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External Audit Services in Dubai

Get the best external auditing services in Dubai for a complete analysis of your organization’s financial books. Enhance shareholders’ confidence and build trust in your organization.


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Best External Audit Services in UAE

Avyanco has a vast pool of highly qualified external auditors in Dubai. We ensure transparency in your company’s financial statements and promote ethical business practices. 

Our external audit services identify weaknesses in internal audit and control processes to help senior management make more informed operational and investment decisions. As a top external audit company in the UAE, we streamline tax audits and filings. 

A business requires an external audit to – 

1. Ensure the accuracy of the company’s finances 

2. Identify weaknesses in internal operations and divisions

3. Improves the trust factor of the company among stakeholders and investors.

External Audit Services in dubai

Why External Audits are Performed in Dubai?

Our external audits ensure you comply with UAE’s laws and regulations and that the financial claims made by your organization are true. Here are some more reasons Why External Audits are performed in Dubai –

Get Unbiased Expert Suggestions

External auditors are qualified accountants who evaluate a client's business processes and suggest improvements to eliminate problems caused by inaccurate financial data. External auditors are not associated with the company and offer unbiased expert advice to help stakeholders make better financial decisions in the future.

Validate Accounting Information

Avyanco’s team of external auditors are skilled and qualified professionals who evaluate and improve the client’s business processes to decrease the problems caused by improper financial data. Since they are not associated with the company, they can provide completely unbiased suggestions and add neutrality to the audit report.

Check for Errors

A small error or discrepancy in your financial statements can create a huge issue if it goes unnoticed. External auditors help businesses find errors in their financial statements before they are presented to investors or stakeholders. As soon as auditors find any misinformation, they provide guidance to correct those errors.

Ensure Transparency

As external auditors are not part of the in-house team, they are more reliable. An external audit report enables transparency and ensures stakeholders that the financial statements are accurate. It improves the trustworthiness and credibility of the organization.

Fraud and Malpractice Prevention

External audit services help you find any discrepancies in the financial statements. By tracking the discrepancies, you may find fraud or financial malpractices in your company. External auditors help you find such fraudulent activities quickly and maintain transparency in your financial records.

Ensure Compliance

External audits are mandatory for the annual renewal of your trade license in the UAE. As the UAE government introduced VAT and CIT, regular external audits ensure compliance and eliminate any legal issues.

Flowchart of External Auditing in Dubai

Our external audit services in the UAE follow a systematic approach. You also need specific documents for the external audit procedure. You have to keep the following documents ready before the audit.

  • Company’s bank accounts used for transactions
  • All financial transactions made by the company
  • Payroll report
  • Schedules of asset registers, prepayments, accruals, etc.
  • Loan documents.
  • Company’s trial balance
  • Copies of legal documents, like the certificate of incorporation, share certificates, licenses, and tax registration certificate
  • Confirmations from customers, banks, suppliers

Why Choose Avyanco for External Audit Services in Dubai

Avyanco offers comprehensive external audit services in the UAE to improve your business operations. We follow all external audit guidelines and provide accurate audit reports that reduce any risk caused by wrong data.

By selecting us, you select –

  • Auditors with extensive industry experience
  • Assurance that your business operations are conducted fairly 
  • Affordable costs as per the industry standards
  • Unbiased review and recommendations to improve your business operations

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Avyanco is one of the best external audit firms in Dubai. We boast a large pool of expert chartered accountants, certified public accountants, chartered certified accountants, and all financial auditing professionals.

We have certified auditors with years of experience in auditing all types of companies, including startups, multinational enterprises, and small-medium enterprises. Let’s meet them:

Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are external audits mandatory in the UAE?

The Commercial Companies Law requires all businesses on the mainland to conduct periodic external audits. You need external audit reports for a number of legal activities, such as the annual renewal of the trading license.

How much does an external audit cost?

The cost of an external audit depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the organization and the scope of the audit. There are other factors as well that could influence the overall cost of the audit, such as internal compliance.

What is the difference between a qualified and unqualified audit report?

A qualified audit report is a modified report where an auditor gives subjective clearance, indicating the financial statements do not contain any discrepancy. An unqualified report means that most financial claims are fair and accurate, but there could be some minor issues.

Why do free zone companies need an external audit report in Dubai?

Free zone companies require an external audit report when they apply for a loan or trade license renewal.

Who can provide external audit services in Dubai?

Licensed audit firms registered with the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) or the Dubai Municipality are legally allowed to provide external audit services in Dubai. The firms must meet certain requirements, such as having certified external auditors and practicing professional standards and ethics.