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How to Open a Travel Agency in Dubai

How to start travel agency in Dubai
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Being one of the most alluring cities in the world, Dubai attracts about 10-20 million tourists every year. As the business hub of the Middle East, it is also the place for opportunities and the best site to open a travel agency in Dubai and watch it grow!

As tourism is one of the industries that is rapidly growing in the country, it is one of the best businesses to establish. As the industry is expected to flourish more in the future, it also attracts investors to the field who are eager to invest in businesses that they see growth in.

So, if you’re passionate about how to open a travel agency in Dubai, then here’s what you have to do:

Opening a Travel Agency in Dubai

From residents to ex-patriates, many entrepreneurs can establish a travel agency in Dubai without any problem. As the country is full of investors, the right pitch can get you the funds you need effortlessly.

However, before you start your venture, you have to take care of a few things like determining what type of travel agency you want to open? What costs are required for your business journey and what requirements do you need to fulfill?

Cost of Travel Agency License in Dubai

Any business license is dependent upon many factors like the company’s size, the activities performed by the business, and the number of owners. The people who are eligible to set up a business in Dubai need to be qualified for a visa in Dubai.

Conventionally, travel agency license cost in Dubai can be of vary from business to business, but it starts from AED 35000 if the agency is owned by a single person who is eligible for one visa in the country.

Travel Agency License Cost Breakdown

Fee TypesAmount in AED
Initial Approval Fees120
Trade Name Reservation Fees620
Tasheel Fees for Initial Approval345
Tasheel Fees For Local Sponsor Agent350
Estimate License Cost with Foreign Trade Name8960
Approval From Dubai Tourism Authority Fees10000
Estimate Dubai Civil Aviation Approval Fees 6800
Company Immigration Card fees750
Local Service Agent & PRO Services fees7000
Total Travel Agency License Cost in Dubai34 945

This is the cost of a travel agency business license without Investor Visa. The license required to start a travel business in Dubai is a professional license. To know more about the total cost and fees to get a travel agency license. Contact Avyanco business consultants for a further guidance.

Types of Tourism license in Dubai

As tourism is a growing business sector in Dubai, it is essential for the travel and tourism establishments to own a valid tourism license to operate. As the industry is developing each year, so is the demand for tourism licenses. Therefore, if you’re planning on joining this ever-growing sector, then you need to know how to acquire this license. There are three types of Tourism licenses that you can get in Dubai. They include:

  • Travel agency license as a travel agent
  • Inbound tourism license
  • Outbound tourism license

Top Reasons of Opening a Travel Agency in Dubai

As the rapidly growing tourist country in the world, Dubai wants to be the world’s number 1 destination for tourism. Therefore, opening a travel agency in Dubai can increase your revenue tenfold and offer you many more benefits that include:

Supporting the UAE GDP by about 10% with the Tourism Industry

The tourism sector of the country contributes about 10% of the UAE’s GDP which automatically attracts the attention of the government, giving it undivided attention. It is said that the tourism industry of UAE keeps growing about 3% every year and it is predicted to continue its growth in the future.

UAE Welcomes Over 200 Countries

One of the reasons why the country’s tourism industry is developing is the fact that UAE has no barriers to welcoming people from all over the world. This is why it greets tourists from more than 200 countries every year.

Iconic Landmarks and Holiday Destinations that Increase the Tourism Industry

From Palm Deira and Palm Jabel Ali to the largest manmade island currently under construction called Dubai World, Dubai is full of eye-candy tourist destinations and luxurious hotels. People like to visit these destinations and spend their time in the best hotels in the world.

Luxury without Tax

The best part of the UAE is that it’s a tax-free country therefore, more and more tourists like to enjoy the beauty and luxury that Dubai has to offer without paying a dime in tax.

Activities of a Travel Agency in Dubai

A travel agency consists of travel agents who are responsible for undertaking the duties of tour operators. Whether it’s inbound tours of Dubai or outbound, they are responsible for organizing all kinds of events and tours, including entertaining the guests who have chosen them as their travel agency.

Travel agencies also handle visa procedures for all foreign visitors. All travel agencies are required to have insurance policies and their employees are required to take care of all traveling-related activities.

Documents Required to Open a Travel Agency in Dubai

The legal documents required to open a travel agency in Dubai are:

  • Passport copies of the investors along with the resident visa or visit visa.
  • Few name choice for the company name reservation
  • Office lease agreement
  • Degree certificate of manager (attested by UAE embassy in country of Origin)
  • Indemnity insurance Policy
  • Travel agent appointment contract

Steps to Open a Travel Agency in Dubai

To open a travel agency in Dubai, here are some steps that you need to follow:

Determine the Type of Travel Agency You’re Going to Establish

First of all, from the types of travel agencies you have to choose what business activity are you going to go for. Are you going to be handling tours inside and outside Dubai, or are you just going for inbound Dubai tour activities? Or you will be acting as travel agent where your activity would be issuing air tickets.

Establishing that will allow you to know the extent of your business activities. You can also take the help of a company formation expert like Avyanco to help you set up your company.

Decide Your Company Name

After that, you have to determine the name of your business. Using the right words, you can select the name of your business and start the registration process.

Apply for Your Tourism License

In Dubai, before officially establishing any business, you’re required to get a business license. When you’re at it, you should also apply for the tourism license that will allow you to conduct traveling-related business in Dubai.

Get Office Space Rented

In Dubai, before officially establishing any business, you’re required to get an office space rent agreement which must be attested by Dubai Land department. When you’re at it, you should also apply for the tourism license in Ministry of Economy & Tourism.

Apply for Your Tourism License

In Dubai, before officially establishing any business, you’re required to get a business license. When you’re at it, you should also apply for the tourism license that will allow you to conduct traveling-related business in Dubai.

Get license registered in Immigration department and labour department.

As soon as you have a business license In Dubai, you have to register in immigration department and labour department ( MOHRE) for getting investor/partner or employee visas under the company.

Apply for Your Employees’ Visa

Before you bring in employees, it is important to have their visas prepared. Apply at least 30 days before your employees arrive as they would then have a visit visa in place already.

Set Up Your Corporate Bank Account

The last thing is to register with the bank. You open a company, you need a corporate account, apply and get that!

Requirements to Open a Travel Agency in Dubai

If you’re planning to open a travel agency in Dubai and get a travel agency license, then you’re required to provide:

  • An outline of your business plan
  • A “No Objection Certificate” NOC from the Civil Aviation Authority
  • A good conduct certificate from Police.
  • And all above other documents mentioned above

How Avyanco Helps You Setup a Travel Agency in Dubai?

With the help of a well-reputed company setup advisory like Avyanco, who works with investors in establishing their businesses swiftly, can enable you to open a travel agency in Dubai without any hassle.

Team Avyanco is trusted by countless investors in Dubai and UAE who have worked with them and had no problem initiating their organization.

We make it our priority to provide the right advice and business consultation to startups and SMEs that allows them the opportunity to establish their business by providing a streamlined process for its execution!

Reach out to us today and start with establishing your business right now!


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