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Ensure Compliance with Customs Health Check

No need to worry about unannounced audits from the FTA! Avyanco ensures that your business complies with Customs Regulations and does not face any penalties.


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Custom Health Checks by Experts to Ensure Compliance

Being a global import/export hub, the UAE has some of the strictest Customs regulations. Businesses involved in import/export must follow these regulations to remain compliant and stay in business. Therefore, Customs health checks by experts are critical for such businesses as they ensure full compliance and help avoid non-compliance penalties.

Need of Customs Health Check for Businesses Involved in International Trade

Having a deep understanding of the Customs Laws is crucial in the UAE to operate a trading business. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) can do a custom audit without prior notification to ensure compliance of your import/export business with Customs law and regulations.

Any non-compliance can lead to severe financial penalties. It can also damage your reputation in the market among your customers/clients and also with regulatory bodies.

In addition to that, Customs authorities closely monitor all products entering and leaving free zones. They regularly check for issues like undervaluation fraud, not following Customs procedures, improper mainland supply operations, and deficits in declared weights. 

Customised customs health checks by experts help you avoid such penalties and also keep your reputation intact with clients and authorities. Customs health checks identify and resolve any discrepancy, non-compliance, or gaps before authorities to keep you compliant during an audit.


Avoid All the Hassle with Avyanco’s Professional Services

It is necessary to run comprehensive Customs health checks by experts in the domain to have a better understanding of your compliance. This helps identify and resolve the gaps with Customs regulations before FTA conducts an audit and penalises your import/export business. 

Avyanco, with its team of qualified consultants, examines factors like product valuations, duty calculations, free zone supply chains, customs clearance documentation accuracy, restrictions on mainland product transfers, submitted weight integrity, and more areas. Once we completely evaluate your current Customs compliance status, we share a detailed report with you.

This report clearly outlines any gaps or non-compliance found in your validation methods, paperwork, product flow, declared asset value correlations, and other facets. Additionally, our team will provide relevant and actionable recommendations to eliminate every high-risk issue and enforce strict compliance processes in your operations. 

This prevents major disruption from suspensions and penalties occurring due to non-compliance found by Customs authorities.

Let us partner to help your international trading business run smoothly while we take care of the regulations. Contact our experts today to schedule a risk analysis call.

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