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Mainland Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

Are you thinking about establishing your business in Dubai? Dubai mainland company formation is the answer. It's your path to expansive business success. Ready for a smooth setup? Let's turn your business vision into reality.​

Overview of Mainland Dubai Company Formation

Dubai mainland companies enjoy extensive flexibility with minimal restrictions. They can conduct business within and outside the UAE. Specific business activities do not even need local sponsors. You get access to government contracts and a favorable environment. With over 2000+ activities and 100% ownership, seize the chance!

The cost to establish a Mainland Business Setup in Dubai varies from AED 15,000 to AED 35,000. This range depends on license type, business size, visas, office space, nature of operations, and other variables.

Mainland company formation in Dubai

Types of Dubai Mainland License

Dubai Mainland Trade License Type - Professional License

Professional License

Professional licensing confirms expertise for specific services. To get this license, you need to have the necessary skills or training required for those services. Learn More

Dubai Mainland Trade License Type - Commercial License

Commercial License

Mainland companies in the UAE must get a commercial trade license to do business, like buying and selling goods. This license is vital for them to trade legally in the country. Learn More

Dubai Mainland Trade License Type - Industrial License

Industrial License

If businesses want to do industrial or manufacturing activities in the UAE, they must have an industrial trade license. Learn More

Dubai Mainland Trade License Type - Tourism License

Tourism License

Your business must have this license if it offers tourism-related services, such as hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies. Learn More

Business Legal Structures for Mainland Dubai Company Formation

Have you aligned the structure of the company to your goal yet? A mainland business setup in Dubai can choose from many types of legal entities. This variety allows entrepreneurs to determine the structure that best suits their needs and circumstances.

Sole Proprietorship

It is exclusively owned by a single individual. With 100% shareholders at its helm, this structure places complete accountability on the owner for business operations, gains, and associated obligations.

Civil Company

This business structure involves multiple individuals collaborating to offer expertise in medical, legal, engineering, and consulting services. In Dubai, forming a civil company permits professionals of any nationality to be partners.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

This business structure accommodates 1 to 50 partners, ensuring limited liability and share-based profit and loss. It offers private ownership, allowing repatriation of profits and safeguarding through global double tax treaties.

Representative Office

This business structure is a limited-function entity, enabling a foreign company's branch to handle UAE-based business matters. It's authorized for promotion and marketing, not operational engagement, requiring a local service agent (LSA).

Branch of a Foreign Company

You can set up a Dubai branch as a foreign company’s local headquarters through this business structure. It will operate under Dubai and UAE regulations. The parent company will wholly own the branch.

Required Documents Checklist To Set Up Your Company in Dubai Mainland

Find below the list of documents required for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai and the UAE.

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai Required Documents for Individual Shareholder
Passport Copy (Valid for at least 6 months) 
Visa Page Copy (if applicable) 
Emirates ID (if applicable) 
Passport-sized Photos 
Personal Information Sheet or Application Form 
3 Name Choices 
Mainland Company Formation in Dubai Required Documents for Corporate Shareholder
Company Trade License / Certificate of Incorporation 
Memorandum of Association 
Board of Resolution for Company Setup and Appointment of Authorized Signatory 
UBO List 
Incumbency Certificate 
3 Name Choices 
Passport copy of Company Manager 
Visa copy of Company Manager 
Emirates ID of Company Manager 

Note* The list of document requirements is subject to change as per the desired license activity and respective license issuing authority.

Timeline to Setup Your Mainland Company in Dubai

An estimated timeline for mainland company setup in Dubai is mentioned below for your reference.

Preparation of Documents and Pre-Approvals.
Day 1st - Day 5th
Signing of MOA and Issuance of License.
Day 6th - Day 8th
Immigration Registration.
Day 9th - Day 10th
Entry permit, Change status, Medical, and Investor visa.
Day 11th - Day 15th
Emirates ID Issuance.
Day 16th - Day 20th

Benefits of Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Explore great business chances in Dubai Mainland. You get a perfect location, a business-friendly atmosphere, and a thriving market. Dubai Mainland is a fantastic place for your business, welcoming to entrepreneurs and open to new ventures like yours.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Global Commercial Powerhouse

Dubai is ranked 17th globally. It is a thriving hub for new companies. Dubai is a great place for new companies to grow. They have many options, like ready-to-use offices and shared workspaces, which suit businesses of all sizes.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

