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Streamline your Business Setup in Dubai with Our Expert Guidance

Avyanco, your partner for business setup in Dubai, the UAE, not only makes the process hassle-free, straightforward, and budget-friendly but also ensures that you are choosing the right legal structure and jurisdiction for your company objective to run your business in the long run. Find here 5 steps for setting up a business in Dubai and the UAE


Select The Right Jurisdiction

Choosing the right jurisdiction for registering a company is the most important step of the whole business setup process. There are 3 main jurisdictions: Mainland, Free zone and Offshore. Let Avyanco help you choose the right authority for your business setup in Dubai based on your business's requirements.


Prepare Your Documents

The documentation processes of business setup are a crucial part and can be scary if you are from abroad trying to set up a company in Dubai or any other UAE jurisdiction. Our company setup consultants will ease the process of incorporating your business by taking care of all the complicated paperwork.


Get Your Business License

The next step of business setup in Dubai is to get a trade license. There is a high probability of making mistakes while processing your license because of pre-approvals, or Government Department permits if you are not aware of all the do's and don'ts that can affect your licensing process. Our business setup experts will assist you straight through to start your company seamlessly from the comfort of your home. We will do all the paperwork and get approval from the required departments so that you can focus on your business operations.


Process Your Visa

Businesses can apply for employment permits for their workers; this process requires employers to submit their residence visa status within a time period of 30 days after the employee's entry into the UAE.


Opening A Bank Account

The initial process of opening a corporate bank account as an overseas expat can be a slightly daunting process. Before reaching out to the UAE bank, we need to be assured about the checklist of all the documents required to fill out the forms accurately. We will assist you in maintaining a document file with the required checklist so that you are all set before approaching any UAE bank to open your business account.

Choose the Right Jurisdiction for your Dubai Business Setup


Mainland Company Formation

Setting up your company in the UAE Mainland provides the flexibility to operate anywhere in the Emirates and ensures direct engagement with the government for smoother operations. Start your business in Dubai Mainland for restriction-free access to local markets and International trade or Services. One significant benefit is the flexibility to operate anywhere within the emirate, allowing companies to establish offices in prime locations without the restrictions imposed by free zone regulations. Additionally, mainland companies have the freedom to conduct business across the entire UAE, acquisition of more employee visas, engage in wide range of business activities including those not permitted in free zones, very important benefit of mainland companies is the absence of a mandatory requirement for a UAE national as a partner, a recent change that enhances ease of setup.
Mainland Business Setup


Freezone Company Setup

Registering a company in any UAE Free Zones qualifies you for 100% ownership without partnering with a UAE national. Free Zones offers multiple benefits to investors looking to start a business in Dubai, UAE, such as 0% corporate tax(on qualifying activities) and business-friendly policies, ideal for those engaged in B2B transactions, international trade, or businesses operating within the confines of the free zone itself. Another key advantage is the flexibility regarding office space; free zone companies are not obligated to rent office premises, resulting in considerable cost savings.
Freezone Company Setup


Offshore Company Registration

You can register your offshore company and operate it anywhere from overseas. It provides financial perks, international market access, and a clear regulatory framework to foreign companies. Note that you can carry out your business activities only outside the UAE. Expand your business at the global level with an offshore company setup.
Offshore Company Formation

How Much Does Business Setup in Dubai Cost?

The cost of setting up a business in Dubai starts from AED 14,500, but it is not fixed and depends on multiple factors. Some of the major reasons for a significant difference in costs include the jurisdiction selected for company registration, type of business activity, shareholders involved, visas, and office space. Both Mainland and Free Zone have their own requirements and fee structures that affect the overall expenses in the beginning stage. Furthermore, complex business activities requiring a specialized license or permit will also increase the costs. The total number of shareholders can also affect the overall expenditure due to associated administrative fees and capital requirements during incorporation. New office space and employee visas will add more expenses to the list. Basically, the cost of business setup in Dubai can be quite different for different investors based on these factors. Therefore, investors must research adequately and budget accordingly before starting the incorporation process.

Basic - Business Setup Package
Sharjah Freezone

AED 5,750*

0 Visa

*T&C Apply
Dubai Freezone

AED 12,500*

0 Visa

*T&C Apply
Basic - Business Setup Package
Rakez Freezone

AED 11,990*

1 Free Lifetime Visa

*T&C Apply
Limited Time Offer - Dubai Business Setup
Dubai Mainland

AED 19,999*

1 Visa

*T&C Apply
Limited Time Offer - Dubai Business Setup

Cost Calculator For Business Setup In Dubai

Complete A Few Steps To Find Out The Cost Of Business Setup. Be Prepared And Start Your Business Journey In Dubai After Knowing The Cost Required With Our Easy-To-Use Cost Calculator.

