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Business Ideas in Dubai, UAE - 67 Profitable Low Cost Business Opportunities

October 10, 2022

Are you searching for profitable business ideas to start in Dubai? No worries! The guide provides you with the low cost 67 profitable business ideas in Dubai that you can consider establishing in the country.

Dubai – The Central Business Hub in the Middle East

Dubai, UAE has been doing things pretty differently in comparison with the rest of the Middle East. Dubai is the commercial capital of the UAE has been focusing on providing emerging business opportunities in Dubai for local and foreign investors. The government has also been implementing constructive regulations in the country to help small and medium-sized businesses establish their business in Dubai easily and conveniently.

Starting a Small Business in Dubai

Dubai’s economy has expanded by 11% for the first quarter of this year according to the recent statistics. The growth prospects have attracted a number of foreign investors into the country. To start a small business in Dubai is relatively easy, however, there are a few things that must be in mind to better start off your new journey in Dubai. Additionally, investing in real estate which is one of the most profitable businesses in Dubai is another good business idea to start in UAE as the price has increased up to 4.4% in November 2021 which is the highest growth since 2015. Therefore, the tourism industry in this has experienced a drastic boost of 4.88 million tourists. The number of business licenses issued in 2021 has drastically increased at the rate of 63% compared to the last year of 2020. The number of new business licenses issued in H1 of 2022 are 45, 653 which has increased to 25% compared to the last year.

Business ideas in Dubai

Are you wondering of what best business in Dubai or business opportunities available for investments in Dubai?

We have gathered business ideas in Dubai to help entrepreneurs who want to invest in Dubai. Moreover, we covered a full list of businesses to start in Dubai. Keep in mind that the minimum investment to start a business in Dubai is between AED 15 000 to AED 40 000 depending on various factors

The Top Business Opportunities in Dubai

  1. Restaurant market

    The market is predicted to grow at 5.22% CAGR. The restaurant market comprises the cafeteria, coffee shop, tea shop, juices, and cool drinks are highly profitable in terms of financial benefits. Because of the increase in tourism and the most expatriates live in Dubai as their second home. Due to this restaurant business is a promising and profitable business to start in Dubai. Read here, how to open a restaurant or cafeteria in Dubai

  2. Event Business

    Event business continues growing at an annual growth rate of 11.2% making up to $1.55 trillion by 2028 as compared to $1.13 trillion in 2019. Event business is one of the top business opportunities in Dubai that many investors are likely to go with due to the good amount of revenue they can generate eventually. Are you an event manager wondering of what small business to do in Dubai for beginners? If yes read how you can start an event management business in Dubai.

  3. Construction business 

    The industry is expected to grow at USD 133.53 billion by 2026 and worth USD 101.45 billion in 2020. This proves that the construction industry is suitable for making sound revenues in Dubai. However, you must need a credible business setup consultancy service provider like Avyanco to help you setup your business in the industry smoothly and firmly. Opening a construction company is one of the best business setup in Dubai to do in UAE. For instance you can start a building materials trading in Dubai and other related businesses.

  4. Cosmetics business

    It is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% by the end of 2025. The industry is some up of Cosmetics Shop, Cosmetics Studio, and others… cosmetics business is one of the industries that investors can easily invest to earn more profit in a limited period. Cosmetics businesses in UAE are one of the best business ideas in Dubai with low investment that has a lot of potential due to high number of tourists who visit the country every year.

  5. Transport business

    Predicted Growth at CAGR of 8.41% and is expected to grow USD 31.41 billion by the end of 2026 making transport business one of the most profitable business sectors in Dubai. Why? read more on how the UAE boosts its transportations systems.

  6. Real estate Brokerage and Real Estate Development

    The market is valued at USD 5.4 billion with a CAGR rate of roughly 5% during the forecast period. This industry is one of the most in-demand industries in the UAE due to the massive increase in buying and selling of properties in the country. You can now start a real estate business in Dubai with 100% foreign ownership. Moreover, you can start a real estate company in Dubai and get your license approved.

