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Ecommerce License in Dubai: A Complete Guide

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E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries all around the world, especially in Dubai. The global pandemic outbreak has made the e-commerce industry stronger than ever before. Small to medium to large-scale businesses have been transforming into the online and digital worlds in Dubai. The major drivers of the growth are the easiness of getting an ecommerce license in Dubai, fast and secure transactions, maximum reach, and more.

Are you also thinking to switch to an online business in Dubai? We have got you covered.

The guide tells you everything from the cost an of ecommerce business license to the documentation required to obtain an ecommerce license in Dubai and everything in between.

What Is An Ecommerce License in Dubai?

The e-commerce license is the type of license issued by the relevant government entity for potential investors who want to start ecommerce businesses in Dubai. It permits investors to start operating business activities through online and social media platforms. However, there are certain requirements and criteria that every investor must need to meet for a smooth transition to online business in Dubai.

Ecommerce Business in Dubai

As you explore the world of the internet, people are connecting to each other despite any differences. Moreover, after the pandemic, the majority of people preferred to sit at home and use the internet and social media for various purposes including selling and buying goods and services.

Traditional business only covers a small area and makes a relatively low profit. However, e-commerce can help you link to people across the world enabling you to make a sizable profit. E-commerce has become crucial for both the business and consumer perspectives. To support the e-business economy, the mainland and freezone authorities provide an E-commerce license in UAE for forthcoming investors.

Starting an Ecommerce Business in UAE

Given that it has one of the highest rates of internet usage globally, the UAE is among the top-notch locations to start an e-commerce business. Dubai significantly is one of the ideal locations when it comes to online businesses. It is a remarkable spot to run an e-commerce platform due to its better online marketing tools and substantial growth in the sector.

There may not be any better locations than UAE for anyone looking to start an e-commerce business in Dubai. The emirate benefits from a number of free trade zones that offer custom tax exemptions, no currency limits, and other advantageous features. The country is also located strategically whilst facilitating trade with all significant global economies.

An E-commerce trade license in Dubai will enable you to start an appropriate online business with the aid of an online platform. You can carry out all of your intended business activities online in Dubai with an E-commerce license. Nonetheless, make sure to get in touch with the right and trusted team of business setup consultants to make the process straightforward. Avyanco has been in the industry for years now helping local and foreign investors to smoothly transition to an e-commerce model or setup an online company from scratch.

Steps to Get an Ecommerce License

If you are wondering how to get an ecommerce trade license in Dubai, do not panic! The process is simple; however, you must consult with a reputed business setup service provider to avoid any complications. Avyanco is all here to assist you throughout whilst helping you obtain your visas and business approval as quickly as possible.

1. Choose a Jurisdiction for an E-Commerce License

The very first step is to choose whether you are going to establish your e-commerce company in a free zone or on the mainland in Dubai. While choosing the jurisdiction you must keep in mind the legal aspects including how you can conduct business in a free zone or mainland and what you are restricted from. Avyanco can help you understand the technicalities of the process seamlessly.

2. Decide On a Company Name

The next step is choosing a name for your e-commerce business. It’s a must to be aware of the rules when doing so. For instance, you must refrain from using any words that can be seen as profane or blasphemous. Moreover, you cannot select anytime that is already kept by any other business.

3. Submit an Application for an E-Commerce License

You need to submit an application for e-commerce business approval. However, make sure that you meet all the criteria and submit your application as per your preferred jurisdictions’ rules. In the case of the free zone, you can apply directly. Nonetheless, if you want to set up an e-commerce business on the mainland, you need to submit an application to the local government or the Department of Economic Development (DED).

4. Create an E-commerce Website

The most crucial part of setting up an e-commerce company in Dubai is having a reliable, well-optimized, user-friendly, and secure website for your clients. In addition, you will have to register for a domain name for your website. Once you meet the criteria, you can quickly create your website for your online business in Dubai.

5. Register for Visa

Once you have submitted your application, now is the time to apply for the visa. You may consult with an expert business setup agency like Avyanco so they can assist you with how to register for the visa and which one will be a good fit for you as per your requirements.

Ecommerce License Cost in Dubai

The ecommerce license in Dubai cost around 6500 AED to 10000 AED for e-commerce businesses. However, the cost may vary based on several factors including the type of business, business model, business size and structure, and more.

It is always suggested to partner with an experienced business setup consultant like Avyanco to help you manage the entire process effortlessly.

Documents Required to Get an Ecommerce License

The process of getting an ecommerce license in Dubai is straightforward. However, you will have to submit a few required documents as mentioned below:

  • Articles of Association
  • Website terms of use
  • PAN Card of the business
  • Identity and address Proof
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • Bank account in the name of the business

Benefits of Opening an Ecommerce Company in Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai comes with endless benefits to enjoy. You can have 100% ownership of your business, a smooth setup process, easy license approval, and more.

  • Free of import and export taxes and duties
  • There are no restrictions on capital withdrawal
  • Low cost of e-commerce business setup process
  • There is no additional cost to launch or operate the business
  • Entrepreneurs in e-commerce can apply for a UAE residency visa
  • Multiple options available in terms of jurisdictions available for your business
  • 100% ownership is allowed for foreign nationals and multiple currency transactions

Where to Get the Cheapest E-commerce License in UAE?

Are you wondering how to get an ecommerce license in UAE at the most affordable cost? The cheapest ecommerce license in UAE is in Sharjah Freezones which includes SRTIP Free Zone, and SHAMS freezone. Avyanco can help you so stop looking further! A trusted business consultant like Avyanco can help you in managing the entire process from documentation to visa registration to smoothly transition your company into the online business model and more.

We also offer tailored company formation packages as per your certain requirements. You can choose an e-commerce company setup package that best meets your needs and budget.

How Avyanco Helps you Get Ecommerce License in Dubai

Hopefully, the guide helped you understand the e-commerce business setup in Dubai successfully. Although the process is simple and smooth, you may still need some sort of assistance especially when it comes to technicalities and legal requirements associated with the process.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help with anything related to opening an E-commerce company in the UAE. We at Avyanco Business Setup have assisted a number of investors helping them start their ecommerce license in Dubai without hassle.

So if you are thinking to move to an e-commerce landscape in Dubai, we can help you!

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Table of Contents