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Obtain Your UAE Tax Residency Certificate with Expert Guidance

Tax residency regulations can be complicated for individuals who are residents in multiple countries and MNCs. We offer practical tax residency advisory services and help you leverage DTAAs.


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What is Tax Residency?

Tax residency stands for the country that can legally levy taxes on an individual or business’s income. If you hold a tax residency certificate (TRC) in the UAE, you become a tax resident here. It means you will pay taxes in the UAE only and can avoid double taxation.

What is a Tax Residency Certificate (TRC)?

A Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) is an official document issued by the MoF (Ministry of Finance) to individuals and corporate entities that qualify as tax residents. The certificate establishes your status as a taxpayer in the UAE’s jurisdiction.

It unlocks access to tax exemptions and DTAA benefits that individuals and companies can leverage. You become a tax resident of the UAE if you hold a TRC.

Our UAE Tax Residency Services

We have an adept team of tax professionals to provide complete tax residency solutions. We guide you with obtaining the TRC and help you leverage DTAAs to optimise your tax costs.

Determine Your Tax Residency Status

We assess your situation and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria to be considered a tax resident in the UAE.

TRC Application and Approvals Assistance

We assist with preparing all the necessary documentation and handle the complete TRC application process. This also includes working with relevant authorities until your tax residency status gets approved.

Leverage DTAAs for Lawful Tax Optimization

Our tax consultants help you reap the benefits of tax treaties that the UAE has with other countries to get minimum tax exposure. We continue assisting you with DTAAs and keep you updated with changing circumstances.

Administrative Support for Globally Mobile Clients

We provide administrative support to frequently travelling individuals and manage affairs in their absence. This includes billing to licence renewals.

Get Customized Tax Residency Solutions with Avyanco

Having your tax residency confirmed with a TRC can assist you with tax optimisation, which can result in increased margins. Avaynco, with its team of expert tax consultants, offers tailored tax residency advisory services based on the client’s needs and circumstances.

Our experts develop a good understanding of your business model, revenue streams, current tax liabilities, and future plans. This helps us offer completely customised yet comprehensive guidance and ongoing support to you.

Our key focus remains on providing you with as much value as possible by helping you scale with minimum tax obligations. We offer years of UAE and GCC regulatory experience to help you tackle all the tax residency challenges you might face.

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