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How to Start Interior Design Company in Dubai: Ultimate Guide

how to set up an interior design company in dubai
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Interior designers are drawn to Dubai – one of the contemporary famous locations for architecture and interior design, to establish a presence in the highly emerging market. The interior design business is a highly evolving industry and becoming a global market requirement. Dubai is one of the most in-demand international market when creativity is concerned with various spheres, especially interiors and architecture. Investors from various countries often opt to start an interior design company in Dubai since the benefits are endless.

Do you also want to start an interior design business in Dubai? Delve into the guide to learn how to open an interior design business in Dubai, the ultimate benefits, the cost of an Interior Design License in Dubai, and more.

Interior Design Business in Dubai

UAE has a market share of almost 40% overall in the GCC for interior design, making it the largest market. As construction flourishes in the UAE to meet the demands of Expo 2020 and the Emirate vision, an enormous and optimistic increase in demand for interior design and architecture has been evident in the past couple of years. Investors looking to setup an interior design company in Dubai find it the most appropriate time when the industry is already evolving rapidly across UAE.

Advantages of Starting Interior Design Company in Dubai

Benefits are endless when you open an interior design company in Dubai:

  • Reduced Taxes on Business Activities
  • Corporate-friendly laws, rules, and regulations
  • Ease of company formation and running business
  • Freelance licensing is accessible to designers in Dubai
  • Various options available when it comes to jurisdictions
  • Easier access to contractors and suppliers for the interior
  • A rise in the demand for both residential and commercial buildings
  • Due to the audience’s diversity, design work has a wide range of applications
  • Simple establishment of office space and professional license from Mainland or Free Zones

Cost of Interior Design License in Dubai

The certification and licensing fees play a big role in determining the interior design license cost in Dubai. However, on average, it will be close to AED 16,000. In addition, if you want additional certifications, the ultimate license fee may vary, making them distinct charges.

Detailed Cost of interior design license

Services NameFees in AED
Initial Approval120
Trade Name620
Tasheel Pre Approval345
Tasheel Fees LSA350
License fee6690
Foreign Trade Name2000
Avyanco Services Fees6000
Total License Cost16 125

There are some other factors that may influence the cost of your license. So, to know exactly how much an interior design license costs you need to contact one of our business setup expert consultants.

Document Required Opening Interior Design Company in Dubai

Below mentioned are essential documents that you will need to submit to obtain an interior design business license in Dubai.

Documents to Apply for Initial Approval

Provide the following documents to apply for initial approval:

  • Detailed Business plan
  • Application for license
  • Original NOC for the company (if required)
  • Incorporation certificate copy & trade license copy
  • Passport copies of managers, shareholders, and directors

Registering the Company

Once the paperwork has been reviewed, a Customer Confirmation Letter shall be issued for the appropriate office space for your business. You will have to submit the following documents:

  • Post-dated checks
  • Board Resolution and Registration Form
  • Application form to register the company
  • Attested Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Attested copy of the certificate of business incorporation
  • The signing of the lease, license collection, and personnel sponsorship.
  • Obtaining customer confirmation letter and fee payment.

Steps to Open Interior Design Company in Dubai

Follow these easy and time-saving methods to setup an interior design company in Dubai:

  1. Choose the Name of the Company

On a piece of paper, write down three to four names for your interior design company. Present them to the relevant government body for initial approval. Make sure you follow all naming convention guidelines when you are creating the list of names. It is strictly prohibited to use trading names that are abusive, insulting, or derogatory, or that disparage someone’s beliefs or sentiments.

  1. Select Your Company Category

Choosing the type of business you wish to register is crucial. Every activity has a category to which it belongs when it is registered. For you, it would fall under professional license as you will be offering professional interior designing services to the people.

  1. Choose A Legal Structure For Your Company

You must choose the kind of company you wish to run with your services. You can register as a limited liability corporation, a single proprietorship, or one of the other available forms. Make sure you learn each requirement and the pros and cons when deciding on the legal structure of the company.

  1. Set a Final Location or Office for Your Business

You must include information about your company’s location in the UAE as well as its address. The Ejari will also attest to the lease contract that you enter with the owner of the building or location. Initial permission as well as other crucial paperwork is also required by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority to get a business license.

  1. Acquire Additional Approvals

A vast variety of commercial activities are included in the field of interior design such as conceptualization and interior architecture. If any of your business activities include acts that aren’t permitted under the license, you’ll need to obtain extra permits from the regulatory authorities. These authorizations guarantee the uninterrupted and secure operation of your interior design firm.

  1. Open a Corporate Bank Account

You will be able to open a corporate bank account for your business once all other steps have been completed and you have obtained the interior business license. Spend some time researching the various banks in the country to better understand their pros and cons. Make sure to pick the one that best fits the needs of your business and you are all set to open an interior design company in Dubai.

Where to Setup Interior Design Business in Dubai

The Dubai Design District Free Zone in Dubai is the best free zone if you want to start an interior design company in Dubai since it is solely dedicated to encouraging interior design businesses across the country. It is home to several well-known market players and has the ideal ecology for business growth through networking and collaboration.

Licenses are issued by the DCCA for interior design consulting. Investors are permitted to carry out space planning, interior architecture and designing, and concept designing by obtaining a license from Dubai Creative Cluster Authority (DCCA). For interior designers that specialize in creating interiors and furniture, the DCCA also grants freelancing permits.

In addition, apart from D3, a few additional free zones in Dubai and other Northern emirates provide licenses for interior design business and consulting. Other free zones that permit interior design consultants’ professional licenses include Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City (DPC), and Dubai Outsource City. Moreover you can open an interior design company in Dubai mainland with 100% foreign ownership

How Avyanco Helps You Open Interior Design Business

The need for skilled interior designers has significantly expanded, and the UAE is drawing designers from all over the world by offering considerable financial incentives and other perks such as ease of setting up a business.

If you also want to know how to start an interior design company in Dubai, working with Avyanco Business Setup will allow you to receive the assistance you need to start your business in Dubai effortlessly.

You will receive assistance from our experts throughout the full business registration process. We offer expert business formation services in the UAE for almost any business criterion you need to satisfy, whether it is a business license, trademark registration, or core company establishment. Team Avyanco will also assist you in understanding the rules and laws regarding conducting interior business in Dubai.


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