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How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE?

Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE
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Digital marketing is a flourishing trade worldwide and given the fact that the majority of the businesses are now realizing the importance of developing a strong online presence, especially for entrepreneurs who want to start a digital marketing agency in Dubai is going to further develop and benefit them. The total spending on digital marketing amounts to $375 billion just this year and still counting with an annual growth rate of 25-40%.

Imagine opening a digital marketing company in Dubai, a geographically advantageous location where you have ample prospects to convert into your clients. The potential is limitless…

This piece will cover all you need to know about starting a digital marketing agency in Dubai.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

First thing first, in order to establish a digital marketing agency in Dubai, you need to be aware of what is a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing agency helps its clients (businesses) reach their targeted customers online via multichannel or even Omni-channel marketing.

A digital marketing agency employs practices such as SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, online advertisement, and much more. A digital marketing agency will explore all the possible strategies, tactics, and online tools available to help its clients achieve their marketing goals. They allow companies to interact with their prospective and even existing clients.

A digital marketing firm in Dubai will have access to a variety of clients eager to reach their targeted audience online, making this a lucrative opportunity for anyone looking to seize it.

Benefits of Starting a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Starting a digital marketing agency in Dubai comes with a lot of perks, given that the region has shown a trend of growth and development in this area. There are minimal barriers to entry, and there is an added bonus of access to large markets for global trade. You can set up your business either in the Dubai mainland or in a free trade zone, as both of them don’t require any local sponsorship, and you get to have 100% foreign ownership with no tax on corporate or personal income. You will have the advantage of an easy business incorporation process.

These are a few perks if you set up a Digital marketing agency in Dubai, UAE.

Why Opening a Digital Marketing Company in Dubai?

Starting a digital marketing agency in Dubai will be more beneficial than starting anywhere else, given the fact that digital media accounted for over 70% of the spending by MENA last year with expectations to rise and secure $7.5Bn, almost 32% of that total spending.

All you need is knowledge of the trade and a digital marketing license in Dubai and you are all set to go.

These are but a few perks if you setup a Digital marketing agency in Dubai.

Services Offered by Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai

If you have acquired a digital marketing license in Dubai, you can successfully operate a digital marketing Company Setup in Dubai with no limitation to cater to clients from all over the UAE and even across the world. Among the many services that a digital marketing company may provide in Dubai, some include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Website development and strategy building
  • Email outreach
  • Running PPC campaigns
  • Link building
  • Generation and optimization of content
  • Search Engine Marketing or SEM

Steps of Setting Up a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Without wasting any time, the steps for setting up a digital marketing agency in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Have your company officially registered. Complete the application form and submit it to the relevant authorities or you can simply reach out to Avyanco to do the deed for you.
  2. Acquire your professional license which is again, a complicated process (more on that later).
  3. Decide where you want to conduct your business, either mainland or the Free zone. We have already stated the advantages of starting a digital marketing agency in both, free zone and the mainland. But if it is possible, entrepreneurs are encouraged to set up DM in the mainland; even though it is a bit costly, but the advantages are many comparing to free zone.
  4. Apply for a visa before things start to pick pace. You will also be needing to apply for the visa of your employees which is also a bit hectic and technical, but this is exactly where Avyanco comes to aid you.
  5. Get yourself a corporate business account.

Documents Required to Setup a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

The foremost requirement for opening a digital marketing company in Dubai is acquiring a professional license. For that, you will need to provide the relevant authorities the following documentation:

  • ID and addresses of the company’s shareholders and directors
  • Copies of the passport of the said directors/shareholders
  • A copy of the confirmation of the trade name
  • AOA or the Article of Association
  • MOA or the Memorandum of Association

Obtain Digital Marketing License in Dubai

It is worth mentioning here that the type of business license required to start a digital marketing agency is a professional license. There are various types of licenses that one can acquire from the government of Dubai such as Trademark License, Patent License, Copyright license, etc. which are all mostly acquired by businesses.

However, the business license required to start a digital marketing agency is a professional license which means you are now eligible to conduct activities pertaining to digital marketing. The license is, of course, issue by the regulatory bodies of Dubai.

The Cost of Digital Marketing License in Dubai

A digital marketing agency license in Dubai cost between AED 16 000 to AED 20 000 the cost may vary but to it is better to contact Avyanco business consultants to know exactly how much you need spend on your digital marketing license in Dubai. The cost is directly proportional to the setup and the scope of your business. the scope is really wide for this business as you may even operate remotely from your apartment using a few laptops and having all your employees work remotely, or you can build an office that follows the standard practice of having an in-house workforce.

Size, location, and many other variables make it really complex to put a cap on the price for starting a digital marketing business in Dubai.

Estimated Digital Marketing License Cost in Dubai, UAE

Fees DetailsCost AED
Initial Approval Fees120
Trade Name Fees620
Tasheel Local Service Agent fees350
Tasheel Preapproval Fees345
Event License Fees6,960
Foreign Trade Fees2,000
Local Agent Fees6,000
Digital Marketing License Cost16,395 AED
Digital Marketing License Cost in Dubai

How Avyanco Can Help you Opening a Digital Marketing Agency?

After all, is said and done, establishing a digital marketing company set up in Dubai is no walk in the park as it comprises a number of complex steps which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This is where you can reach out to the experts at Avyanco who can help you and walk you through all the complicated steps surrounding your dream digital marketing firm in Dubai. Comprising of a team of experienced professionals, we are equipped with the essential knowledge and practices to make your dream come true for you to set up a Digital marketing agency in Dubai.


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