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Get Assistance with FTA Tax Audit in UAE to Avoid Penalties

Be prepared for an FTA tax audit with guidance from Avyanco's experienced team. We help you avoid penalties while ensuring compliance.


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Prepare for FTA Tax Audits with Avyanco

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) can conduct an unannounced audit any time. All businesses must remain prepared in advance. However, dealing with an FTA audit can be quite intimidating. 

Without proper preparation, FTA may find you non-compliant during an audit which can result in penalties or fines.

Avyanco with its team of federal tax experts help businesses across diverse sectors with understanding FTA expectations and requirements. We ensure you remain compliant and fulfil all conditions before the FTA comes for an unannounced audit.

We analyse your documents and financial transactions. We also go through your previous returns to identify potential issues that could have a negative effect during an audit. Our consultants provide the highest quality of support as they have experience assisting multiple businesses across the UAE. 

You do not need to worry about FTA audits anymore with us by your side.

What is FTA Audit

An FTA tax audit is reviewing submitted tax documents to verify that the declared taxes were accurate as per the UAE tax legislation. Taxes like VAT are self-assessment taxes, which means taxpayers declare the amount of tax payable. 

FTA conducts audits to ensure all dues are paid on time and all businesses are in compliance with FTA laws and regulations.

What Triggers an FTA Tax Audit in the UAE

FTA may target a business for various factors. However, it is not necessary that you have done something to trigger an audit. FTA can audit any tax entity in the UAE anytime anywhere.

However, there are still certain factors that could be the reason, for an FTA audit, such as:

  • Cash-based businesses
  • Export/import focused companies
  • Tax return errors
  • Public notifications
  • Large or complex businesses

There are no fixed schedules for an FTA audit. They usually occur at FTA’s discretion.

How to Prepare

The only way to avoid penalties during an FTA audit is to stay prepared in advance. The FTA examine the following factors:

  • A general understanding of how your business operates
  • Internal governance, procedures, and controls in your organisation
  • How accurately you measure sales and transactions
  • Supply chain management and whether data is complete or not
  • Sector risk management, such as cash risks and customs processes

To smoothly manage an audit, you must have everything prepared in advance. Some of the things you can do to be ready are:

  • Proper documentation to show sufficient controls are implemented on the systems and processes in your company
  • Reevaluate your tax returns to find any issues or quick fixes
  • Check for reverse charge and imports
  • If there was inaccurate accounting for foreign exchange
  • Review tax invoice and credit note formats

To avoid any errors, it is best to engage tax professionals from a reliable firm, such as Avyanco. A consultancy firm assists you with testing previous returns, fixing errors, and preparing documentation to ensure compliance with FTA laws and regulations.

How Avyanco can assist You with an FTA Tax Audit

Avyanco has a long history of guiding companies through FTA tax audits in the UAE. We have a team of dedicated tax professionals who support our clients before and throughout the process to ensure a seamless audit experience. 

Non-compliance in FTA audits can result in penalties rising to 50% for issues uncovered. Hence, a full preparation is mandatory before FTA’s involvement. That’s why we assist with advance preparation to safeguard your business from penalties.

If you are worried about an unannounced FTA audit, connect with our tax specialists today. We will assist you to save thousands optimising operations. 

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