require a permit –

  • Pets (pre-approval with a medical test of the pet is mandatory) 
  • Food items 
  • Medicines (doctor’s prescription is necessary) 
  • Electronic or physical artwork 
  • Technical equipment (requires pre-approval in specific scenarios) 
  • Alcohol and cigarettes ((must be over 18))

Hire Avyanco’s Professional Services for All Your Customs-Related Requirements

If you are looking to start an import or export business in the UAE, you may have to go through lengthy procedures for every import or export activity you conduct. Hence, having an experienced partner like Avyanco can help streamline the processes and save you a lot of time. 

Avyanco’s team of experts assist you with – 

  • Company registration in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Obtain Code of Clearance for Import/Export
  • Integrating TRN with Code
  • import and export Client Code Renewal
  • Obtaining Import/Export Permits 
  • Item registration in Dubai Municipality.

Starting a new business already comes with a lot of processes and compliances. We ensure that we take care of all your Customs-related requirements while you focus on your import/export business. Contact us to connect with an expert today.

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