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How to choose business setup consultants in Dubai to Setup a new company in Dubai

Business Setup Consultants in Dubai
February 2, 2021

Why Business Setup Consultants in Dubai?

Every one of us has at least think about starting a new business. Setting up a business needs real hard work, and countless approvals and exhaustive paperwork to the serious people out there. For our fortune, starting a business in Dubai is easy with the help of experienced business setup consultants in Dubai who are willing to assist in the entire process.

However, choosing a business setup consultancy firm is difficult; options are diverse, and many Dubai business setup consultant are here to help. The new entrants and new business setups are facing tough competition from an already established business. They have to carry a thorough analysis so that they can differentiate themselves from competitors.

Things to Keep in mind while Hiring a Business Setup Consultant in Dubai

There are few things to consider while selecting a business setup consultant in Dubai for your startup. Company Setup consultancy firm offers the following benefits;

Licensing and Legal Framework Services:

The first thing you should consider is the legal framework and licensing for your business setup. Starting up a company or business in any given area comes with the burden of regulations and legal guidelines. Selecting a business consultant in Dubai who is well aware of the area’s legal system is necessary.

For operating a business growth within a state, Company trade license registration is compulsory. The reason for introducing this is to ensure that no business activities can run without registration in government department, and there are no health hazards. Once the business startup permission is granted through a trade license, no authority has the right to shut down their business startup without any legal notice or no legal obligation on the business organization.

UAE provides 3 main options to business startups, which are;

  • Setup a business in the mainland,
  • Freezones,
  • Or in offshore

An entrepreneur needs to decide which option he/she wants to pursue to get a trade license registration. Dubai Freezones have a special economic place for business setups. Freezone License Registration offers a wide range of services, including Dubai Freezone Visa, Company formation, Company registration,  Freezone License, Limited liability company (LLC) formation, and Offshore company registration.

In Dubai, there are many Freezones for doing business. The free industrial zones are available for possible investors who wish to make the most gains from their investments in any business sector.

The mainland company setup in Dubai allows entrepreneurs to trade and perform business activities in Mainland area whether it is providing services or taking government and semi-government projects, import, export or local market. Mainland company registration can be done with 100% foreign ownership compared to the previous law that allows a UAE national to own 51% capital in the company. The mainland business is most suitable in terms of getting more visas under the company, surety on opening a corporate bank account, and opening more branches in the emirates.

Dubai mainland company has vast acceptance in the globe and it is beneficial for local trade, import, export and to take government and semi-government project.

To help them with proper guidance in company registration, our business setup consultants in Dubai are always there to assist your if you plan to setup a business in Dubai or the UAE, feel free to contact us and let us help you with all the essential guidance you need.

Team expertise:

A well-established and expert business setup consultants in UAE would streamline your business setup process. He/she will assess you in ongoing market trends and provide valuable recommendations. While planning to setup a business, an expert with a good record in successfully helping entrepreneurs during their business setups would be a must-have to avoid any mistakes that will hinder your company growth.

Finding the location:

The location has a remarkable impact on your company’s growth. Dubai business setup consultants will assist you in choosing the right place. The place that will be related to your industry and the nature of your business is crucial. When selecting a business expert, keep in mind that they must know to evaluate factors like budget, legal requirement, etc.,

Setting up your goals:

Setting up a goal with your business consultants is crucial. Tell them about the key performance indicators and track the growth of your business journey. It is critical to understand your consultants in terms of goal setting and clearly defining your predetermined goals.

Government partnership:

Make sure that your business consultants in Dubai are well aware of all the government services, and they must be communicating with you with, government entities like department of Economic Development ( DED), Dubai Land Department (DLD), Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratization ( MOHRE) etc. If you want the smooth setup of a business in Dubai make sure that to contact a reliable business advisor.

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Why Avyanco Business Setup Consultants?

Avyanco business consultancy offers vast corporate services that cover business setup, visa services, PRO services, trade license renewal and more. These services can help you perfectly run your business in Dubai and the UAE. We work as a one-stop solution provider for all the business services for our clients.

Contact us today for a free consultation to know more about establishing a company in your interested area in Dubai, UAE. Call/WhatsApp: +971 50 3989000, (T): +971 4 240 5000, Email: info@avyanco.com.

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