  7. The cleaning Services

    The cleaning services or housekeeping market observed significant growth in recent years and project to reach 5.3% of the CAGR growth rate. It is relatively easy to get started with this market in Dubai, UAE. Read here “how to start a cleaning business in Dubai”.

  8. Daycare services

    Like childcare, babysitting, and others, are predicted to grow at a CAGR of 9% according to recent statistics. This proves that there is a good scope for people who want to earn a good income in a very limited time period without investing any huge amounts of money. Moreover it is among the homebased business ideas in Dubai to start with low investment.

  9. Ecommerce

    Ecommerce business or Online Shopping – the market has observed rapid growth in recent years attracting investors to setup businesses in the industry in UAE. People in Dubai have also been starting to prefer online shopping for different purposes, hence the scope for the market is continuously increasing with the passing years, especially after Covid-19. It would be wise to setup a business in this field to earn good revenues. So ecommerce is among the best online business ideas in Dubai to start at low cost. Read more about How to start an ecommerce business in Dubai and how you can get it.

    Ecommerce Business in Dubai

  10. Travel Agency

    Travel Agency is the backbone of the Dubai economy with a CAGR rate of 18.73 and travel agency in business in Dubai is expected to reach SD 30,484.37 million by 2028. Travel industry is one a steady and among business ideas in Dubai that attracts many investors. You can learn about how to open a travel agency in Dubai.

  11. The Tourism Business

    The Tourism Business is expected to contribute around 280.6 billion USD by the end of 2028. Tourism is the backbone of the country contributing a huge amount of the GDP of the economy. Dubai is loved by people across the globe and everyone always opts to visit the country at least once in their life. The consistently increasing ratio of tourists in the country makes it one of the most successful business ideas in Dubai because tourism is the top lucrative industries of all. Learn more about starting a tourism business in Dubai.

  12. Healthcare

    Healthcare includes clinics and medical, is the most emerging industry in UAE and is expected to rise to $21.3 billion by 2021. People or investors have greater opportunities in the industry and can make a good amount of money as well as can easily setup their businesses in the country. For instance, you can learn how to start a medical clinic in Dubai. Moreover, if you can also invest in medical equipment trading business.

    Healthcare business in Dubai

  13. Handyman Business

    Handyman Business including handyman Services is a lucrative industry in UAE attracting most of the people because of a free and flexible environment. Anyone who wants to start their business on very short notice can go for the industry and earn a good income eventually. Handyman is one of the low cost businesses in UAE to start similarly to starting a technical services business in Dubai.

  14. Business Consultancy

    Like business consultancy services has witnessed optimal growth in recent years in UAE. Investors are willingly choosing to invest in the industry and start their businesses due to its utmost benefits and record revenues. You can start a consulting business in Dubai easily. There are many consultancy opportunities in Dubai such as starting a project management consultancy business in Dubai and much more.

    Consultancy business in Dubai

  15. The retail Business

    The retail Business or retail industry in Dubai is continuously growing and expected to reach $7.5 billion by the end of 2025 according to recent stats. Investors in Dubai are likely to invest in the industry due to the growing business opportunities in Dubai. 

  16. Online Trading Business

    Online Trading Business including trading in Dubai on third-party websites has a promising future to offer investors who are thinking of setting up their business in UAE. You can consult with any online trading business consultancy service provider to make sound and profitable decisions. Trading online is one of the most lucrative idea for entrepreneurs who want to do online business in Dubai at low cost.

  17. Recruitment Agency

    Recruiting Agency including employment agency, resource staffing, and HR agency is rapidly and continuously emerging industry in UAE since countless investors across the world have started establishing a business in UAE. Recruitment is one of the low cost business setup in UAE for business professional with background in human resources. 

  18. Jewelry Business

    Jewelry Business like jewelry design or jewelry making is another rising industry with a number of new investors coming into the market to setup their businesses. Jewelry is a good business ideas in Dubai that is more lucrative.

  19. Security Services

    Security Services offering guard and portal services to companies and organizations across the UAE. The market is expected to rise in near future. Providing security services to other companies is one of the best B2B business opportunities in Dubai for visionary entrepreneurs with background in security management.