Why Choose Avyanco for Your Business Setup Needs?​

Avyanco provides tailored business setup services to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses in the Dubai Mainland and Free zones. Our team will guide you through every step, from advising you on choosing the right jurisdiction and your company’s legal structure to getting a business license within the required documents and with no hassle for paperwork, i.e. from the comfort of your home. We make it stress-free by informing you about upcoming yearly compliances, which every company needs to follow if they are operating in the UAE. We also offer a wide range of support services to help you keep your company running smoothly by providing A-Z business solutions under one roof.

Still confused about taking your decision.

Why choose avyanco for your company formation in dubai,uae
Still confused about taking your decision.​
Avyanco Will Help You With

All In One Business Services

We offer you the all-in-one company services needed for Dubai mainland company formation and free zones in one place. With everything you need to get your company up and running, you won’t have to deal with multiple business setup companies.

Company Registration

Our business setup consultants help you with tailored company registration solutions in Dubai that are hassle-free, more affordable, and suitable for your startup.

Company License Renewals

Acquiring licenses depending on your business activity and getting them renewed is no small task. It involves time, attention to detail and a whole lot of tedious documentation.

Visa Services

We assist entrepreneurs who want to apply their residence visas so that they can legally stay in the UAE. Our visa service packages include investor, golden and employment visas. Our holistic approach to business setup in UAE can deliver determined visa services that ensures the entire process is smooth and hassle free.

Bank Account Opening Assistance

We have built a strong relation with various banks which help us opening a business bank account for our clients with our in-house financial/banking experts. To ensure that the bank account opening is convenient and relaxed for our clients, we work closely with multiple bank partners.

PRO Services

Great things in business are never done by one person. A flourishing startup is the contribution of many hands expert at their skill, and PRO is one of them. Our Public Relation Officers (PRO) will work with you closely in implementing all your documentation and government-related procedures before and after registering your business in Dubai.

Document Clearing

Document clearing forms the catalyst of any business, whether old or new. Every document needs to be authenticated in various formats depending on the type of company registration in Dubai.

Accounting Services

Would you want to take relief from the huge administrative burden and constant worry about being compliant with the accounting rules as well as regulations?

Internal Audit Services

Avyanco offers turnkey internal audit services in Dubai for different companies that aim to improve corporate operations and provide the best consultancy services.

External Audit Services

Avyanco offers turnkey external audit services in Dubai for different companies that aim to improve corporate operations and provide the best consultancy services.

Corporate Tax

Qualified businesses must register for corporate tax and engage in tax planning, which can be complex. Our corporate tax professionals help you with proper corporate tax strategy and stay compliant with the UAE’s volatile tax landscape.

UBO Disclosure Services

New UBO regulations is required for registered and licensed companies in the UAE. We can help you assess the structure of ownership essential to comply.

AML Services

Avyanco provides a breadth of Anti Money Laundering compliance services in Dubai under the domain of AML and CFT compliance. Our AML solutions, expertise, risk advisory services, AML checks, aml audits, knowledge, and industry experience bring a splash of value to every AML advisory service that we render to our clients.

Economic Substance Regulations

Ensure that your ESR notification file is filed before the due date, or you will incur steep ESR penalties. Avyanco can help you understand up to what extent ESR applies to your business in Dubai and offer expert advice on ESR Notification filing.

VAT Registration Services

VAT ( Value added TAX), an indirect tax levied on consumption of goods and services has been adopted as a system by majority countries globally to create one more gateway.

Hot Desk

The most affordable option out of all and perfectly suitable for freelancers and self-employed professionals. A hot desk allows you to enjoy the working environment without feeling attached to an office.

Event Spaces

Host a corporate event without any stress. We offer event spaces and provide the facilities required to host a successful event in Dubai. We ensure that your guests receive the best treatment and service.

Private Office

Choose from our innovative range of private offices if you work with a team. Rent from us today and enjoy all the benefits and amenities of having your own office space in Dubai with Avyanco as per your needs.

Meeting & Board Rooms

Need a space to hold meetings, conferences, or presentations with your clients and team? Invite them to our meeting and board rooms that offer all the amenities and facilities of an office meeting or board room.

