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Elevate Your Business in
IFZA Free Zone

Explore endless business potential with IFZA Free Zone. Seamlessly establish your enterprise in Dubai with us through cost-effective solutions and various tailored packages.

The International Free Zone Authority: Your Business Will Thrive Here!

Ranging from visa-exempt setups to options with multiple visas, the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) empowers entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses efficiently. IFZA Free Zone is known for its cost-effective fees and streamlined procedures. Being a dynamic business hub in Dubai, it offers a competitive environment for the formation of your company.

Starting from AED 10,080 per year, the IFZA Dubai license cost covers dedicated office rental options that include Wi-Fi, furnished spaces, electricity, air conditioning, access to printing and copying facilities, and meeting rooms.

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Explore Business Possibilities with IFZA Free Zone

The IFZA free zone provides a wide range of business licenses. This is great as it allows them to choose licenses that fit their specific activities. It helps them adapt to what customers need and try new avenues, making their businesses better.

Commercial License

With a commercial license, you can empower your commercial business and engage in diverse trading activities, imports, and exports. Learn More

industrial license in dubai uae

Industrial License

Ideal for companies involved in manufacturing and industrial activities, IFZA's industrial license enables you to operate within the production and trade sectors. Learn More

Professional License

With a professional license, service-oriented enterprises can flourish. This license allows you to offer various services within the professional service industry. Learn More

Branch License

With a branch license, a foreign incorporated company can also register itself with IFZA, increasing its reach to more markets. Learn More

Choosing Business Entity Types Under IFZA Free Zone

When setting up your business in the IFZA Free Zone, you have a range of options. These structures determine how your business will be legally organized.


You can opt for the Free Zone Company (FZCO) structure in the IFZA Free Zone if you need multiple shareholders for your business entity.


If you already own a business and wish to expand, set up branches in the IFZA Free Zone to establish a stronger business presence.

Documents Required

Find below the list of documents required to register a company in IFZA free zone.

Individual Shareholder Documents Requirements For IFZA Business Setup
Passport Copy (Valid for at least 6 months)
Visa Page Copy (if applicable)
Emirate ID (if applicable)
Passport-sized Photos
Personal Information Sheet or Application Form
3 Name Choices
Document Required For Corporate Shareholder Documents Requirements For IFZA Business Setup
Company Trade License / Certificate of Incorporation 
Memorandum of Association 
Board of Resolution for Company Setup Attested by Public Notary 
UBO List 
Incumbency Certificate 
3 Name Choices 
Passport copy of Company Manager 
Visa copy of Company Manager 
Emirate ID of Company Manager 

Note* The list of document requirements is subject to change as per the desired license activity and IFZA Freezone authority.


An estimated timeline for business setup in IFZA Freezone is mentioned below for your reference.

Submit Your Application, Company Formation Documents and KYC Documents
Day 1
Trade License Issued
Day 6
Establishment Card Issued, Entry Permit Application Submitted
Day 8
Entry Permit Issued
Day 12
Residency Visa Issued
Day 18

Explore the Benefits of IFZA Free Zone Business Setup

International Free Zone Authority in Dubai allows business entities to leverage a diversity of perks, leading to financial benefits, business flexibility, and peace of mind.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Unlock Global Markets

IFZA Free Zone is great for businesses going worldwide. It's perfect for companies wanting to grow in the Middle East and more. Its location in the middle of East and West makes global trade easy.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Gain from IFZA's easy steps for a smooth way to start your business. The UAE cares about saving your efforts so you can grow your company. They help you with business setup, making it simple and boosting your chances of success.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Versatile Licensing

Choose from different licenses made for your industry and business. These licenses fit your needs, help your business, and grow your ideas. Find the right one for your business now.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Complete Ownership

Feel real business freedom at IFZA. You can own and run your business without needing a local sponsor. This way, you can take control of your firm and your success – all in your hands.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Dynamic Ecosystem

Thrive in a supportive environment with networking opportunities and modern infrastructure.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Flexible Expansion

Adapt to the growth opportunities and needs of your business with ease, with options for additional visas, office space, and various other services.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Remote Company Setup

You can start your free zone company in the UAE remotely. This is one of the key benefits investors get when establishing a UAE-free zone company.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Asset Confidentiality

Free zone companies' asset information is reserved for the utmost confidentiality by the free zone authority.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Employee Recruitment Ease

The employees' enlistment becomes an effortless and unchallenging process with the IFZA free zone company setup.

