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No matter how prepared you are, every start-up has gaps. Our team helps entrepreneurs create strong, successful, well-rounded start-ups’ capable of taking a commanding position within their marketplace. At Avyanco you will find superb business services in Dubai wrapped in straight forward, secure, and fast processes. Our forte is in the cumulative knowledge from a wide range of business disciplines.

Setting up a business involves various elements to consider, from the early stages of planning to the business license approvals to meeting corporate regulations to maintaining regular operations of your business. Sometimes you may feel stuck, especially if you are a new business owner trying to manage everything on your own. A business setup consultant like Avyanco can help you with the entire process offering you tailored business services in Dubai.

What Are Top Business Services in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the best and most profitable economies for those willing to take advantage of its prime location and emerging business landscape. Investors around the globe consider relocating to Dubai in order to enter the market and setup their businesses in numerous industries.

However, if you are not familiar enough with the company formation rules and regulations, you might feel overwhelmed. Dubai business consultants like Avyanco can help you achieve your goals and thrive uninterruptedly.

Additionally, you can leave the rest to an expert business consultant like Avyanco, as we offer customized business services per your needs and requirements, including opening a bank account, setting up accounting administration, complying with the UAE regulations and laws, and more.

Some of the crucial business services in Dubai offered by our business consultants include:

  • PRO services
  • Auditing and compliance services
  • Opening a Corporate Bank Account
  • VAT, Accounting, and Taxation services
  • Managing business compliance (ESR and UBO compliance)

A successful business must have a website, email account, and other significant elements to portray your company’s face in the market. The operational elements during the process of business are the next thing to consider. This is where Avyanco business setup consulting services can help you.

Consultants at Avyanco can not only help you with managing initial operations but assist you in keeping up with modern business requirements as per the best industry standards. Avyanco will help you in:

  • Legal business assistance
  • Website and IT services including digital marketing and SEO
  • Email management and marketing and more

List of Business Services We Offer You

Team Avyanco aspires to create value for Dubai businesses by providing their business services in Dubai as per best international-standard and practices. We are full-fledged business setup consultants for all your company formation, company license, auditing, taxation, financial audit, assurance, and other business requirements. We are a one-stop-shop solution for all your business setup needs.

Here are the core business services that we offer to our clients:

1. Company Formation in Dubai

Opening a business in Dubai might overwhelm you. However, you can make it effortless if you consult with the right business service in Dubai. Avyanco will assist you with the best consultancy solutions for company formation in Dubai. We will assist you in understanding and examining what company structure can best suit your plans.

2. Auditing Services

Avyanco is an experienced auditing service that provides our clients with a wide range of auditing services in Dubai. We help companies prepare, manage, and audit books of accounts and discover substantial financial statement inaccuracies. Our experienced auditors in Dubai also offer an accurate, thorough, and unbiased audit that guarantees compliance with UAE regulations.

3. Accounting Services

Keeping an accurate accounting record can be difficult, especially for startups and small-scale companies. Avyanco is a team of certified accountants and bookkeepers who practice high standards of accounting and bookkeeping procedures for our clients. We make sure to keep professionalism and transparency above anything else when working on your finances. Have faith in Avyanco for your financial and accounting needs, and we will exceed them.

4. Trademark registration Services

Trademark registration is crucial in a highly competitive business environment like UAE as it showcases your company’s brand identity. Avyanco is one of the leading trademark registration companies in Dubai. Through every step, our team remains at your service. We will help you in managing essential documents to secure a trademark that can bring loyalty to your brand in Dubai.

5. Company License Renewal Services

Companies operating in Dubai must renew their company license once it expires to avoid hefty fines and penalties. At Avyanco, we assist our clients with company license renewal in Dubai on time. We make sure to make the process smooth and quick with our expertise and extensive industry experience. We will help you with everything from managing all necessary documents to applying for license renewal and everything in between. We will make sure to keep a close eye on renewal times and changes as required.

6. PRO Services in Dubai

Foreign investors looking to setup their businesses in Dubai are often unaware of the legal process, which entails all the required paperwork and documentation, maintaining accurate records, monitoring visa renewal and expiration dates, Immigration policies and procedures, and other regulations that take a lot of time and effort. A PRO can help you manage the entire process and smoothly relocate to Dubai.

At Avyanco, we have a team that has a wealth of knowledge about the laws and regulations of Dubai. We aspire to facilitate our clients with professional corporate PRO Services in Dubai, helping them obtain licenses and registering a new business with our assistance. We make sure to keep you updated about government rules and regulations so you can live and work in peace.

How Avyanco Helps Businesses in Dubai?

Avyanco is an all-in-one business setup consulate offering a plethora of tailored business services in Dubai. Team Avyanco aspires to assist overseas investors and entrepreneurs in finding the finest company formation services at the ideal moments and in the best jurisdictions to boost your business growth.


With vast industry experience and equipped with expertise, we offer full-fledged company formation, relocation, business license and visa approvals, accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, PRO, taxation, and other services. While delivering our services, we believe in professionalism, transparency, and a positive attitude to help you achieve your goals. Together we will grow!

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