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Take Your Business to New Heights With SRTIP Free Zone

Experience cutting-edge facilities, funding opportunities, and a thriving ecosystem that fosters research, technology, and entrepreneurship with the Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park Free Zone.

Set Your Next-Gen Business in the Tech and Innovation Hub

Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park offers an array of advanced amenities and services focused on promoting research, technology, and innovation in various fields. The free zone provides state-of-the-art laboratories, advanced R&D facilities, training initiatives, and strategic funding prospects, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Starting from AED 9,000 to AED 25,000, the cost of setting up a business in SRTIP Free Zone Sharjah can vary based on your business’s nature, specific needs, offices, and the number of visas, among other requirements.

Flourish Your Venture: Activity Options in SRTIP

Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park caters to the vision of innovative entrepreneurs. From creative ventures to tech startups, this diverse licensing framework ensures you have the freedom to create and succeed in your tech-focused venture.

Trading License

A trading license will allow your business to import, export, distribute, and trade goods within the UAE and internationally. Learn More

industrial license in uae

Industrial License

An industrial license is suitable if your business involves production, assembly, or manufacturing operations. Learn More

Service License

A service license is designed for businesses that provide professional or specialized services, such as consultancy, marketing, IT services, and more. Learn More

Choosing your Business Entity Type Under the SRTIP Free Zone

Discover different structures to start your business at Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park Free Zone Authority. Pick the best one that fits your goals. This will help set up your firm well and increase your chances of success and growth.

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

A Free Zone Establishment (FZE) is a type of business just for one owner, either a person or a company, in a designated free zone area. This helps people start and run a company in the free zone's jurisdiction.

Free Zone Company (FZC)

This flexible setup lets two to fifty people or companies work together to create and run a firm in a free zone. This way, they can use the special free zone facilities to help their firm grow and be more innovative.

Documents Required

Find below the list of documents required for SRTIP Freezone Business Setup.

For Individual Shareholders SRTIP Freezone Documents List
Passport Copy (Valid for at least 6 months)
Visa Page Copy (if applicable)
Emirate ID (if applicable)
Passport-sized Photos
Personal Information Sheet or Application Form
3 Name Choices
For Corporate Shareholders SRTIP Freezone Documents List
Company Trade License / Certificate of Incorporation 
Memorandum of Association 
Board of Resolution for Company Setup Attested by Public Notary 
UBO List 
Incumbency Certificate 
3 Name Choices 
Passport copy of Company Manager 
Visa copy of Company Manager 
Emirate ID of Company Manager 

Note* The list of document requirements is subject to change as per the desired license activity and SRTIP Freezone authority.


An estimated timeline for SRTIP freezone business setup is mentioned below for your reference.

Submit Your Application & Issuance Of Trade License And Company Formation Documents
Day 1
Immigration Card & E-channel Application Issued
Day 5
Entry Permit, Change Status, Medical, Emirates ID Issued
Day 8
Investor Visa Issued
Day 10

Perks of SRTIP Free Zone Business Setup

Starting a business in the SRTIP Free Zone in Sharjah has many benefits. This place is all about science, technology, and innovation. This makes it great for growing your business. You can access advanced tools and work with other creative people to boost your business in this innovative environment.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The SRTIP Free Zone is a great place for innovation and business. It offers advanced laboratories, R&D spaces, and advanced infrastructure. This helps firms with the tools they need for innovation.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Strategic Location

SRTIP free zone is in Sharjah, UAE. So, it is a prime location for business. It's easy to reach other markets from here. This makes it a good choice for growing companies.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Complete Ownership

Business owners can fully own and control their firms. So, they can lead their firms the way they want. This makes it easier to come up with new ideas and smart choices.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Exemption and Profits

SRTIP gives great financial benefits. Firms here repatriate all their capital and profits. Plus, they don't have to pay customs tax. These perks make investing and ensuring profits easier.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Multiple Business Activity Options

You can pick from areas like water management, renewable energy, environmental technology, transport and logistics, digitalization, and smart manufacturing.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Quick Incorporation

The process to start your firm is easy and fast. You don't need to be there in person. This lets business owners focus on their main tasks. So, SRTIP is a great place to grow your business.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Asset Confidentiality

SRTIP free zone authority dedicated to providing ultimate confidentiality
for free zone companies established with them.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Employee Recruitment Ease

The employees' enlistment becomes an effortless and unchallenging process within a free zone company in Dubai.

The icon represents the business license selection during the formation of the Dubai company

Remote Company Setup

You can start your free zone company in the UAE remotely. This is one of the key benefits investors get when establishing a UAE-free zone company.

Steps for Company Formation in the SRTIP Free Zone

Business Activity and Structure Selection
Choose what kind of business you want to do. This decision affects how your business works legally. Also, pick the right type of business structure.
Trade Name Reservation
Find a unique name for your company. Make sure it doesn’t have rude words or confusing names. It should show what your business does. Once you decide on a name, ask for approval.
License Application
With the lease contract approved and other documentation prepared, apply for the business license. This license permits you to do your chosen business activity within SRTIP.
Approval of Lease Contract
To work, you'll need to rent an office or warehouse inside SRTIP. Once you sign the lease contract, submit it to the officials, making sure your premises meet the right standards.
License Issuance
Once you finish the paperwork and pay the fees, you will get your business license. And, you can start your business.
Resident Visa and Emirates ID Card
You can apply for resident and worker ID cards and visas. Once these are issued, your firm is officially recognized. And you can start your business operations in the free zone.

