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Setting up your business needs smart setup solutions, here we have 5 simple steps for starting your venture with Avyanco.

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The Process of business setup in Dubai and the UAE

Avyanco, your partner for registering a company in the UAE, makes the process hassle-free, straightforward, and budget-friendly. To simplify the whole process, you need to connect with the right business setup advisor to provide all the essential information about your business activity. The rest you can leave it to us. Steps to set up your business in Dubai:

1. Select the right Jurisdiction

Choosing the right jurisdiction for registering a company in the UAE is the most important step of the whole business setup process. UAE has 3 main jurisdictions; Mainland, Free zone and Offshore. Let Avyanco help you choose the right authority for your business setup in Dubai and the UAE based on the requirements of your corporation.

2. Prepare your Documents

The documentation processes of business setup are a crucial part, and can feel scary if you are from abroad trying to register a company in Dubai or the UAE. Our business setup experts will ease the process of setting up your company by taking care of all the complicated paperwork.

3. Choose a Business License

The next step of business setup in Dubai is to select an appropriate trade license and apply for it. There is a high probability of making mistakes while processing your company license if you are not aware of all the do’s and don’ts that can affect your licensing. Our company setup experts would assist straight-through to start your company.

4. Process your Visa

Businesses can apply for employment permits for their workers, the process requires them to submit their residence visa status within a time period of 30 days after employee entry within the UAE.

5. Opening a Bank Account

Initial process of opening a corporate bank account being an overseas expat can be a touch of daunting process. Before reaching out to the bank where you want opening an account, there are crucial forms to fill out carefully. You have to ensure that you have everything in position before connecting with any bank.

process of business setup in dubai

Business Setup Services

Company Registration & Licensing

Our business setup specialists will assist you for registering your company strategically to make sure that the entire process is cost-effective, flexible, time-tested and handy for your future growth.

Sponsorship & Visa Services

Our holistic approach to business setup in Dubai can deliver determined and responsible local sponsorship and visa services that ensures the entire process is smooth and hassle free.

PRO Services

Our Public Relation Officers (PRO) will work with you closely in implementing all your documentation and government-related procedures before and after registering your startup.

Banking Assistance

We have built a strong connection with various banks which help us opening a corporate bank account for our clients with our in-house financial/banking experts. To ensure that the corporate bank account opening is convenient and relaxed for our clients, we work closely with multiple bank partners.

Investor Rights Protection

Avyanco will help you in connecting with the right sponsorship and the contract falls under a strong agreement to save investors from any mishappening. We believe in building, honest and transparent relationships with our clients. Our Investors' rights protection contract ensures 100% operational ownership for your business.

Value-Added Services

We deliver extended services to new businesses that add value to your organization while setting up a new company in the UAE. The services include accounting, bookkeeping, trade licensing and more.

Other Services We Offer You

Government Agencies We Are Affiliated With

Our Packages

Set up a business in Dubai and the UAE with Avyanco to avail the most affordable business setup packages.

AED 14,999*

Basic / 0 Visa

Get a professional license From The Comfort Of Your Home


AED 18,499*

Standard / 1 Visa

Get a professional license Along With 1 Investor Visa


AED 28,499*

Premium / 5 Visas Allocation

Get a professional License With 1 Investor Visa & 5 Employee Visa Allocation


For custom-tailored solutions, take the advice of the
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How can I setup a new business in Dubai?

Any business setup in Dubai is easy, all you need is to decide the type of business activities you want to setup, choose a unique name, apply for a trade license, choose an office space in case you need it then get preapprovals, register your new company. Note you need to seek advice from consultants like Avyanco because each industry has different requirements.

What is the cost of company setup in Dubai?

There is no exact cost of company setup in Dubai, it depends on the type of business license you want to start and the company license. For instance, the cost of setting up a company in the mainland defers from opening a Freezone company.

What are the benefits of setting up a business in Dubai?

There are plenty of benefits of setting up a business in Dubai, but the most common benefits are the Strategic location as Dubai is a trade city that connects different continents which simplifies the import and export of goods. Therefore, the high-class infrastructure that comes with zero corporate tax is the major advantage for investors who want to setup a company, and additionally, 100% foreign ownership is another boost for foreign entrepreneurs.

How long does it take to setup a company in Dubai?

The timeframe of opening a company in Dubai is 4 to 5 working days but it all depends on different factors such as your industry and requirements of each licensing authority. Some business activities are quicker than the others but in general, it takes only a few days to setting up a new company.

5 Reasons for Business Setup in Dubai

  1. Many big opportunities

    Business setup in Dubai comes with many big opportunities of economic growth which is one of the top reasons every investor must consider expanding his activities in Dubai especially in the most profitable sectors such as tourism, services, finance, trade, construction, and real estate industries. Furthermore, Dubai Expo that will be held from October 1, 2021, until March 31, 2021, was expected to benefit tremendously businesses within mainland and Freezone. The Dubai expo revamped all sectors during its timespan, but it has also rebuilt business networks between Dubai investors and other international investors from various countries.

  2. Corporate Tax

    The city of Dubai is a tax haven for foreign investors where you can easily setup a company without paying corporate tax, personal income tax and beneficially you are allowed to repatriate all your capital and profits without paying any tax. So, the 100% tax exemption is one of the major factors that make Dubai a business-friendly city with a stable and supportive government.

  3. 100% Foreign Ownership

    Dubai is a cosmopolitan city where 89% of residents are expats and only 11% are UAE nationals. The new corporate law amendment has accommodated the foreign investors who want to start a business in mainland with 100% foreign ownership. It is no longer required to include a UAE local national as a stakeholder who had to take up to 51% of your company. Now the expats can register and fully own their entire businesses. Moreover, getting a residence visa in UAE is easy for Investors and employees. All you must do is to approach approved business setup consultants in Dubai such as Avyanco then submit the required documents.

  4. Strategic Location

    Dubai is a worldwide international trading hub with a great strategic location that connects globally suppliers and customers from Asia, Africa, Europe, and America which eases the export and import of the products in many countries. Dubai hosts nearly 15 million tourists each year and many of the visitors' main purpose is to explore new business ideas in Dubai. Therefore, the Dubai government has transformed this city into a business hub in the Middle East that amasses all the products manufactured from different continents to connect traders with potential customers. Which makes it suitable for any type of entrepreneur who wants to setting up a company in UAE.

  5. Great Infrastructure

    The city of Dubai is popularly known for fancy buildings and skyscrapers that considerably come with great infrastructures that have a beautiful atmosphere to simplify your daily workloads. Additionally, the surprising fact of company setup in Dubai is that the cost of renting the office premises is affordable to any size of business at any budget depending on the number of employees you are planning to hire.

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