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Great things in business are never done by one person. A flourishing business is the contribution of many hands’ expert at their skill and best PRO services is one of them.

At Avyanco, customer service isn’t a department, it is the entire company and our PRO forms the backbone for many start-ups and entrepreneurs. At Avyanco you will meet a well-matched team to carry out your documentation and other legal nitty-gritties in accordance with the Department of Economic Development (DED), the Ministry of Labour, the UAE Immigration and other public departments. The corporate milieu of every country calls for a different know-how and it is best to acquire professional help who know the business and its laws. A reliable PRO service reduces the risk of unnecessary setbacks and fines, saves time and create a fertile ground for strengthening your core competences and stimulates quicker growth.

Our PRO executives have a strong hold in government departments across UAE enabling you to effortlessly meet your daily operational formalities. Our PRO services include:

  • Processing documents in the Department of Economic development, Immigration, Labour, and other government departments.
  • Processing Company Immigration Card and Labour Card
  • Processing new employment visa and its renewal for employees
  • Attesting MOA, Local service agent agreement, legal documents through a public notary
  • Intellectual property registration for patent, copyright, and trademark registration
  • Filing for government approvals and obtaining No-Objection Certificates (NOC) from government ministries
  • Translating legal documentation to Arabic
  • Applying for an industrial or commercial license, and filing for its renewal

FAQs on PRO Services

1. What are PRO services in the UAE?

Business setup in the UAE involves several processes and document submission. PRO services comprise all the various activities that relate to processing such governmental and legal documents and paperwork. This includes visa applications, labour cards, company trade licensing documentation, corporate bank account opening, attestation, translation, and approvals.

2. What is Corporate PRO in the UAE?

A Corporate PRO (Public Relations Officer/Company) in the UAE acts as a liaison between you and the government. They will make sure that all compliance-related work like the renewal of the license, renewal of all permits, also all employees joining your organization comply with UAE Government regulations and employment laws. They work in close coordination with human resources staff and will bear full responsibility for all labour law-related matters, Immigration related matters.

3. Why do I need PRO services for business set up in UAE?

While UAE, especially Dubai, is investor-friendly, business set up in UAE still requires proper documentation and approvals from various government departments. This can be a hassle, more so for foreign investors, since it involves Arabic translations and familiarity with the UAE’s processes. An experienced PRO team like the one at Avyanco is well aware of the documents and government departments in the UAE. They can help make your business set up in the UAE hassle-free.

4. Is it worthwhile to outsource PRO services to a third-party firm in the UAE?

Yes, it is. It is worth outsourcing your PRO services, especially if you are a foreign investor, new to UAE, or do not have business setup experience and regional knowledge required for business set up in the UAE.

5. What are the benefits of hiring a consultancy for PRO services in the UAE?

The main benefit of hiring a consultancy for PRO services is that you can save time and focus on running your business. Moreover, experienced PRO consultants will ensure that you meet all the legal compliances required for a business set up in the UAE.

  • Applying for commercial and residential tenancy contract
  • Processing documents from Dubai Municipality and Chamber of Commerce
  • Applying and getting approval in Dubai Municipality like NOC to get contracting license, interior decoration license, permit for engineer, permit for food store opening etc..
Best PRO Services in Dubai

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