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Master File Compliance for International Tax Reporting

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Expert Master File Services Customised to Your Situation

UAE is a member of the BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) inclusive framework. BEPS Action Plan 13 has specific requirements for Transfer Pricing documentation. Therefore, the OECD defined various sets of standards to follow those requirements.

Master File is one such standardised approach.

It provides an overview of organisational structure, operational footprint, intangibles, and intercompany financials. A Master File is essential for tax authorities to assess policies associated with cross-border transaction pricing.

Avyanco assists you with Master File maintenance to remain compliant and avoid any compliant-related issues. Avyanco offers advisory on Master File guidelines with respect to various countries. 

Avyanco’s Master File experts also assist with data compilation for group operations, pricing frameworks, intra-group flows, etc. Our team of experienced consultants does a gap analysis between OECD BEPS Action Plan 13 and local regulations to ensure you are in compliance with them.

Who Needs to Maintain a Master File?

In the UAE, a taxpayer must maintain a Master File if they meet any of the following requirements.

  • Businesses with AED 200 million or more in annual revenues
  • A business that is part of a multinational entity and has a combined turnover of AED 3.15 billion or more

In addition to that, associated enterprises, subsidiaries, and related party engagements may need to comply with Master File requirements. 

Avyanco’s Master File advisors can assist you in determining your eligibility based on your situation.

Multi-Country Master File Management by Avyanco’s Tax Specialists 

Maintaining a Master File is crucial for businesses that meet the criteria. Therefore, businesses must be very careful with all the data maintained in the Master File.

You can take assistance from experts to ensure a Master File that complies with standards as specified in BEPS Action Plan 13. Avyanco’s seasoned tax professionals leverage technical and country-specific expertise with international tax laws to offer complete guidance. We advise you on Master File planning, creation, and filing. 

Our services enable you to stay legally compliant and engage in risk-free cross-border operations. 

We offer:

  • Risk evaluation in cross-border transactions
  • Filing assistance to maintain compliance
  • Assistance with documentation as per operational jurisdiction
  • Intercompany transaction analysis
  • Risk identification and elimination using a data-driven approach 
  • Maintaining compliance across multiple countries with coordinated filings and reporting
  • Constant updates on any changes related to Master File or tax laws 

As your compliance partner in maintaining international tax laws, Avyanco ensures you scale globally with seamless cross-border operations and transactions. Connect with us today for Master File review and management.

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