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VAT Return Filing in UAE with Avyanco

Every VAT-registered business operating in the UAE must file VAT returns. The time to file returns is either monthly or quarterly, based on the notification from the FTA. 

During this timeframe, you must report the VAT collected from customers. You must also calculate your overall VAT liability and claim refunds on the VAT payments made to the suppliers. 

However, preparing and filing VAT returns is a complex process. It involves extracting financial information, computing tax liability, and submitting the information online using the FTA portal.

Your VAT submission has to be accurate and within the allotted time frame. If you fail, FTA considers it as non-compliance, and you must face heavy fines and penalties.

Hence, you must engage a VAT return filing expert to eliminate errors and make timely submissions. Avyanco has a dedicated in-house team of VAT experts to help you through each step of the process. Our VAT professionals collate the required data, check the accuracy, prepare, and make the final submission. 

We ensure you get maximum VAT returns while remaining fully compliant. We have experienced professionals and a proven track record. Outsourcing your returns filing to Avyanco will offer you hassle-free compliance.

Why do You Need VAT Return Filing Services in Dubai

You may need a specialist to help you file VAT returns in the UAE for multiple reasons. Some important ones are:

  • Our VAT experts carefully review all financial records and transactions to ensure the accuracy of VAT calculations. This prevents you from paying more as well as less tax.
  • After carefully analysing all the information, we create error-free submissions leveraging the latest formats and guidelines provided by the FTA.
  • If you get any queries or notices for your past returns, we help with resolution by responding on your behalf.
  • Our VAT consultants will keep you updated regarding any changes in VAT rules, rates, and regulations. They also offer guidance on how it will affect your business and what you must do.
  • Our VAT professionals have years of experience, so they understand the unique needs of a business. We provide customised VAT return filing services to help reduce your VAT burden as much as possible.

How To File VAT Return In Dubai

As per the VAT laws in the UAE, VAT returns must be filed within 28 days after each return period. This return period could be monthly or quarterly. Missing the deadline can result in fines of AED 500 per day.

The process of filing a return involves:

Collating Financial Records

Our consultants will review all your financial records, such as bookkeeping entries, invoices, and bank statements, to collect all the necessary data.

Calculating VAT Outputs and Inputs

Our tax experts use the collected data to calculate the exact VAT amount collected on sales (Output VAT). Then, they compare this Output VAT to the VAT paid by you to vendors (Input VAT). 

By comparing both VAT types, we determine your VAT liability. 

Filing Out Return Form VAT201

Next, our dedicated VAT consultants fill out the mandatory VAT201 form using the VAT amounts calculated earlier. VAT201 form requires key figures on types of supplies, expenses, and net VAT due/refundable as per the latest format. 

Making Payment & Submission

Finally, we will help you make the net VAT payment to the FTA before the deadline. This will conclude VAT return submission via the eServices portal.

Avyanco, Your Partner in Filing VAT Return in UAE

At Avyanco, we have a proven track record of working with VAT businesses and helping them with VAT management. We assist businesses with filing VAT returns in Dubai. Our experts have a deep understanding of the dynamic VAT environment in the UAE.

We offer transparent and customised VAT return filing services as per your business’s unique requirements at competitive pricing. Avoid all the hassle and contact us today to schedule an appointment with our expert VAT consultants. 

Having Avyanco as your VAT returns partner means you can stop worrying about VAT complications. We will help fulfil your VAT obligations accurately within the deadline and eliminate all financial and legal risks. 

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