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UAE Family Trust Set Up Advisory

Looking for family trust advisory services to help with generational wealth security and save tax? Avyanco is here to assist you.


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Secure Your Family Wealth and Enjoy Tax Benefits

Setting up a properly structured family trust in the UAE brings multiple legal and tax benefits. A family trust tailored to your requirements sustainably transfers family wealth to future generations as per your vision. 

A family trust also offers legal control over the expenditure of funds. Therefore, a vulnerable beneficiary will not be able to overspend the money as it is legally protected with a family trust.

To set up a proper family trust vehicle, you must connect with experienced professionals to avoid making any mistake that could result in a future issue. Avyanco offers complete family trust set up guidance, customized as per your want and need.

We help you design the structure in a way that legally safeguards assets from creditors and litigation. We also take care of minimizing tax exposure through proper planning and strategy.

Our family trust experts plan trust structure after carefully considering taxation, regulations, and corporate governance dynamics. We help you set up a tailored family trust with your family’s best interests at heart.

What is a Family Trust?

A family trust is a special legal entity established with the purpose of managing and safeguarding the assets and property of the founder. The family trust also ensures that assets and income are distributed among beneficiaries as per the trust deed created by the founder.

A family trust has three parties involved, namely:

  • The founder who owns the assets 
  • The fund manager, owner, or trustee who manages the funds and assets in a family trust and performs distribution as per the trust deed
  • The beneficiary, who will receive the income and assets from the trust as per the founder’s wishes

How to Form a Family Trust

A family trust set up requires several crucial steps. It is recommended to engage professionals while setting up a family trust in the UAE:

Appoint a Trustee

The First step is to find a trustee who remains unbiased and impartial while distributing funds among current and future beneficiaries. The trustee must ensure the fund operates as per the trust deed and keep a proper record of all the income and assets.

Settle Assets into the Trust

The next step is to settle the assets like cash, shares, bonds, and real estate. The founder must legally transfer the ownership of all the assets into the trust, where the trustee will manage them.

Name the Beneficiaries

The founder must list all beneficiaries who will receive the income and assets from the trust. The beneficiaries can be classified as primary and contingent depending on asset distribution goals.

Trust Deed with Asset Distribution Instructions

Mention proper instructions regarding the asset distribution in the trust deed. The deed must also contain specific events that can trigger distribution to the beneficiaries. There must be some contingent rules for unforeseen situations. 

Avyanco’s All-Inclusive Family Trust Services

A well-planned and strategically structured family trust allows you to save tax and enable succession planning while keeping your assets secured. It also protects beneficiaries by avoiding overspending, as a trustee will control funds before distribution. 

Avyanco, a pioneer in holding company formation in the UAE, assists you in family trust set up as per your requirements. We assist you in creating tailored trust vehicles that ensure regulatory compliance and secure funds transfer as per the trust deed. We also help you amend trusts to adapt to regulatory changes and evolving family needs. Our family trust experts ensure maximum tax benefits and also balance family interests, impartially acting as a third-party trustee.

Avyanco has a team of financial advisors with years of experience. Our professionals have the required expertise to provide end-to-end guidance in family trust set up, trust management, and unbiased distribution to achieve trust objectives.

If you want to set up a family trust in the UAE, connect with our advisors today. We ensure to assist you with a family trust set up while balancing your family’s interests.

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