Steps for Business Setup in IFZA Free Zone

Choose Business Activity and Structure
Picking a suitable business activity and structure is vital for success. Figure out what you're good at, what you like, and what people want. Then, consider the pros, cons, liability, taxation, and operational flexibility. Also, provide trade name suggestions for your business.
Submit Application
Submit your business application. Include important papers like your business plan, passport copies, and financial records. Or, you can get help from a registered business setup expert for an easier and faster process.
Sign Legal Documentation
Before starting a business, it's vital to create and sign important legal papers carefully. These papers are like the base of your company's rules, like a Memorandum of Association. You might also need other agreements, like partnership or shareholder deals, based on how you set up your business.
Security Check
Documents would required verification. For this the documents would be send to the IFZA for security check.
License Issued
After a security check and verification of all the required documents, your license will be issued for your company formation in the IFZA Free Zone.
Apply for Visas
Making sure all needed papers are correct and done right is important. You should get copies of passports and visa forms for everyone in the application, like shareholders, managers, and workers. Doing this will improve your chances of getting a visa.
Emirates ID Application
Next, we would apply for an Emirates ID application. After successful document completion at this step, an Emirates ID will be issued.
Collect Documents and Start Operations
Gather your vital documents like your business license, company card, lease agreement, and any other documents. Once you have these, you can start your business legally and serve customers. This final step is vital for a successful and lawful business.
Bank Account Opening
Creating a business bank account in the UAE with the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) has many benefits. IFZA works with great banks to make opening an account easy and fast for business owners. These partnerships support business growth and financial management needs.

Packages for IFZA Free Zone

Discover our wide range of IFZA packages. They are made to suit your business’s specific needs. You can also customize them and get expert advice to start your journey towards success confidently. Take advantage of this chance to improve your business and perform better. Choose the perfect IFZA package today!


AED 12,900*

Basic / 0 Visa

Get IFZA Freezone License Along With 0 Investor Visa

*T&C Apply


AED 21,900*

Standard / 1 Visa

Get IFZA Freezone License Along With 1 Investor Visa

*T&C Apply


AED 28,800*

Premium / 2 Visas Allocation

Get IFZA Freezone License Along With 2 Investor Visa

*T&C Apply

Cost Calculator For Business Setup In Dubai

Complete A Few Steps To Find Out The Cost Of Business Setup. Be Prepared And Start Your Business Journey In Dubai After Knowing The Cost Required With Our Easy-To-Use Cost Calculator.

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surabhi mathur
surabhi mathur
21 November 2023
The visa process for my company set up was extremely smooth.Ankit from Avyanco was the point of contact and he gave us all the information as and when we required . He was available all the time over the phone and the whole process was absolutely seamless
Saad Raza
Saad Raza
20 November 2023
Appreciation for Outstanding Service Dear, Avyanco I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional service provided by your team. The professionalism, attention to detail, and promptness exhibited by Mr. Ankit have truly exceeded my expectations. From the initial inquiry to the finalization of the License, the entire process was seamless and stress-free.Mr. Ankit demonstrated a deep understanding of my needs and went above and beyond to ensure a smooth experience. I want to commend Avyanco for fostering a culture of excellence. The commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction. I will undoubtedly recommend your services to friends and family and look forward to engaging with your agency for any future needs. Thank you once again for setting a benchmark in customer service. Sincerely, Saad Raza
14 November 2023
Excellent service
tushar sajnani
tushar sajnani
9 November 2023
Special thanks to Gritsa, for her kind assistance and continuous follow up till all required was completed accordingly. Regards, Tushar Sajnani
lucas pagno (guga)
lucas pagno (guga)
6 November 2023
Harmisha was so attentive and answered all my questions. The services were quickly and fairly priced. Thank you so much Harmisha, If I need it in the future I'm already close with Avyanco.
vinay kumar Tiwari
vinay kumar Tiwari
3 November 2023
I had wonderful experience with Avyanco for all my Business Setup Needs . Astha was highly professional in handling my process and make it smooth . I highly recommend Avyanco for all the Business Setup needs in UAE

Popular Questions

IFZA Free Zone Frequently Asked Questions
Can foreigners own 100% of their business in the IFZA Free Zone?

Yes, the IFZA Free Zone allows 100% foreign ownership. This lets entrepreneurs control their businesses wholly. They don’t even need a local partner in most cases.

What types of licenses are available in the IFZA Free Zone?

IFZA has different licenses for different businesses. They have commercial, professional, and industrial licenses. These licenses work for many types of companies. So, lots of different industries can operate in IFZA.

Can I get a residency visa through the IFZA Free Zone business setup?

Companies established in IFZA can apply for a flexible number of Dubai residency visas for shareholders and employees, valid for up to 3 years. This means businesses can get residency status in Dubai for their stakeholders and employees. This makes it easy for them to live and work in the region for a long time.

What types of office spaces are available in the IFZA Free Zone?

IFZA Free Zone provides many office options to cater to diverse business requirements and sizes. These options include flexi desks, dedicated workspaces, private offices, and personalized offices. This means that whether your business is small or large, IFZA Free Zone offers suitable office solutions.

Can I change or expand the activities of my IFZA Free Zone business?

Your business can only do the specific activities mentioned on your IFZA Free Zone license. This means you can’t do anything beyond what’s written there. Still, you can do new activities to offer more services or products or make your business bigger. For that, you have to update your license officially. This involves changing or adding new activities to the list on your license.