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Internal Audit Services in Dubai and UAE

Streamline your business operations by hiring the best internal audit service providers in Dubai. Evaluate and enhance risk management, control, and financial issues with a more efficient and systematic approach.


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Expert Internal Audit Services in UAE

As one of the best internal audit firms in UAE, Avyanco offers highly efficient internal audit services to ensure your business runs hassle-free. Our internal auditors in UAE ensure that all your business’s internal processes align with your business goals.

We help you identify roadblocks and risks and propose ways to eliminate them. Our core mission is to ensure that every internal activity adds significant value to enhance business operations.

Why Internal Audits are performed in Dubai?

Internal audits provide deep insights into how each division of the company operates. It also provides data related to a division’s performance and helps identify weak and strong divisions. 

Management and stakeholders can utilize the data from high-performing divisions to boost weaker divisions. Businesses can also determine which non-productive division requires liquidation and which can perform better with a little intervention. 

As one of the best accounting firms in the UAE, we conduct thorough internal audits to provide assurance that –

1. Internal controls work effectively to mitigate risks 

2. Processes are effective and 

3. The organization is working positively towards its goals.

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Here are some more reasons why internal audits are performed in Dubai -

Increase Operational Efficiency

Internal auditors monitor and review your organization’s policies and processes regularly. The insights and the inputs received from them help identify and mitigate business risks by improving the efficiency of various divisions in the company.

Evaluate Risks and Protect Assets

Internal audits provide crucial information to pinpoint risks using systematic risk assessment. Our internal auditors help the management identify flaws in internal processes and provide guidance to overcome them.

Eliminate Identified Risks

Once you receive the required guidance from the auditors, you can put it into action and eliminate such risks. Stakeholders must discuss all the business and operational risks identified by the auditors and find methods to mitigate or eliminate them at once.

Optimal Usage of Resources

Internal audits help you identify resources that are underutilized or not fully leveraged. Management can maximize the usage of such resources. As a result, they gain better control over expenditures and costs.

Ensure Compliance

Internal auditors ensure your company is complying with required laws and regulations in the UAE. During internal audits, auditors prepare legal and compliance documents that provide the necessary information and guidance to remain compliant.

Identifying New Standards

Regular internal audits uncover new benchmarks and reference points to implement in daily operations. These new standards become a part of workforce activities. Internal auditors keep identifying such new standards to enhance operations and activities to achieve business objectives.

The advantages of regular internal auditing in Dubai

Regular internal auditing is advantageous for a business in the following ways:

  • Internal auditing enables your business evaluate its operational efficiency, thereby serving as a performance analysis.
  • Internal auditing can be a helpful tool for risk management by proactively identifying any irregularities or inconsistencies in your company’s operations or reporting.
  • Internal auditing can help your business reexamine its main business processes and provide the chance to scale up and improve continually.

Flow Chart/Methodology of Internal Audit in Dubai

The scope of an internal audit varies across different industries and also depends on the type of business. Usually, an internal auditor examines various functions of a company, such as financial, operational, information technology, regulatory compliance, human resources, payroll, and general administration. 

Avyanco, one of the top-rated auditing firms in Dubai, follows this methodology of internal auditing –

Draft Report Submission

Our auditors prepare a draft report that highlights current issues and concerns. A risk rating is allotted to each of these issues based on their significance.

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An Internal Audit Plan

We build a plan in consultation with the management that identifies priority areas, such as revenue, inventory, logistics, finance, and fixed assets.

Executing the Internal Audit Plan

After approval, we execute the audit as per the planning and keep the management informed through each step.

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Risk Categorization

We first categorize risks in all processes based on their impact and functions.

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Action Taken Report

Eventually, a follow-up action taken report is presented that highlights the status of the observations and issues that remain unresolved. Suggestions are provided to the management to close such issues on a priority basis.

Why Choose Avyanco for Internal Audit Services in Dubai

Avyanco provides the best internal audit services in the UAE. We have a team of experienced auditors with multiple years of experience in the field. We have a deep understanding of each business and industry to produce audit reports that align with your business goals.

Key specialities of us are –

  • Improve Business Operations
  • Systematic Approach
  • Guarantees Improved Risk Management

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    Avyanco’s internal audit services also ensure that you can identify any kind of fraudulent activity in your company.

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Avyanco is one of the best internal audit service providers in Dubai. Our expert auditors have experience, skills, and understanding of different types of businesses. 

Our expert internal auditors have worked with startups, MSMEs, MNCs, LLPs, and other business entities. They provide expert guidance to help improve your financial strategies. Let’s meet the experts:

Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is internal audit mandatory in UAE?

Internal audits for companies in the UAE are not mandatory. Internal audits are recommended as they increase accuracy and transparency in the financial statements. They provide insights and help a business comply with the laws and regulations related to VAT and ESR filings.

How much do internal audit services cost?

The cost of internal audit service depends on the size of your organization and the industry you operate in. There are various factors that affect the pricing. Avyanco, being the top internal audit firm in Dubai, provides reasonable and budget-friendly packages to all businesses.

What is the audit process in UAE?

Internal auditors first define the scope of the audit. They categorize risks based on priority. Next, a risk-based internal audit plan is created and presented to the stakeholders for approval. Upon approval, the plan is executed, and all the observations are collected into a draft report. As the last step, an Action Taken Report (ATR) is submitted to the management, giving the status of the executed tasks.

What is the scope of the internal audit in Dubai?

Internal audits in Dubai ensure that the financial and operational information is accurate and there are no discrepancies in the statements. They also review the methods used to track and prepare such information. All processes are assessed in terms of cost and benefits to ensure the business operates smoothly and remains profitable.

How do internal and external auditors differ?

Internal auditors are usually appointed by the management to provide accurate and transparent analysis of a company’s financial and operational status. External auditors are independent auditors who offer a fair and unbiased opinion about the company’s financial statements annually.