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How to Change Mobile Number in Emirates ID – Complete Guide

Change phone number in Emirates ID
September 29, 2022

People living in UAE often come with a query like “how to change mobile number in emirates ID” or how can I update my mobile number in Emirates ID. If you are wondering the same, do not need to panic anymore as we have got you covered. The guide provides you with comprehensive details on how to change your mobile number in emirates ID along with the entire number-changing process.

Steps to Change Mobile Number On Emirates ID

UAE residents looking to know how to change mobile number in emirates ID can do so simply by visiting the ICP Smart Services website and following the process comes forward:

Visit the ICP Website

You can change phone number in emirates ID using this method simply by visiting the site. You do not even have to make an account on the ICP site. Just do it directly by following this link.

When you will go on the site, the ICP site will be opened as shown in the image.                                      change emirates ID mobile number

  • Scroll down a little bit and the page will show columns that required your relevant information to be filled in order to proceed further to change mobile number in emirates ID:

mobile number update emirates ID

  • Here you will add your details. However, remember that you will have to select “three sections number” if you are a resident of Dubai, UAE. Nevertheless, residents of other emirates will keep it “four sections number”.
  • Once you are done with the form’s first page, another form will pop up right beneath the first page. Here you will have to enter your updated or new mobile number as well as a valid address. Change these details accordingly to further proceed the process.
  • Once you complete the above-mentioned steps, you will receive an OTP on the mobile phone number you have just entered for verification and authentication. Verify your number, complete the captcha, and click on proceed.

Review and Verify Your Application

In order to minimize the chances of any wrongly interpreted data, review and verify your application and assess all the information you have just filled in.


Once you have reviewed your application, a page will be opened where you can finish your payment after completing the forms. Changing mobile phone number on emirates ID will cost you around 52 AED.

After that, an email will be forwarded to you with an invoice for the payment. Your new number will be modified in 3 to 7 business days. You will get a refund if the application is denied.

Why Do Residents Change Mobile Numbers on Emirates ID?

In order to maintain the continuation of offering the finest services in accordance with the highest standards of efficiency, the ICA constantly encourages UAE residents to update phone number that is recorded on their Emirates ID card.

There might be multiple reasons to change mobile number in emirates ID or update your emirates ID card number; for instance, you might have an old number on your emirates ID which needed to be updated, or perhaps, your emirates ID is registered on the wrong number which needed to be updated as per your new number.

It is mandatory to update the right number as early as possible along with the ID card’s data. It can be updated or modified by visiting the Customer Happiness Centers in person or any other Federal Authority’s centers for ID cards, or Identity and Citizenship. Also, you can change your mobile number and data electronically through the authority’s website.

Benefits of Updating Mobile Number on Emirates ID

An emirates ID serves as an identity for a person; an identification card is permitted by the emirates identity authority. According to UAE rules and regulations, every citizen living in the country will have to get an emirates ID to help them protect their individual identity. To protect your ID from fraud and theft, it has your registered mobile number along with a three-factor authentication system.

UAE citizens who have their emirates ID can enjoy maximum benefits and freedom to live within the country with complete security. In addition, they can access services including immigration services, banking services, driving services, business license services and more.

In order to get an active emirates ID, you have to register it with your mobile phone number. In case you have changed your phone number, it is advised to update your mobile number on your emirates ID so you can experience a safe, secure, and full of advantageous life across the UAE.

What Is the Cost of Updating a Mobile Number Linked on Emirates ID?

If you want to change your phone number in your emirates ID, you will have to pay approximately 52 AED for an updated ID.

How to Update Personal Information on Emirates ID?

If you are wondering about how to change mobile number in emirates ID, then here is what you need to know. Any updated personal information must be modified within one month of the change as per the ICP - Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

To update your current information, go to any ICP customer satisfaction centre in UAE with your original passport and Emirates ID. You can modify your personal information with the help of the ICP centre.

How Avyanco Helps You Get Emirates ID and Residence Services in Dubai?

To avoid any penalties or fines later, it is important to make sure that your Emirates ID and documentation are up to date at all times. An updated Emirates ID enables you to enjoy maximum benefits including being able to travel easily, access a variety of government services, pass immigration and smart entrances, vote in elections, travel within the GCC, and many more.

Avyanco is the most reputed business setup consultancy working actively across UAE. Team Avyanco makes sure to help you with business setup in Dubai, visa processes, license approval, and jurisdiction selection, as well as consult you on business matters including eligibility criteria, corporate policies, business legal strategies, Emirates ID updates and more. We are the go-to business advisory service in Dubai that you can also trust for your business services as well. You want to know more about how to change mobile number in Emirates ID feel free to contact us our team is ready to assist you.

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