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Setup Your Company with RAKEZ Free Zone

Elevate Your Business in RAKEZ Free Zone

Boost your business with Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ). With lots of fruitful opportunities, get the right business license for your needs and gain from its perks and support services. Whether you're starting, expanding, or innovating, RAKEZ Free Zone is the best platform for your business goals and success.

RAKEZ Company Setup


Major Benefits of a RAKEZ Free Zone Business Setup


RAKEZ Freezone Company Setup


Company formation in 5-10 business days

Easy to Open a Bank Account


Minimal Paper work

100% Foreign Ownership

100% Foreign Ownership

Investor Visa

UAE Investor Visa

Investor Visa

0% Income Tax & Withholding Tax.


RAKEZ Business Setup Packages

The cost of starting a business in the RAKEZ Free Zone can be as low as AED 5,699* for a 0 Visa business license. Kindly note that the price depends on many different things, such as the business activities you opt for, the number of shareholders required for your business, office space, and more. So, it’s important to consider your business needs before choosing a package.

To get a closer estimate for your business setup cost in the RAKEZ Free Zone, click customize below and use our Cost Calculator now.

Business Consultation
100% Foriegn Ownership
Business License for 1 Year
LLC Strucure
Activity Type
Service / Consulting / Trading / E-Commerce
Service / Consulting / Trading / E-Commerce
Service / Consulting / Trading / E-Commerce
Access to reminders and notifications on License, Visa and ID renewal
Flexi Office
1 Lifetime Visa
Medical Fitness Test of Owner / Investor
Biometric for Owner / Shareholder
Corporate Tax Registration
Assistance in Bank Account Opening
VAT Registration
Accounting & Bookkeeping*
Annual Support for License, Visa, Immigration, and Labor Services
Financial Compliance Services (ESR, UBO, AML)
Audit of the Accounts
VAT Return Filing Services
Corporate Tax Return Filing Services
AED 5,709
AED 12,000
AED 49,500

Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone

Thrive in the Best Business Environment​

Discover Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone (RAK Free Zone), a promising economic zone in the UAE. Get comprehensive services and support for your business growth. Plus, its visa flexibility helps bring in people from other countries. It has modern infrastructure and facilities to help all kinds of businesses. RAKEZ is where dreams of business success start.

RAKEZ is a multinational community of over 50 different industries that offers SMEs, startups, solo entrepreneurs, professionals, and freelancers the opportunity to start businesses with great support. Below are the diverse business license options Rak Free Zone provides to set up your company in the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone.

Different Types of Licenses in RAKEZ Free Zone

Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone offers many opportunities for different kinds of businesses. Whether you’re just starting out, have a small business, or have a big firm, you can get a license that matches your business idea. RAKEZ has friendly rules for businesses, so you can start your business journey easily at Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone.

Commercial License


A commercial license helps you trade services and goods in the UAE and beyond. You can connect with other business people as this license gives you the freedom and trust you need to succeed in business.

General Trading License

General Trading

Getting this license lets you do many types of trading. It also helps you work in different industries. Eventually, you can gain from new opportunities in the UAE and beyond.

Media License


A media license permits you to do diverse media activities, like content creation and distribution. If you're a reporter, content maker, or media businessperson, a media license helps you adjust to new rules and keep your work fair.

Educational License


If you're starting an education-focused school or consulting business, you must have this license. You can also offer special training and learning programs. You can also offer custom programs that fit what schools need.

Professional License


Whether you work in healthcare, as a consultant, or as an artist, having a service license gives you the power to offer special services. This not only lets you offer your services legally but also makes you more trustworthy.

Service License


A service license lets you offer specialized services legally and professionally. It's good for consulting firms, marketing agencies, and other service businesses.

E-commerce License


Getting an e-commerce license is the key to selling products online and reaching many people worldwide. It helps build trust with customers and, hence, succeed online.

ras al khaimah 6 - industrial license


An industrial license lets you legally do manufacturing, importing, packaging, and exporting. It helps you sell goods all over the world. It also ensures that the quality and safety of your goods follow the law.

Freelancer License

Freelance Permit

Getting a freelance permit in the RAK Free Zone lets independent professionals in media, education, IT, and other fields work legally. With this permit, you can use your skills to help your industry grow in the RAK Free Zone.