Our Affiliations With Government Bodies

Our recognized association with government authorities helps us access resources and support from them. You can trust us to be adhering to government rules and standards. We’ll be your credible partners as you set up your firm in Dubai.

government affiliated departments for business formation in dubai and the uae

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UAE Business Setup - FAQ

How can I start a small business in Dubai?

To start a business in Dubai, you have to follow these steps. 

  • First, choose an industry and the business activity you will engage in.
  • Next, you must identify the legal structure of your business. Take help from a consultant or lawyer in this step.
  • Choose a location, such as the Mainland or a Free Zone, whatever suits your business.
  • Apply for a legal trade name.
  • Finalise the paperwork.
  • Apply for a licence and get initial approvals. 
  • Register your business and open a bank account.

What is the cheapest option to set up a company in Dubai?

The cheapest option to register a company is the IFZA (International Free Zone Authority). The location offers the cheapest Free Zone and General Trading Licence. You can start your company with AED 12,900* here.

What are the benefits of setting up a business in Dubai?

There are plenty of benefits to starting a company in Dubai, but the key benefit is a Strategic location as Dubai is a trade city that connects different continents, which simplifies the import and export of goods. Therefore, the high-class infrastructure that comes with low corporate tax is a major advantage for investors who want to set up a company in Dubai. Additionally, 100% foreign company ownership is another boost for foreign entrepreneurs because of Dubai’s friendly business environment.

How long does it take to setup a company in Dubai?

The timeframe of opening a company in Dubai is 4 to 5 working days but it all depends on different factors such as your industry and requirements of each licensing authority. Some business activities are quicker than the others but in general, it takes only a few days to setting up a new company in Dubai.

Can you own 100% of your business in Dubai?

Yes, you can own 100% of your business in Dubai. In the past, only Free Zones have allowed 100% foreign ownership of businesses in Dubai. However, with a recent amendment, now foreigners can 100% own an LLC business in Dubai Mainland, too. For more information on this topic, you can visit our complete guide.

Which is the most profitable business to start in Dubai?

These are the most profitable businesses to start in Dubai – 

  1. E-commerce stores 
  2. Digital payments 
  3. IT solutions 
  4. Real estate development 
  5. Tourism services.

Why to start a company in Dubai?

Starting a company in Dubai offers many benefits that are not accessible in other countries. A few major reasons to set up a business in Dubai are:


  • Global trading hub allowing you to start an international trading business instantly
  • Easy to start a business
  • 100% ownership for foreigners 
  • Low corporate tax and zero individual income tax
  • Full profit repatriation is allowed
  • Strategic location for business with advanced infrastructure
  • Business-friendly laws with a government that supports entrepreneurship

If I set up a company in Dubai and obtain a residence permit, can I travel to other emirates freely?

Yes, the visa issued in Dubai is valid throughout the UAE and allows you to travel to other emirates freely. 

How can I obtain my Investor/partner visa to stay in Dubai?

To obtain an investor/partner visa, you must set up your own company in Dubai. You must fulfill all the company registration requirements and obtain a trade license. Next, you have to complete all the immigration authority’s formalities to receive your residency visa.

What kind of business can I set up in Dubai?

You can set up any business in Dubai as long as it’s not illegal as per the country’s law. UAE’s Ministry of Economy allows you to choose from more than 2,000 business activities for your business. You need one of these six licenses to start a company in the UAE:

  • Industrial license 
  • Commercial license 
  • Crafts license 
  • Tourism license 
  • Agricultural license 
  • Professional license

Can I add/club all the business activities in one business license in Dubai?

No, you can’t include all the business activities in a single business license, as they might require different licenses to operate. You will need a trading license if you are trading goods or products. For manufacturing, a manufacturing license is compulsory, and so on. However, a business owner trading multiple products can also get a general trading license in Dubai. Therefore, different business activities require different licenses in Dubai. 

Do I have to renew my company trade license annually in the UAE?

Yes, you have to renew your trade license in the UAE annually. It is also worth noting that you must apply 30 days before the expiry date of the license. 

Do small businesses need a license in the UAE?

Yes, all types of businesses require a license to operate legally in the UAE. Operating without a business license is against the law in Dubai. 

What are Professional Activities in UAE?

Professional activities are business activities that require a professional license to operate in the UAE. A professional must be qualified or highly skilled to offer such services with relevant expertise. Some professions and services in this category are lawyers, medical experts, legal advisors, business consultants, accounting and auditing service providers, marketers, artisans, and IT service providers.  

Do I have to rent an office or warehouse to set up a business in Dubai?

