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Document Clearing Services in Dubai, UAE

Document clearing forms the catalyst of any business whether old or new. Every document needs to be authenticated in various formats depending upon the type of company registration.

overview of document clearing services

Overview Of Document Clearing Services In Dubai

Document clearing might seems easy, it is a meticulous task and calls for an alert mind and law savvy personnel. At Avyanco, we make your document clearing process as easy as it seems. Although UAE offer a host of commercial advantages for setting up a business, the process calls for lengthy bureaucratic and legal measures. Having an agency to help you with the process is the most prolific way to reduce cost and time. We understand the sensitivity and intricacies of contract law and we offer documents Clearing services in Dubai and UAE that leave you with nothing to worry about.

Process to Get Local Documents Notarized in the UAE

Public and private notary services are available in the UAE – in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the other Emirates. Appointments for the notary public offices can be made directly or through the online notary system. (Please note that the system is separate for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi online notary system requires the relevant documents to be uploaded and approved before a physical notary appointment is scheduled.)

Another option is to request the Notary public to visit you at your home or private office in some specific cases. This can be done by requesting such an appointment.

General Requirements for Notarising a Document in the UAE

Original Documents

Original document (in Arabic or dual language side by side text) must be presented

Document Signing

The person(s) signing the document should have the necessary powers to sign and provide supporting documentation as well as identification. All the persons signing the document have to be physically present

Documents Comply UAE Laws

The document must conform to the applicable UAE laws.

Once the necessary documents are submitted, the notary public reviews the document witnesses the document’s signing and verifies the signatories’ identity.

Please note that video call notarization is also allowed during the current COVID travel restrictions – you can contact Avyanco for more information on this.

If you need support with document preparation and notarization for any of the Emirates, Dubai, or Abu Dhabi, we can help. Our company set up experts are highly experienced in all business set up processes, and the documents required for each of them. We will be delighted to assist you.

Why Avyanco for Document Clearing Services in UAE

There are multiple benefits of hiring us for document clearing services in Dubai and the UAE:

  • All your legal documents and contracts are written for you.
  • We ensure all your documents abide by the International and UAE law.
  • We protect your business and your position.

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Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The process for legal document attestation in the UAE involves 4 main steps. They are:

  • Notarization to be done in your country of origin
  • Attestation to be done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country of origin
  • Certification to be done by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin
  • Certification to be done by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
Will I need a NOC to get a license and set up my company in the UAE?

In the case of a foreign national on a visit/tourist visa then NOC is not required. If the person wants to open a company in Dubai or UAE and he has already a resident visa as an employee designation, then NOC is required if the person has the owner or investor designation visa then NOC is not required. There is one more regulation in DED that if the person wants an instant license then NOC is not required at all.

What are the documents needed to set up a free zone business in UAE?

To set up a free zone company in the UAE, you will need to submit several documents.

What are the documents needed to set up a mainland LLC business in the UAE?

The mandatory documents needed to set up a company in Dubai will vary depending on the type of business activity, legal entity, type of shareholder, and the company’s location. Contact Avyanco for your business setup in UAE. We will advise you and assist you on each step to establish your company.