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Company registration in Dubai, UAE

A business idea may be simple to explain but making it legal will require the help of a corporate advisor like us. Our entire process of company registration in Dubai is tailor-made to suit the unique needs of each business or office setup.

Register Company in UAE

Why you should register a company in Dubai, UAE?

UAE being the center point of world commerce offers a host of advantages like low or no taxes, technology advanced community, free trade zones, strict levels of confidentiality, and rapid development making it the best choice for doing business.

There is no doubt that Dubai is one of the biggest ever-growing economic hubs of the Middle East. Business owners will get a highly lucrative environment to experience the valuable benefits of 100% foreign ownership, up-scaled business infrastructure, a high-class lifestyle, and greater business opportunities.

However, starting a company in Dubai could be a time-consuming and complex process, especially for beginners, who don’t have proper knowledge and planning of their business activities. The government of Dubai has instilled strict measures to qualify for company registration in Dubai. But with proper guidance and understanding of legal terms and facts, your company gets legal within 24 hours.

How to Register a Company in Dubai

Registering a company in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates allows you to experience the profitable business environment by taking advantage of the great benefits of the United Arab Emirates.

It is a popular choice amongst international investors establishing a company with 100% foreign ownership, ease of doing business, e-governance system, top-class lifestyle, tax savings, up-scaled business infrastructure, and growing business timeliness.

Investors can choose from a variety of corporate registration options in the region. In this guide, we will cover every aspect of Company registration in Dubai so that you can smoothly head into a business acquisition in Dubai.

Key Steps

Company Registration in Dubai

Business registration is Dubai is not difficult. Government authorities provide detailed steps on how to register a company in Dubai, UAE. Here are all the major steps for new company registration in Dubai and the UAE are listed below:


Choose your license type

To register a business, the investor must first select the type of license (trade, industrial, and/or professional) for the Dubai mainland.


Select your business activity

The investor has to choose a business activity like trading, service, restaurant, etc.


Register the trade name of the business

Businesses can apply for employment permits for their workers; this process requires employers to submit their residence visa status within a time period of 30 days after the employee's entry into the UAE.


Select your office location Physical or Virtual

Choose your office location and get a lease agreement. There are multiple options available like share desk, virtual office, flexi-desk office, shared office, and standard office. The government also provides an instant business license. The investor can take up an office only from the second year onwards and does not need an office space in the first year.

6. Office space selection

Get your company documents

File company documents with the Department for Economic Development (DED) and obtain trade license and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Make the company stamp.

7. Mainland license issuance

Get your visa issuance

Submit your company license to the immigration department to issue either a Partner Visa or an Investor Visa for the company owner. You will also need to register your company license with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE). Finally, you can apply for employee visas under the company sponsorship.

Different Types of Business Licenses

Setting up a company in Dubai and the the UAE requires a business license for conducting your activities legally with peace of mind. However, when your license expires you are always required to renew your company license before its expiration to avoid any fines and penalties.

trade license in dubai and the uae

Trading License

This license enables businesses to import, export, distribute, and store goods as specified in the license in Dubai.

industrial license in dubai uae

Industrial License

An industrial license is required for businesses manufacturing goods or producing other products.

Professional License

Businesses like accounting and consulting need a special license. It's called a professional license.

Tourism License

Businesses like hotels, and tour operators need a tourism license to operate in tourism.

Cost of Company Registration in Dubai

Looking to register your company in Dubai? The cost varies depending on several factors. Primarily, it hinges on the nature of your business, the number of shareholders involved, visa requirements, and your chosen jurisdiction. Dubai and or UAE offers enticing packages, particularly in its free zones, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs. One significant advantage is the absence of a minimum capital requirement, whether you opt for mainland or free zone registration.

In free zones, the cost of company registration starts from AED 12,500/- while in Dubai mainland, it begins at AED 14,500. What makes starting a company in Dubai even more appealing are the unique benefits it offers. These include hassle-free setup procedures, no need for a local UAE sponsor, and relatively lower compliance requirements compared to other Countries in the world. This combination of factors makes Dubai and UAE an ideal choice for foreigners looking to establish their business ventures.