  20. Apparel Business

    Apparel Business including fashion and clothing, fashion boutique, tailoring services, is one of the finest and easiest businesses in Dubai to setup. Anyone can setup their business in this industry at any location in Dubai – just have the right consultancy partner to get optimum benefits. 

  21. Entertainment Business

    Entertainment Business including nightclubs, bars, is an emerging industry in UAE. Since Dubai is one of the most in-demand places for tourists the industry is experiencing continuous growth. Entertainment is one the most successful business ideas in Dubai as the city is known for its different types of entertainment for local residents and tourists.

  22. Education Business

    Education Business including a training center, training institute, schools, tutoring services, is the most top and in-demand business market operating in Dubai. Anyone can setup all small and medium-level educational setups in the country.

  23. Courier Services

    Courier Services or delivery services in Dubai are also rising with time. Couriers provide essential services to communities and people living in Dubai. You can also make your career in this market or invest in it to generate profit.

  24. Financial Services

    Financial Services – audit, is already a well-establish market in Dubai. A financial service provider provides all the essential financial consulting services to businesses and companies to help them run their business effectively and profitably. Some of the related business to start in Dubai is opening an accounting and bookkeeping firm in Dubai.

  25. Photography Business

    Photography is of great importance. Anyone can easily setup a small or medium-sized photography business. You just have to get proper and essential equipment, proper guidance, best investment and go with your choice of business.

  26. Food Delivery Business

    Food Delivery Business is easy to setup in any location in Dubai. It is one of the most affordable and profitable businesses. The food delivery market is likely to grow at 3.80% CAGR by the end of 2025. Due to the pandemic situation, most of Dubai residents prefer their food to be delivered to their doorsteps. That is why the food delivery business in Dubai has become a promising and fruitful growth business model. Learn more about getting a delivery service license in Dubai.

    Food delivery business in Dubai

  27. Property Management

    Property Management is one of the top growing markets in Dubai, UAE. Businesses operating as property management companies earn sound profits. You can also setup your own property management business in Dubai without any obstacles. Just have the right partner with you.

  28. Bakery Business

    Bakery Business deals with providing cakes, snacks and other bakery items is of great significance in Dubai. To setup a bakery business in Dubai is pretty easy if you have the right partner with you.

  29. Florist Business

    Florist Business providing and delivering flowers in Dubai have promising future. The market is continuously growing and is expected to grow in the future as well.

  30. Document clearance services companies

    They provide effective document clearing, attestation services, certification services to all small, medium, and large-sized companies to help them meet their business needs effectively. Setting up a document clearance services business in UAE becomes easier than ever bore.

  31. Insurance Broker

    Insurance Broker or businesses working as an agent of insurance, have greater scope to get ultimate success, growth, and generate revenues in Dubai. The industry is rising and has a promising future.

  32. The Dry Cleaning Service

    The dry Cleaning Service market is expected to grow in upcoming years. Everyone can setup a dry cleaning business in Dubai easily with the right consultancy. Especially those who have limited investment in Dubai can easily start their business in this field.

  33. Beauty Parlor Business

    Beauty Parlor Business including a hair salon, beauty salon, barbershop, is the growing industry in Dubai, UAE. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2%. These figures prove that investors have greater opportunities in Dubai to earn a good income.

  34. Mobile Phones Repair

    Mobile Phones Repair or gadgets repair is the most emerging industry in Dubai. People who want to make sound income and generate ultimate profit have an opportunity to establish their mobile phone repair businesses in Dubai. Mobile repairing services are good business ideas in Dubai due to that most of the residents have mobile phones that help them in their daily life and they need mobile technicians to assist them. You can open different types of technical services business in Dubai and the UAE.

  35. Advertising Agency

    Advertising Agency is concerned with providing advertising and marketing solutions to businesses to help them reach the masses of people to grow their sales and business. You can also setup your advertising agency in any good location in Dubai.

    Advertising business in Dubai

  36. Arts & Crafts Making 

    People always love and appreciate arts; thus the industry is rapidly growing in Dubai. There are all sized arts and crafts businesses operating in Dubai that deliver arts and crafts products across the country.