Packages for SRTIP Free Zone

SRTIP Free Zone has different packages for your business needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional, a company, or from various industries. We have flexible packages to start your business in Sharjah. Look at the choices and pick the right one for your business.


AED 5,510*

Basic / 0 Visa

Get SRTIP Freezone License Along With 0 Investor Visa

*T&C Apply


AED 13,990*

Standard / 1 Visa

Get SRTIP Freezone License Along With 1 Investor Visa

*T&C Apply


AED 17,800*

Premium / 2 Visas Allocation

Get SRTIP Freezone License Along With 2 Investor Visa

*T&C Apply

Cost Calculator For Business Setup In Dubai

Complete A Few Steps To Find Out The Cost Of Business Setup. Be Prepared And Start Your Business Journey In Dubai After Knowing The Cost Required With Our Easy-To-Use Cost Calculator.

Why Avyanco for Setting Up Your Business in SRTIP Free Zone?

Avyanco stands as a certified business consultancy firm located in Dubai. Our team is dedicated to help your firm grow in the fast-moving tech space at Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park Free Zone Authority. Our expert guidance makes sure you have access to a vibrant ecosystem suitable for innovation and having modern facilities and great connectivity. Your growth journey is our priority.

  • Efficient Processes
  • Continuous Support
  • Strategic Insights

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  • Expert Guidance

    Avyanco offers expert assistance throughout your business setup journey in SRTIP. We make sure that you experience a smooth process and your firm follows regulations. Our skilled experts care about your success.

  • Wide Range of Services

    We offer various services, including accounting & bookkeeping, external and internal auditing services, trademark registration, company formation in Dubai, business trade license in Dubai, visa and UAE local sponsorship, VAT registration, and PRO services.

  • Innovative Ecosystem

    With Avyanco, you can use SRTIP's innovation ecosystem to work with business experts and government groups. This can help you innovate and your business grow. Be part of an exciting network that can take your business to new heights.

Meet Our Specialists

Our experienced team of specialists at Avyanco is ready to guide you through every step of your business setup journey. Our aim is to ensure your success in Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park Free Zone Authority.

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surabhi mathur
surabhi mathur
21 November 2023
The visa process for my company set up was extremely smooth.Ankit from Avyanco was the point of contact and he gave us all the information as and when we required . He was available all the time over the phone and the whole process was absolutely seamless
Saad Raza
Saad Raza
20 November 2023
Appreciation for Outstanding Service Dear, Avyanco I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional service provided by your team. The professionalism, attention to detail, and promptness exhibited by Mr. Ankit have truly exceeded my expectations. From the initial inquiry to the finalization of the License, the entire process was seamless and stress-free.Mr. Ankit demonstrated a deep understanding of my needs and went above and beyond to ensure a smooth experience. I want to commend Avyanco for fostering a culture of excellence. The commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction. I will undoubtedly recommend your services to friends and family and look forward to engaging with your agency for any future needs. Thank you once again for setting a benchmark in customer service. Sincerely, Saad Raza
14 November 2023
Excellent service
tushar sajnani
tushar sajnani
9 November 2023
Special thanks to Gritsa, for her kind assistance and continuous follow up till all required was completed accordingly. Regards, Tushar Sajnani
lucas pagno (guga)
lucas pagno (guga)
6 November 2023
Harmisha was so attentive and answered all my questions. The services were quickly and fairly priced. Thank you so much Harmisha, If I need it in the future I'm already close with Avyanco.
vinay kumar Tiwari
vinay kumar Tiwari
3 November 2023
I had wonderful experience with Avyanco for all my Business Setup Needs . Astha was highly professional in handling my process and make it smooth . I highly recommend Avyanco for all the Business Setup needs in UAE

Popular Questions

SRTIP Free Zone Frequently Asked Questions
What are the primary focus areas for research at the SRTIP Free Zone?

SRTIP free zone authority mainly focuses on research fields like environmental technology, digitalization, transport & logistics, smart manufacturing, water management, and renewable energy.

Can an SRTIP Free Zone firm conduct business in the mainland directly?

In the SRTIP Free Zone, firms can’t do business on the UAE mainland. But, they can use a dual license to expand there while staying in the SRTIP Free Zone. This helps them grow, using both the Free Zone’s perks and the UAE mainland market.

What are the benefits of subsidized packages for female entrepreneurs at the SRTIP Free Zone?

Women who start businesses in SRTIP can get lots of benefits. They get unrestricted entry to the Innovation Lounge, dedicated private spaces, expedited business setup, comprehensive business support, participation in networking events, engagement with University City scholars, and easy access to global markets.

What type of businesses can be set up in the SRTIP Free Zone?

The SRTIP Free Zone is great for tech startups, research centers, and companies working on new tech. It helps these businesses by giving them the infrastructure and resources to thrive. This place encourages collaboration and sparks advanced innovations. It also makes a lively community where smart companies can grow and progress.

Do I need to have a physical address to start a company in the SRTIP Free Zone?

In SRTIP, you don’t need a physical office anymore. You can use a virtual one instead. This also saves money and gives you more flexibility.

Can foreign investors own 100% of a company in SRTIP?

Yes, foreign investors can own 100% of a company in SRTIP.