Legal Structure Under RAKEZ Free Zone

In the RAKEZ Free Zone, entrepreneurs can choose between two legal setups. First, they can start a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC). This gives them freedom, low costs, and a friendly business environment. Or, they can open a branch. This way, they can enjoy easy processes and a great atmosphere. These options show how supportive RAKEZ is for all kinds of businesses.


An FZ-LLC lets you set up a company with 2-50 shareholders. More shareholders make way for a collaborative approach for entrepreneurs in the RAKEZ Free Zone space.


Foreign firms can set up their branches to make their presence in the UAE. This way, they can gain from RAKEZ's strategic perks. Also, a branch of a UAE firm can extend its operations as a branch. This way, it can reach the free zone.

Required Documents

Find below the list of documents required to register a company in RAKEZ free zone.

Individual Shareholder
Passport Copy (Valid for at least 6 months) 
Visa Page Copy (if applicable) 
Emirates ID (if applicable) 
Passport-sized Photos 
Personal Information Sheet or Application Form 
3 Name Choices 
Corporate Shareholder
Company Trade License / Certificate of Incorporation 
Memorandum of Association 
Board of Resolution for Company Setup and Appointment of Authorized Signatory 
UBO List 
Incumbency Certificate 
3 Name Choices 
Passport copy of Company Manager 
Visa copy of Company Manager 
Emirates ID of Company Manager 

Note*  The list of document requirements is subject to change as per the desired license activity and RAKEZ Freezone authority.


An estimated timeline for business setup in RAKEZ Freezone is mentioned below for your reference.

Submit Your Application & Issuance Of Trade License And Company Formation Documents

Day 1

Immigration Card & E-channel Application Issued

Day 5

Entry Permit, Change Status, Medical, Emirates ID Issued

Day 8

Investor Visa Issued

Day 10
Business Setup Process - RAKEZ Freezone

Steps for Company Formation in RAKEZ Free Zone

2. Take initial approvals from DED  

Name Reservation

Choose a company name that is easy to remember, speak, and spell. It should be relevant to your business and its products or services. Check if the name is trademarked by another company. If it's available and unused, submit it for approval.

3. Apply for external approvals if required


Licence Application Submission

After getting trade name approval, submit your license application to the RAKEZ Free Zone authority.

4. Initiate the Payment

Initiate the Payment

You can pay the relevant fees using the RAKEZ Free Zone portal or through a business consultant.
5. Signing of MOA

MOA and Lease Agreement Signing

Get the MOA (Memorandum Of Agreement) and Lease agreement signing completed for your RAKEZ Freezone License issuance.
6. Office space selection

License Issuance

Once you finish all the needed procedures and paperwork and pay the fee, RAKEZ Free Zone will immediately give you your business license.
7. Mainland license issuance

Visa Processing

To hire people from other countries, you need to get their residency visas and work permits. You also need to submit the right documents. Then, the officials will review your application and decide.
8. Apply for relevant visa

Setup Completion

All the setup procedures are now completed, and you can start your business. Also, you are ready to gain all the opportunities and benefits of your RAKEZ Free Zone business license.

8. Apply for relevant visa

Bank Account Opening

After completing your business setup in the RAK Free Zone, it's time to open a business bank account. This is essential to facilitate transactions and manage business finances.

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Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a RAKEZ visa mandatory for all shareholders?

No, shareholders can pick from two visa options: a RAKEZ visa or a non-RAKEZ visa. This lets them customize their visa to fit their business needs.

Can a business conduct retail trading under the RAKEZ Free Zone?

In the RAKEZ Free Zone, businesses can’t sell products directly. But they can market their products to potential customers through advertising. This helps them promote their products and become known in the free zone. It also helps them make connections and make a strong presence outside the free zone.

Can a company apply for two separate licenses under one company name?

RAKEZ makes it easy for businesses to get licenses. If a company’s activities fit RAKEZ guidelines, they can use one license. But if the activities are different, they must get separate licenses.

Is there a specific format for business plan submission under RAKEZ?

No, RAKEZ does not require any specific format for the business plan. It lets you choose how you want to show your business plan. So, you can use the format that works best for you and your type of business.

Is obtaining a lease for a facility before conducting business in RAKEZ mandatory?

Yes, leasing a facility before conducting business in the RAKEZ Free Zone is mandatory. It helps you follow the zone’s rules and have a physical office there. Plus, it gives you access to helpful services and perks you need for a good start to your business.