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How to Start a Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai, UAE?

Start a Medical Equipment Trading Business In Dubai, UAE
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Do you want to start your medical equipment trading business in Dubai? You have landed in the right place. Delve into the article to explore how to start medical equipment trading business in Dubai successfully.

Medical Equipment Trading Business in Dubai

According to a recent report from Health Care Business Club, the medical equipment market in the UAE is expected to reach 5.6 billion dirhams by 2025. The industry is forecasted to grow at a compound annual rate of 4.4% between 2020 and 2025. Such facts and figures depict that the industry is highly emerging and expected to grow in future as well. Hence, the growing popularity of this industry in Dubai, UAE offers a promising future for those who want to start their medical equipment trading business in Dubai.

Cost of Medical Equipment Trading License in Dubai

Generally, the cost of medical equipment trading license in Dubai ranges from AED 21 395 to AED 25 000 which allows you to get a commercial license that allows to conduct Medical Equipment Trading Business.

 Dubai Medical Trading License Cost details

Government FeesAmount AED
Initial Approval120
Trade Name (English)620
Tasheel Preapproval350
Tasheel MOA345
Trade License fees11960
Foreign Trade2000
Corporate PRO Services6000
Total Medical Trade License Cost 21 395

Benefits of Starting a Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai

The medical equipment trading business is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Dubai. Numerous multinational medical devices trading companies have been operating and working in UAE contributing to its economy as a whole. Moreover, the regional medical devices distribution network is extensive and robust in Dubai. Also, the network of healthcare centres and hospitals is growing significantly to meet the healthcare needs of Dubai residents.

Thus, there are greater chances of success for those who want to invest in the medical devices trading business in Dubai. Below mentioned are a few benefits investors will enjoy by setting up their medical equipment trading company in Dubai, UAE.

  1. Ease of Business Setup

With a highly cooperative government and continuously evolving tech facilities, starting a business in Dubai becomes easier than ever before. Now the registration of a business and getting it properly functional is simply a few taps and days away. However, you must consult with the right business set up consultancy like Avyanco Business Setup so that all the procedures and paperwork can remain less and the process will be smooth throughout.

  1. 100% Foreign Ownership

One of the most appealing factors that attract investors to set up their business in Dubai in various industries and sectors is that the country offers 100% foreign ownership. Having the ability to establish your business in Dubai easily and quickly with 100% foreign ownership is something that no one can resist. Hence, due to such beneficial policies, many investors across the globe start investing in various sectors in Dubai.

  1. Low Tax Rate

Another prominent benefit of establishing a medical equipment trading company in Dubai is that investors won’t have to pay any taxes. The country offers its investors a complete exemption from any type of taxation is it personal, corporate, income or any other tax. However, a few businesses might have to pay a 5% Value Added Tax on certain business activities.

  1. Mainland and Free Zone

Dubai gives an option to the investors to establish a business whether on the mainland or in a free zone. Both come with different benefits. Investors can choose one that best suits their business helping it grow and succeed. However, setting up your medical equipment trading business in Dubai allows you to have complete ownership of your business.

  1. Easy Visa Obtaining Process

If you want to move to Dubai, UAE to establish your business there, you can easily acquire both a residential and an employment visa. In addition, you can also lease or rent a property, travel across UAE or even buy vehicles and do more once you have your visa. However, it is highly suggested to consult with an expert business setup consultancy service in Dubai that can help you obtain your visa efficiently and quickly.

Documents Required to Open a Medical Trading Company in Dubai

Here’s the list of documents that you will need in order to start medical equipment trading company in Dubai.

  • Trade name options.
  • Detailed company profile.
  • Passport copy of all the shareholders.
  • Products list manufactured or assembled by the site.
  • Acquire important documents with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention.
  • Filled application form, signed and stamped by an authorized person in the company.
  • List down the business activity that you will be involved in accordance with the medical equipment company.
  • All the medical equipment that you will trade must be approved by the MOH, UAE and Drug Registration and Control Department.
  • Valid ISO 13485 certificate allotted by the relevant body in the country for each site engaged in the production process of medical equipment.
  • Valid and legal manufacturing license issued by the authorized authority in the country
  • The UAE MOH will issue a registration number once the process is completed.

Steps to Start a Medical Trading Company in Dubai

Did you already decide to start your medical equipment trading business in Dubai? The process of obtaining medical devices trading license in Dubai is simple and efficient if you have the right consultancy partner with you. Avyanco Business Setup can help you acquire your license in no time meeting all the essential and obligatory guidelines within the country.

Here’s the setup to start your medical trading company in Dubai:

Forming an LLC Company with DED

  • To start importing and distributing medical equipment across Dubai, register an LLC company with the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • The second crucial step is to select the appropriate activity list in accordance with the nature of the business.
  • Now you need to get your company registered with the Customs to get the import and export code for shipping the medical equipment into the UAE.

Register the Medical Equipment with the MOH

  • Whatever products you will collect and distribute within UAE has to be registered with the Ministry of Health. Medical devices and products must be approved by the concerned department and authorities in UAE.
  • To avoid penalties and legal actions by the state or the government acquire all essential legal documentation as well as clearance prior to starting trading medical devices across UAE.

Collaborating with a Local Distribution Agent

  • The medical equipment trading company can engage a commercial agent or a local distribution partner who is registered with the MOH for carrying out imports and distribution of medical devices and products across the UAE.
  • The agent on behalf of the company will then register the medical products with the MOH to own the distribution rights of the equipment and products in Dubai, UAE.

How Avyanco Helps You Start a Medical Trading Business in Dubai

Although establishing a business in Dubai is relatively easy however if you don’t have the right and proper information regarding the documentation, policies and regulation the process might end up challenging. Hence, to ease the process you need to get in touch with a trusted business setup service provider who can guide you throughout the whole process.

Avyanco Business Setup is the leading business setup service provider in Dubai, UAE facilitating hundreds of businesses and helping them start their business successfully. Team Avyanco will remain with you from obtaining a visa to acquiring a license to successfully run your medical equipment trading business in Dubai. Contact us today for any queries.


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