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Expert VAT Refund Services in Dubai

VAT refunds often get delayed due to complex processes, and timely refunds are essential for a business growth. Avyanco has a team of VAT professionals to help you claim VAT refunds without delay.


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Claim VAT Refunds to Significantly Boost Margins with Expert Assistance

When your business pays more value added tax than what you collect from customers, you become eligible for a VAT refund in the UAE. However, the refund process is quite complicated, making it confusing for new business owners. 

Any delays or rejections result in losing funds, which ultimately affects cash flow and profitability. 

That’s where Avyanco steps in with our VAT refund services in the UAE. Our team has VAT experts with multiple years of experience, making the entire procedure hassle-free for you.

Our VAT consultants assist you in the following ways:

  • Review your documents and check your eligibility to avoid future issues
  • Showing excess input tax by preparing accurate VAT returns
  • Fill out Form VAT311 on the portal on your behalf to claim the refund
  • Compile financial records and invoices as proof of the total VAT paid 
  • Follow up with the FTA to ensure timely approvals 
  • Helps you with any additional queries or requirements from the authority 

Avyanco’s VAT refund services ensure that you enjoy successful claims with fast refund transactions. We help you recover legitimate taxes quickly so you can utilise them in scaling your business. 

Step-by-Step Process to Claim VAT Refunds in the UAE

You can follow these steps to claim VAT refunds from the Federal Tax Authority:

  • File your business VAT return for the duration when excess VAT is paid.
  • Fill and submit Form VAT311 using FTA’s e-Services portal within 6 months of the tax period.
  • Attach customs documents and original tax invoices as proofs of VAT paid for imports and expenses.
  • Provide any extra details required by the FTA officials to verify your claim.
  • After careful review and assessment, FTA usually approves the refund within 20 days of filing the claim.
  • Within 5 working days, you can expect to receive the approved amount in your registered bank account.

Avyanco VAT Experts – Trusted VAT Refund Services in Dubai

What makes Avyanco the most reliable VAT refund consultant?

Avyanco has a team of experienced professionals with expertise in UAE’s tax laws and FTA’s evolving guidelines. Our VAT experts stay updated on even minor changes in the UAE’s tax landscape.

We have assisted hundreds of businesses over the last few years to manage indirect tax. One of our significant traits is tailoring services to suit every client’s specific needs. We follow a robust and standardised process to ensure meeting strict deadlines. 

Our experts take proactive steps to resolve any queries coming from our clients or authorities quickly. We have been a pioneer in leveraging technology to reduce turnaround times and minimise errors.

With Avyanco as your tax consultant, you can stay assured of complying with every regulation in the UAE’s tax framework. If you are struggling with your VAT refunds, connect with us today.

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