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How to Setup a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

How to Setup a Medical Clinic in Dubai UAE
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Want to set up a clinic in Dubai? The guide provides you with all the information regarding setting up a clinic in Dubai. Let’s explore more in detail.

Healthcare Industry in Dubai

Dubai is becoming more popular among people since it offers various business opportunities to not only its citizens but foreigners as well. In addition, the local and the national government of the country have given valuable support to various industries in the country most importantly the healthcare so that an effective and outclass healthcare system could develop in the country. Such vital initiatives and the opportunities in the healthcare system are opening the doors for both its citizens and foreigners to build and utilize an essential infrastructure system in the state.

In recent years, the healthcare system in Dubai has grown to a new level of success since it has developed outstanding healthcare labs, medical centers, and research centers. Furthermore, people resident in Dubai has been facilitated by private healthcare facilities along with medical tourism in Dubai. This has also increased the demand for healthcare clinic setup in Dubai.

Benefits of Setup Medical Clinic in Dubai?

Dubai is considered a business hub since it creates countless business opportunities in almost every field and industry – which is being possible due to the supportive government of Dubai and the higher number of visitors. Setting up a clinic in Dubai will be helpful for you in many ways. It will facilitate you with the advantage of being able to avoid paying tax and repatriation of 100% profit to their native countries. Also, it will help you maintain your economic and financial wealth as well as provide you with opportunities to deal with both very wealthy local and international patients. In other words, you will be rewarded efficiently for your services in Dubai.

Required Documents to Setup a Medical Clinic in Dubai

For registering a medical clinic in Dubai, you are supposed to have the following documents to obtain a DHA approval.

  • Trade name reservation approved by DED
  • Initial Approval Certificate approved by DED
  • Lease contract
  • Floor plan and layout plan of the facility
  • The owner-signed DHA agreement
  • Affection plan issued by Dubai Municipality
  • Plan approval document
  • Copy of the passport, visa, and Emirates ID
  • Medical Director approved by DHA.

Steps for Medical Clinic Setup in Dubai

To set up a clinic in Dubai, you either have to be a director with a relevant qualification or have a medical degree. Note that a basic degree of medicine isn’t enough to open a private clinic in Dubai. Each personnel is supposed to be entirely certified by the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA). Also, if you want to set up a clinic in Dubai, you are obliged to get approval from the Dubai Healthcare Authority.

Below mentioned are the major steps involved in getting approval to open a medical clinic in Dubai.

1. Reserve a Trade Name

The very first step to open a medical clinic in Dubai is to get a trading name registered and get a medical clinic license. For this purpose, the investor is supposed to submit an online application and get it to submit to the Department of Economic Development so that the trade name can get registered. After this, the candidate can further proceed with the procedure.

2. Obtain Initial Approval

    After obtaining the trade name from the DED, you will have to file one more application with the same department so that you could get initial approval from the concerned department. However, you will have to submit all the needed documentation along with a passport photocopy. In addition, for the layout plan, you will have to obtain approval from the Dubai Municipality.

    3. Get Approval from DHA

      The third step involves getting approval from the DHA since the authority is the major controlling body handling all the healthcare services in Dubai and their approval matters the most among all. However, you will have to provide some needed documents for the initial approval, which are mentioned below:

      • Visa copies and passport
      • Emirates ID
      • Copy of the Trade Name issued by the authority
      • Affection plan
      • The layout or Floor Plan
      • DHA undertaking and Proposal Letter

      4. Get Your Document Submitted

        The investor will have to submit all the required documents including lease agreement, Memorandum of Association (MOA), and so on…

        5. Get the Final Approval

          The investor is required to submit all the needed documents, the registration fee, and a photocopy of the initial approval along with:

          • A valid building
          • Final Trade License
          • No Objection Certificate
          • List of the healthcare professionals and directors

          6. Get a License

            The very last step is to get create an account in the DHA official portal to get the DHA license. The candidate is required to submit all the detailed documentation of the medical professionals as well as consultants that are supposed to work in the clinic. After the verification of the documents by the DHA, you will be provided with a license so that you can start a private clinic in Dubai.

            Private Clinic License in Dubai

            If you want to open a private clinic in Dubai, you will have to get a professional license from the Department of Economic Development (DED), and then get it approved by DHA, so that you can open your private clinic.

            Authorities Involved in A Medical Clinic Setup

            • DED – Dubai Economic Department
            • DHA – Dubai Health Authority
            • Dubai Municipality
            • Dubai Civil Defense

            How Much Does It Cost to Open a Clinic in Dubai?

            The cost will determine as per the required facilities and the location however registration and legal cost will remain the same as below:

            • Approximate License Registration and approvals Fees AED 12,500.00
            • DHA Approval Fees AED 10,000.00
            • MOHRE and Immigration registration Fees AED   1,750.00
            • UAE national Agent Fees with Corporate PRO Services AED 15,000.00

            Additional cost based on investor requirements is as below:

            • Annual rent of the Premises
            • 5% of the annual rent – Dubai Municipality fees
            • Interior decoration charges
            • Medical examination fees -individual medical consultant, director, and nurses’ registration charges in DHA
            • Visa cost for all the staff and managers under the facilities
            • All operational expenditure

            Where to Set Up a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

            You can set up your medical clinic in Dubai anywhere as far as the place is commercial and you see the greater chances of getting it recognized by people. There are no specific hard and fast rules, but it is ideal to consult with relevant authorities who can direct you towards ideal locations where a medical clinic would prosper as a business.

            How Avyanco Can Help You Setup a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

            If you still have any queries regarding setting up a medical clinic in Dubai, you can consult with us at Avyanco. We are the leading consulting platform having authentic connections with relevant authorities and estate agencies. At Avyanco, we aspire to help you get your dream locations in Dubai.


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