  37. Freelancer Services

    After the covid-19 people across the globe as well as Dubai opted to work and operate as freelancers to provide different services to people effectively and conveniently. Thus the freelance market witnessed an emerging growth rate in recent years. You can learn how to become a freelancer in Dubai and the requirements to get a freelancer visa in Dubai so that you can work legally

  38. The Automobile Business

    The Automobile Business or automotive industry is predicted to grow at 6% CAGR – making the industry one of the most highly emerging and rapidly growing in Dubai. Setting up an automobile business in Dubai becomes easier than ever before if you have the right consultant with you like Avyanco. In this industry you can start a car rental services in Dubai to the residents and tourist.

  39. Accounting and Bookkeeping 

    The demand for finance professionals and accountants continues to rise with each day passing in Dubai. Many investors have been already established their successful and profitable businesses to provide accounting and bookkeeping services to big corporate, medium and small businesses operating in Dubai. Read more information on how to open an accounting and bookkeeping firm in Dubai.

    Accounting and bookkeeping business in Dubai

  40. Vending machines

    Vending Machines including services like a machine that dispenses foods, drinks, snacks, and other related items is a good and easiest option to go for in Dubai. If you want to setup a business in a very limited time period, this will be the best business to start in Dubai choice for you ultimately.

  41. Fitness Instructor

    The business involves activities like a personal trainer, gym, fitness studio, and other related services, which are some of the most in-demand services in Dubai. People are highly passionate about their physical wellbeing and personal grooming. Thus, opening a fitness business in Dubai is a win-win for any businessman.

  42. Translation Services

    Translation Services is one of the most trending sectors in Dubai. A few translation services include legal translation, technical translation, general certified translation, literary translation, business translation, and others… you may also setup your business as a translating company in Dubai to earn a good income ultimately.

  43. Import & Export Business

    Import & Export is one of the most leading and revenue-generating industries for Dubai. Since the country has both an airport and seaport and the country is located between the east and west, this made the country the most important and ideal location for businesses operating inside and outside Dubai. Import and export including Freight & Cargo have greater growth opportunities. You can check how to get import export business license in Dubai.

    Import Export business in Dubai

  44. Information Technology

    Information Technology services including IT companies, web development, mobile apps, and software have been in demand. Dubai government has also been taking serious steps to strengthen the country’s IT infrastructure and help businesses to operate effectively. You must setup your business in one of the most profitable industries in Dubai – however, consult with the right consulting services provider to effectively start your business in Dubai. Read more on how to Start an IT Company in Dubai.

  45. Electronics Repair Business

    Electronics Repair Business or service related to electronic repair is of great importance since every residential and commercial homeowner has electronic needs that must be timely and effectively meet to avoid any further inconvenience. If you are thinking to start a business in Dubai the electronics sector and looking for the right consultancy service provider Avyanco is all here to help you. 

  46. Electronics Shop 

    Opening an electronic shop in Dubai, UAE would be the wise choice to make as a beginner. You can setup your own shop in Dubai in any location to make a good amount of income. The process is simple and easy if you have an expert consultant with you. An electronics shop is among the best options which make it to be categorized among the top business ideas in Dubai that is always profitable as residents and tourists prefer to buy new models of their electronic items. For instance you can start an electronics trading in Dubai and many more.

  47. Oil and Gas Business 

    The profit and revenues generated by the trade of oil and gas comprises a sound portion of the budget of Dubai, UAE – this indicates that the country is more ideal for opening an oil and gas business to generate healthy amounts of revenues.

  48. Recycling Business 

    You would be surprised to know that you can earn a huge income by working in a recycling is one of the best business in UAE. Dubai is a country with a huge population, thus the magnitude of garbage that has been produced in the country is increasing day by day. In recycling business you can start a scrap metal business in Dubai which is one of the most lucrative business ideas in UAE

  49. The Food Industry

    That deals with food production and food delivery services have huge scope in Dubai. Since the country is amongst the ideal countries for tourism as well there are great chances of opening food businesses to earn a good income. And that said “people love food” is a win-win for you. Additionally, other related low cost business to setup in Dubai is food truck business and foodstuff businesses are among the small businesses in UAE you can start.

