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How Coworking Spaces Will Succeed After the Pandemic

May 9, 2023

Covid-19, besides its horrific effects on the world, proved one thing: People can do a wide range of office and job-related tasks from their homes. Remote working reached a whole different after Covid-19 was at its peak, and even after that. When businesses allowed their employees to work from home, they understood that it was possible and that they could produce great results through it. However, this remote working policy was not suitable for everyone for various reasons. And that was okay. But overall, people were satisfied with remote work policies.

Reasons We Need Coworking Spaces

There could be many reasons people need coworking spaces, but we have listed the three most important ones.

  • Working from home is not possible for everyone due to a lack of resources.
  • Often a company needs to organize a meeting but needs a space for it.
  • Only some businesses can now afford to rent or buy an entire setup.

Only the largest corporations have the financial resources to maintain headquarters in a post-pandemic economy. Smaller enterprises can't avail of this facility and need a better alternative because they also need to operate the business.

How coworking spaces will succeed after the pandemic

Coworking Spaces Are in High Demand

There are many reasons why coworking spaces are becoming more popular. For one, they offer a more flexible and cost-effective way to work. They also provide community support that can benefit entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Coworking spaces can offer several advantages over traditional offices, including:

  • More flexible and cost-effective
  • A sense of community and support
  • Access to a network of professionals
  • A variety of amenities

So, a coworking space may be a good option if you're looking for a more flexible and supportive way to work.

Even though experts predicted that remote workers will increase in the future, businesses still need a venue for face-to-face interaction, as discussed above. And we can fill this by having coworking spaces and communal spaces.

Coworking Spaces Are Not a New Thing

The coworking space trend first appeared in 2004. Coworking spaces were the fastest-growing kind of office space in commercial real estate before COVID-19. They presently make up less than 5% of the market, but real estate firms predict that by 2030, they will account for 30% of the market.

So what does it tell us? It speaks volumes that coworking spaces will always be in demand. People need it. Businesses need it. And this makes coworking spaces highly demanded. Avyanco Business Centers understand this fact and thus provide companies coworking spaces tailored to their needs.

What Experts Say About Coworking Spaces?

  • According to Brent Capron, design director of New York – Perkins & Will, because there are still some concerns about using public transit, coworking spaces have the ability to offer crucial company services near to where the remote workers are.

No matter how hard we stress the importance of remote working, we must recognize this one crucial fact.

  • According to Amy Nelson, CEO, Riveter, "people will always need and will be seeking a place to connect, find community, and to find a purpose. "That's what first attracted people to coworking places."

Professionals have shown concern that if networking completely moves online post-pandemic, we will face a gap between different work types. It's because some of them need real-time face-to-face interactions for their work.

  • Lakshmi Rengarajan, a workplace connection expert, said, "Are in-person gatherings going to be reserved for people we really want to see, and expanding networks is reserved for things we do online?"

Another important reason for coworking and social spaces is to give people a place to interact whenever necessary. They don't need to go to the office daily, but when they need to, they should have a place. And this aids SBEs with a considerable benefit. They can avail of this facility to organize meetings and provide a space to their workers who can't operate from home. This way, they'll ensure their business runs in an organized way to produce profitable results.

What Should a Coworking Space Have?

  • Improved Security System

Like every corporate office needs a solid security system, businesses that use coworking spaces also need that. No business would want to risk its employees' safety. It also affects their organization's financial status and reputation.

  • Office Amenities

Put simply, a coworking space should appear exactly like a regular office. It needs to have everything that you find at a good company. For example:

  • Rooms for Various Meetings Types
  • Office desks and chairs
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Cafeteria
  • Restroom and a smoking area

How Avyanco Coworking Spaces in Dubai Can Help you

As the world starts to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future. Many businesses have been forced to close their doors, and it is unclear how or when they will reopen. One industry that has been a brutal hit is the coworking space industry because working spaces were abandoned, and many businesses ran out of money to continue their organizations. It resulted in having no spaces available at affordable rents.

So if you are looking for the perfect workspace to help your business grow, Avyanco business center has got your back.

We provide you coworking spaces that are designed with entrepreneurs in mind. Our centers offer a modern and inspiring environment equipped with top-notch amenities, modern security systems, amazing infrastructure, and access to a diverse network of professionals. With our convenient locations in Dubai, your business will have everything it needs to succeed.

Contact us today for an unparalleled coworking experience.




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