No Restrictions on Conducting Business

You can open any type of business in Dubai without any limitations. This makes Dubai a great place for all kinds of companies, big or small, in many different fields.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Diverse Economy

Dubai used to rely on oil. But now, non-oil sectors are also doing really well. This makes Dubai a strong and steady place for businesses. Dubai's global prominence connects businesses to a diverse clientele, fostering B2B and B2C growth.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Financial Perks

The UAE offers tax benefits to attract investors. They don't have to pay personal or capital gains taxes. In Dubai, the VAT is only 5%, which is lower than in many other places. This makes Dubai more attractive for businesses.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Superb Connectivity and Infrastructure

Dubai has great air travel connections, with many flights that help global outreach. Its outstanding administrative system, paired with business-friendly tax policies, attracts companies looking for success.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

2000+ Business Activity Options

Dubai mainland offers many business activity options. This allows businesses to choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences.

Steps to Start a Business in Dubai Mainland

Choose your business activity

The first step in Dubai Mainland company formation is to choose which commercial, professional, or industrial business activity you will engage in. Also, different activities require different approvals and specific licenses from relevant authorities.

Take initial approvals from DED

Apply for the initial approvals from DED on the proposed business activity. You must also take approval on other parameters, such as office location, shareholders, and capital.

Apply for external approvals if required

As mentioned above, some activities require additional approvals from other government entities, such as the Health Authority, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, and the Roads and Transport Authority. Apply and take those approvals before you proceed to register your business.

Trade name reservation

Reserve a name for your business by submitting an application on the DED's name reservation portal. The name must be unique and should not be the same as other registered business names in Dubai. Please note the trade name must follow the DED trade name policy.

Signing of MOA

The next step would be the preparation of MOA for the company. The partners and shareholders are required to sign the MOA to show consent in setting up a company.

Office space selection

Lease suitable commercial space in Dubai as per DED's location eligibility policies and usage type. Initially, you can take a small space that is budget-friendly and caters to your immediate business needs.

Mainland license issuance

Apply for the mainland trade licence by submitting all documents and required info to the DED. You need to also provide the required approval documents from relevant authorities and pay the license fee to DED.

Apply for relevant visa

Once your licence application is approved, apply for relevant visas for yourself, stakeholders, and employees.

Packages for Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

Build your business’s bright future with our packages. These are curated for business setup in Dubai Mainland. Get easy integration, unique benefits, and a helpful community backing your growth. Trust us to make sure you succeed at every stage!


AED 14,500*

Basic / 0 Visa

Get a Mainland Professional License with 0 Visa

*T&C Apply


AED 20,000*

Standard / 1 Visa

Get a Mainland Professional License with 1 Visa

*T&C Apply


AED 25,000*

Premium / 2 Visas

Get a Mainland Professional License with 2 Visa

*T&C Apply


AED 20,499*

Basic / 0 Visa

Get Commercial License Along With 0 Investor Visa

*T&C Apply


AED 23,999*

Standard / 1 Visa

Get Commercial License Along With 1 Investor Visa

*T&C Apply


AED 33,999*

Premium / 5 Visas Allocation

Get Commercial License with 1 Investor Visa & up to 5 Employee Visas

*T&C Apply

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Avyanco is a prominent consulting firm in Dubai. We focus on free zone and mainland company formation in Dubai. Our experts also help with financial and legal support. We handle everything, from registering your business setup in Dubai mainland to helping it grow. Avyanco makes sure your business succeeds so you can have peace of mind.

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Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Can a business setup in Dubai mainland operate without a sponsor?

Foreign investors aiming for mainland company formation in Dubai must have a local sponsor. The sponsor must own at least 51% of the company.

Can I have 100% ownership in my business setup in Dubai mainland?

Yes, you can now fully own your business for certain business activities. You don’t need an Emirati partner to have most of the ownership. But, some activities still need a local sponsor.

Are there any restrictions on the number of visas for a mainland business setup in Dubai?

In Dubai’s mainland, businesses have no visa limits. They can get visas based on their office space. This helps firms grow and hire diverse staff in Dubai.

Can I set up a mainland company without a physical office space?

No, you cannot have a mainland business setup in Dubai without a physical office. Mainland companies must have a minimum physical office space of at least 200 square feet. These are the regulatory requirements.