  50. Manufacturing Industry

    Manufacturing Industry deals with manufacturing several items including glass bottles, plastic containers, and others, which is the most emerging market in UAE. There is a wide range in terms of manufacturing products. Thus you can select what you want to manufacture and deliver to the people of Dubai.

  51. Logistics Business

    This is one of the most profitable businesses in Dubai, UAE. Anyone can open a logistic company in Dubai after going through a certain process. A right partner like Avyanco can help you with the process of setting up logistics business in Dubai.

    Logistics business in Dubai

  52. Automobile Repairing Workshops

    Includes activities like mobile auto workshop, mobile auto service, and others, which is the emerging industry in Dubai, UAE. Investing in the industry and start a business is relatively easy if you have proper guidance and recognize the rules and regulations of the country.

  53. Auto spare parts business 

    What makes Dubai an ideal location for businesses is that it offers a wide range of business opportunities in Dubai to anyone willing to come into the market. Auto spare parts business has been an emerging industry in recent years in Dubai. Investors often opt to invest in the industry to get good profit and revenues eventually.

  54. Gift Shop 

    As said “gifts are love” – opening a small or medium-sized gift shop in Dubai is ideal for investors who want the easiest business idea to setup as well as earn a good income eventually. investors can open their gift shop at any location in the country where they have greater chances of more customers.

  55. Digital Marketing Agency 

    Marketing to help businesses enhance their sales and growth is of utmost importance. Hence, there has been seen an increasing demand in the digital marketing field. Investors prefer to invest in the industry to get bets on the benefits and profit. Read how to setup a digital marketing agency in Dubai.

    Digital Marketing agency business in Dubai

  56. Grocery

    As a beginner you may also consider opening a small or medium-sized grocery store to make a good income. However, the location must be effective enough that can help you attract a lot of customers to help you grow your business more. You can a learn a lot on how you can start a grocery store in Dubai with 100% foreign ownership

  57. Pharmacy 

    Pharmacy is one of the emerging industries in Dubai. You may open your own pharmacy or a small medical clinic in Dubai. However, consult with the right partner that can help you select the right location and help you throughout all the processes.

  58. Interior Design 

    People of Dubai love to décor their home with beautiful and aesthetic interiors, hence the demand for interior designers is highly increasing day by day. If you have an interest in interior designing and want to setup your business in the industry, it might help you make a good income eventually. Learn more about starting an interior design company in Dubai with a proper guide.

  59. Textile Business 

    Textile is one of those industries that is always at its peak when it comes to making a profit and generating revenues. Opening a cheaper business in the textile industry will going to be profitable for you ultimately. One of the business you can start in the same industry is a textile business in Dubai.

  60. SPA Businesses

    SPA or services like massage centers have been emerging recently. Investors are likely to invest in the industry since it is one of the easiest, low cost and top profitable business in Dubai

  61. Printing and Signage

    Printing and Signage is another emerging industry that you must consider opening a new business setup in Dubai. The business setup is relatively easy and quite simple with the proper assistance. You can consult a credible consultancy service provider like Avyanco to get your business established effectively.

  62. Carpentry Services

    Carpentry Services are one of the most established industries that you must consider if you want to remain sustainable in the market and earn consistent income without any obstacle.

  63. Sports Academy

    Dubai is one of the most beautiful and advanced countries in terms of infrastructure and technology. Opening a sports company in Dubai is a great choice that can help you make a good income.

  64. Dance Academy

    You may also opt to open a dance school in Dubai since the industry is rising and expected to grow more. Opening up a dance academy or investing in the industry is a good option for those who want an instant setup to earn income.

  65. Hookah Lounge

    Hookah Lounge or including activities like Shisha bar also has a good scope in terms of profit and revenue. since Dubai is an ideal place for tourism and tourists from all around the world visit the country very often the hookah lounge becomes the best profitable business for investors.

  66. A Poultry Business

    A Poultry Business or Poultry farm is an ideal choice if you are looking for a long-term small business opportunity in Dubai to make a good income. You can consult with any good consultancy service provider like Avyanco to help you get a good location and place to start your own poultry business.