Yes, it is mandatory for businesses to have an office space for a successful business registration process in Dubai Mainland. However, Dubai Economic Development (DED) has offered some leniency to investors and entrepreneurs by issuing virtual office licenses where you don’t need a physical space. Flexi desks are also a good alternative, as you can save a lot of rental costs and have physical space from the beginning. Another option is to get an instant license issued by DED, which does not require office space for the first year. 

Do I need a local partner to set up a mainland company in Dubai?

The answer is both yes and no. You do not require a local partner for certain licenses and activities; a foreigner can hold 100% of the company shares. Some examples include professional service providers or small businesses such as coffee shops, consultancy, and salons. However, general trading companies or businesses that require a trading license must have a local sponsor who owns at least 51% of the shares in the company.

What types of business activities are allowed for mainland companies in Dubai?

Dubai Mainland offers more than 2000 business activities from which to choose. These business activities fall into various categories and require respective business licenses to operate, including professional, commercial, industrial, and tourism. However, certain activities are not allowed in the UAE. You must consult with an expert before applying for a business license in Dubai. 

What are the visa requirements for employees in a Dubai mainland company?

Foreign employees in the UAE require a standard work visa sponsored by the employer. There are certain conditions that the employer and employer must meet to obtain a standard work visa.

  • The employer has a valid operating license
  • The employer has no violations 
  • Employee’s expertise and work is relevant to the company’s business activity 
  • The employee has a high school diploma

How long does it take to set up a mainland company in Dubai?

The company setup in Dubai Mainland can be done within 5 days. However, depending on the nature of the business and its requirements, it may take a few weeks in certain scenarios. 

Can I convert my existing free zone company to a Dubai mainland company?

Yes, you can convert your Free Zone company to a Dubai Mainland company. However, the process is complex, and you must not proceed without expert consultation. As there is no direct transfer option available, you have to cancel your Free Zone license and apply for a new license with DED. You also have to obtain visas, register for VAT, and complete the business registration process again. 

Which Free Zone in the UAE is best suited for my business activity?

It depends on the nature of your business and the business activity. Every Free Zone has its own set of regulations and provides certain benefits for specific business activities. You must choose a Free Zone that is the most advantageous for your business operations and requirements. For instance, IFZA is a good choice for ecommerce businesses. On the other hand, DMCC is best for global trading.

Can I own 100% of my Free Zone company as a foreign investor?

Yes, you can own 100% of your Free Zone company as a foreign investor in Dubai.

Are there any restrictions on trading with the UAE mainland from a Free Zone company?

Yes, Free Zone companies cannot trade with the UAE Mainland. Business operations of Free Zone companies are limited to their jurisdictions only. However, you can engage with a local consultant if you wish to expand your activities on the Mainland. Our expert consultants can provide you with the right guidance regarding this issue. 

Do I need to be physically present in Dubai or the UAE to set up a Free Zone company?

No, you do not need to be physically present in Dubai or the UAE to set up a Free Zone company. You can easily register and operate your business remotely in a Free Zone without the need for a local partner. 

What are the import and export procedures for Free Zone companies in Dubai or the UAE?

You must register with the Customs Office to import or export goods in the UAE. For import, you need certain documents such as an import permit, certificate of origin, import goods declaration form, bill of lading/airway bill, etc. Similarly, to export goods, you need documentation that includes an export permit, declaration of customs clearance, and sales invoice.

Can an offshore company trade within the UAE mainland?

Offshore companies are not legally allowed to trade within the UAE mainland. However, they become shareholders in any of the Mainland companies. 

What are the ongoing reporting and auditing requirements for offshore companies?

Offshore companies are exempt from annual audits in Dubai. They do not have to submit their audited financial statements, which helps maintain their confidentiality. 

Can I open a corporate bank account for my offshore company?

Yes, you can open a corporate bank account for your offshore company in Dubai. However, the chances of success are slim, and it is recommended that you engage a business consultant to help you out. 

What are the annual renewal fees associated with maintaining an offshore company?

The annual renewal fees associated with maintaining an offshore company depend on the jurisdiction, visa renewal charges, and bank account maintenance costs. For instance, a company in RAK ICC has to pay approximately $2200 in annual renewal costs, which includes a Certificate of Good Standing, a formal proof of the company’s renewal. 

What types of business activities are allowed for offshore companies in the UAE?

Offshore companies are not allowed to trade in the UAE. However, certain activities are permitted for offshore companies to do in Dubai, such as shareholding in other companies or purchasing and managing real estate. Offshore companies are also allowed to offer wealth management, advisory, consultancy, and brokerage services. 

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