Cost of Different Types of Company License

Type of Company to License in Dubai
Costs starts from
Sole Establishment Registration
AED 14,150*/-
Civil Partnership Registration
AED 18,650*/-
LLC Company Registration
AED 22,150*/-
Branch Office in Dubai
As per Requirement

Register your Company Based on Jurisdiction

Once a company is registered with a competent authority, it creates a smooth and seamless path to enter the Dubai or UAE market and grow without encountering operational or legal issues. The right to register a license is entirely dependent on your business plan, business type, target market, financial goals, and initial budget. You can choose among three types of registration.

trade license in dubai and the uae

Mainland Company Registration

DED (Department of Economic Development) registration is necessary for Dubai mainland company registration. A company formed in mainland can engage in any industry, commerce, professional, or tourism. According to the DED procedural rules, companies require authorities’ approval for business regulation. Foreign investors can acquire 100% ownership of their business settled in the UAE Mainland. Learn More

industrial license in dubai uae

Freezone Company Registration

There are 45+ freezones in the UAE and 8000+ companies in freezones. The UAE Freezone is a designated UAE area where expatriates can fully own and operate their business at an affordable registration fee. Dubai Freezone company registration is a potential business investment for expatriates worldwide. Learn More

Offshore Company Registration

Offshore companies in UAE are also considered as “paper” companies. Such entities are a wholly foreign-owned limited liability company. In general, these offshore companies incorporate within the countries that impose little or no tax on their capital gains. The United Arab Emirates is a preferred offshoring destination for various businesses. Learn More

Type of Legal Structures for Dubai Company Registration

Dubai is great for entrepreneurs worldwide. They can pick any legal setup for their business. They’ll get easy processes, full ownership, a fast setup, and a strategic location. The bustling emirate is a perfect platform for growth, innovation, and business expansion.

Solo Establishment

In Dubai, you can create a legal company in free zones or on the mainland. When you set up a company alone, you own and run everything.

An LLC in Dubai can be set up in the mainland or free zones. This type of company gives you limited liability protection and operational flexibility.

Business partnerships mean when two or more entities share the profits and losses of a business. In Dubai, there are two main kinds of partnerships: general partnerships and limited partnerships.

If you want to split ownership of your business into parts, you can make your business a PJSC (Public Joint Stock Company) or a PrJSC (Private Joint Stock Company) in Dubai.

Branches in Dubai are like parts of a foreign company. You can start your business as a part of another company, and it needs to follow UAE laws.

Your Business Success Starts With the UAE's Business-Friendly Environment

Required Documents

Required document checklist for business registration in Dubai and the UAE for different shareholders.

Individual Shareholder
Passport Copy (Valid for at least 6 months) 
Visa Page Copy (if applicable) 
Emirates ID (if applicable) 
Passport-sized Photos 
Personal Information Sheet or Application Form 
3 Name Choices 
Corporate Shareholder
Company Trade License / Certificate of Incorporation 
Memorandum of Association 
Board of Resolution for Company Setup and Appointment of Authorized Signatory 
UBO List 
Incumbency Certificate 
3 Name Choices 
Passport copy of Company Manager 
Visa copy of Company Manager 
Emirates ID of Company Manager 

Note* The list of document requirements is subject to change as per the desired business activity and Freezone authority.


Find below the timeline for setting up a branch office in Dubai and the UAE.

Application Submission
Submit Your Application & Issuance Of Trade License And Company Formation Documents
Day 1
Immigration Card Issuance
Immigration Card & E-channel Application Issued
Day 5
Change Status
Entry Permit, Change Status, Medical, Emirates ID Issued
Day 8
Visa Issuance
Investor Visa Issued
Day 10


Dubai Company Registration​

Dubai is a great place for your business. It has a strategic location, friendly rules for companies, and excellent facilities. Whether you want to start or expand your business on the mainland or in a free zone, Dubai has something for every entrepreneur. Following are some prime points of interest for new business registration in Dubai and the UAE includes:

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

100% Ownership

Foreign investors in the UAE can fully own their companies in mainland and free zone areas.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Financial Perks

Companies in Dubai don't pay taxes on their business and personal earnings. They also don't pay fees for importing and exporting goods. This helps them save money and make more profit.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Repatriation of Profits

Businesses can repatriate 100% of their profits and capital without restrictions. This helps in efficient international fund transfers.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Easy Company Setup

Dubai has simplified forming, licensing, and registering companies. So, it's faster and simpler now.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Infrastructure and Facilities

Dubai has great infrastructure and modern facilities. Its friendly atmosphere can help your business grow and be creative.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Access to Global Markets

Dubai's strategic location helps connect to nearby and faraway markets. This makes it a center for trade and commerce.