  67. Tax Consultancy 

    Every business and individual needs tax consulting services that can help them fix any tax-related issues and manage their accounts and tax filing. Dubai is an ideal location to open a tax consulting firm. Since the UAE government introduced VAT in 2018, it has put tax services into the most wanted business ideas in Dubai which caused the creation of many taxation job opportunities in UAE.

    How to Start a Small Business in Dubai, UAE 

    The very first and foremost thing that you take into consideration is whether you want to operate your business in a freezone or a mainland one. Both have their pros and cons; hence you can choose as per your business’s nature and requirements. Before starting a small business in Dubai here are the business licenses to choose from.

    Types of Licenses in Dubai

    Moreover, you are also required to evaluate the type of licenses required to setup your business in Dubai. the Department of Economic Development (DED), is the concerned authority to issue licenses. There are four basic types of licenses that you may require as well including:

    • Commercial license
    • Industrial license
    • Professional license
    • Tourism license

    Registration of Your Business in Dubai

    You will have to get an approval before registering your business in Dubai for your company to establish in UAE. The whole process of documentation and registration goes through many steps. You will also have to get all the certificates from concerned government authorities as requested by the DED.

    Collect Your Trade License

    To obtain your trade license, you will require to submit the following:

    • Passport copies and visa copies
    • Trade name reservation
    • Preapproval (Initial Approval)
    • Tenancy contract (Ejari)
    • Trade license application
    • Relevant government forms
    • Memorandum of association
    • External approval (if required)
    • Other requirements (if any)

Benefits of Doing a Business in Dubai

The Dubai government after the constructive and successful business regulations and policies has opened the gates for numerous types of businesses setups across the globe. Why to start a business in Dubai? why to invest in Dubai? Here’s the answer:

  • Strategic location – Dubai is located midway between the east and west; linking both of the worlds. The country has both airports and seaports making logistics pretty easier than ever before.
  • Political condition – the government and concerned regulatory authorities in Dubai have taken the business and economy seriously; hence facilitating all sized businesses with the right political and economic conditions for companies or organizations to operate effectively and profitably.
  • Exceptional infrastructure – the country has an extraordinarily effective infrastructure with an excellent transport system.
  • Free Trade Zones – these are the areas where investors can establish their business without partnering with any local entity and enjoy the business freely and independently.
  • No income tax – what attracts investors more is that Dubai is an income tax-free country; thus they do not have to pay anything to the government in form of tax. However, businesses may have to pay VAT – applicable on certain activities, that is set only at 5%.
  • Ease of doing business – starting a business in Dubai is easier than ever before with the evolving tech facilities and businesses opportunities available to investors.
  • Technological advancement – the country has taken various result-driven tech initiatives to transform various industries like healthcare, IT and software, transportation, e-commerce, and so on…
  • Easy Dubai visa process – being a foreigner it is always clumsy to get a visa to any country where you want to setup your business. However, Visa in Dubai, you can easily acquire employment and a residential visa. You can also hire an experienced business setup consultant like Avyanco, to help you with all the related matters from getting a visa to establishing a business in Dubai.
  • 100% foreign ownership: No more local sponsor is required to have 51% shareholders in Dubai mainland. Since June 2021 Dubai Economic Department has amended Federal Law No. 2 to allow foreign national investors to own their business with 100% ownerships in Dubai.
  • No currency fluctuation: Entrepreneurs who want to invest in Dubai have another advantage due to UAE currency exchange rate stability compared to other currencies such as USD, Euro. The Dirhams which is UAE currency is always steady and does not fluctuate for whatsoever reason which helps investors in Dubai to not lose their money while conducting their businesses in Dubai or opening startup businesses.

How Avyanco Can Help You Open a Profitable Business in Dubai?

Company formation in Dubai is easy and simple. However, if you consider opening a business or a company without consultancy you may end up getting stuck in a lot of legal or business troubles. Thus, it is wise to consult the right partner that can not only help you get your visa for Dubai, UAE but effectively consult you throughout the entire process of establishing a business to make it successful.

Avyanco Business Setup aspire to help investors or individuals to open businesses successfully without any barriers. We don’t only provide initial consultancy but remain with you till the day end for any business ideas in UAE you could have.

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