UAE Company Registration Packages:

Compare Mainland & Free Zone Options

Build your business’s bright future with our packages. These are curated for business setup in Dubai Mainland. Get easy integration, unique benefits, and a helpful community backing your growth. Trust us to make sure you succeed at every stage!

Basic - Business Setup Package
Sharjah Freezone

AED 5,750*

0 Visa

*T&C Apply
Dubai Freezone

AED 12,500*

0 Visa

*T&C Apply
Basic - Business Setup Package
Rakez Freezone

AED 11,990*

1 Free Lifetime Visa

*T&C Apply
Limited Time Offer - Dubai Business Setup
Dubai Mainland

AED 19,999*

1 Visa

*T&C Apply
Limited Time Offer - Dubai Business Setup

Cost Calculator For Business Setup In Dubai

Complete A Few Steps To Find Out The Cost Of Business Setup. Be Prepared And Start Your Business Journey In Dubai After Knowing The Cost Required With Our Easy-To-Use Cost Calculator.

Why Avyanco?

Based in Dubai, Avyanco is a leading expert supporting your company registration needs. It can help you unlock a smooth business journey. We have a track record of successful company setups in the UAE. Plus, we offer personalized guidance, from choosing the suitable license to strategizing your business activity. Our seasoned, dedicated team makes the process organized. This way, we ensure you save time and reduce business setup stress. Plus, we’re committed to transparency. So, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

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Taking a Consultation

  • Strategic Expertise

    Avyanco has substantial experience in setting up businesses in the UAE. So, we can offer tactical know-how to help you with Dubai's legal space. We ensure your company registration in UAE aligns with the latest legal needs and market trends.

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    Personalized Approach

    We understand your unique business needs. Accordingly, we provide our business setup services. Our customized approach makes sure you get solutions that exactly match your goals. Eventually, this will help you succeed quickly.

  • Comprehensive Solutions

    Avyanco makes business setup easy for you. It helps with everything, from paperwork to legal issues. So you can be stress-free during the registration process. Plus, you can concentrate on what's most important to you: your main business operations.

Mainland & Free Zone Company Registration Specialists

Our Team

Our expert team has in-depth knowledge of Dubai’s intricate laws of the mainland and multiple free zones. We make sure that your company setup is swift and accurate. This way, you get a great start in the UAE. Our business insights can save you time and prevent possible problems. We help you through every step of the Dubai company registration process. This way, your business starts smoothly and follows the company establishment rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Company Registration in Dubai, UAE

Can I Choose any business activity in Dubai?

Dubai allows many different types of businesses. You’re likely to find what you like, such as trading, services, manufacturing, technology, or more. You can do your business on the mainland or in a free zone for your industry.

Do I need a local partner for company registration in Dubai?

In Dubai, both Mainland and free zones allow foreign investors to fully own (100%) their businesses without a local partner. However, there are some specific business activities on the UAE mainland that require a local partner. In such cases, the local partner will hold a majority share, typically at least 51% of the company.

How long does company registration in Dubai take?

Registering a company in Dubai is easy. It usually takes 1-2 weeks. The time needed can change based on the chosen free zone, business type, document completion, and other factors.

Can I trade outside the free zone if my company is registered there?

Trading within the UAE is not allowed for companies in Dubai’s free zones. But, if they want to do business outside these zones, they must appoint local distributors. On the other hand, all companies on the mainland can operate anywhere in the UAE. They don’t need local distributors.

What does the cost of setting up a business in Dubai or any other city in the UAE consist of?

The UAE lets people set up businesses in the mainland or free zones. The cost of setting up a business in both areas is based on many factors. It includes license fees, office space, government charges, and visas. Your business activities and company size also affect costs. So, make sure you research and plan well to figure out your exact expenses for your business.

If I have a branch of a UAE company, how will it be treated in the UAE?

In corporate tax rules, a UAE company’s branch in the UAE is seen as one ‘taxable entity.’ But, a ‘free zone entity’ includes a branch of a UAE company in a free zone.