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steps to start a business in Dubai

Steps to take before you start a business in Dubai as Entrepreneurs

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You must have heard that setting up a business in Dubai is hard. Well, nothing comes easy in life. But if you have set up your goal and want to make your dream come true, the hardest challenge and the mightiest of storms can easily be conquered. Whether you live in Dubai or emigrated from any other country to fulfill your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, starting a business in Dubai would have its challenges.

Starting a business as an entrepreneur and in an unknown country takes a lot of guts and patience. But nothing to worry about, Dubai has a vast number of startup consultant companies, business setup consultants to help nourish your business setup, and give proper guidance about all the necessary information regarding Company Trade license registration.

There is a variety of profitable businesses that you can start in Dubai. Here is a list of the most recent business Activities that create many opportunities for everyone who wants to do business in Dubai.

  • Import Export – Trade
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Project Management Services
  • Management Consultancy
  • Advertising Agency
  • Apparel
  • eCommerce
  • Food processing
  • Handyman
  • Cloud Kitchen
  • Jewelry & Gold Trading
  • Logo Design Company
  • Real Estate business
  • Recruitment agency
  • Security business
  • Tourism

Setting up a business in Dubai where company involves a series of essential steps, which includes;

  • Identifying a business activity
  • Choosing an appropriate legal registration form
  • Choosing a right Business setup consultancy
  • Registering the trade name
  • Applying for government approval
  • Enrolling a Memorandum of Association and local service agent agreement
  • Select the best possible location for your business setup
  • Get all other government endorsements
  • Submit necessary documents and pay fees

Steps to Start a Business in Dubai

Identify a business activity

Business activity is the essential part of company registration in Dubai on basis of that investor has to choose the legal form and type of license. It helps you to determine whether you need commercial, industrial, or professional, etc. There are four basic types of licenses provided by the UAE government. Industrial, commercial, professional, tourism.

Depending on the business requirements, you have to choose a legal registration form for your company. The legal form is a necessity to understand the applicable laws and regulations of the state. In UAE, your business setup consultant would guide you about the following legal forms, and you can select any of them that can match your business activity;

  • Foreign company branch
  • Free zone company branch
  • Sole establishment
  • General partnership
  • Limited Liability Company

Business setup consultancy

A well-developed business setup consultancy can aid you to nurture your business. It offers all the crucial measures you required for a proposed company setup in Dubai. Licensing and legal registration, finding the appropriate location, a guideline for government partnerships, and policies are advantages of hiring business setup consultants.

Trade Name

A fictitious business name that differs your business setup in Dubai from its competitors’ companies and reflects the business’s nature is much-needed.

Government Approval or License Registration

Trade license registration is a must to have for all businesses house to run in the country. It ensures that you have granted government permission to do business in Emirates.

License registration has three categories; mainland, Freezones, Offshore. Freezone license registration is suggested for entrepreneurs if they have business outside of UAE or B2B Services in UAE.

Mainland license is applicable and helpful the investor if they want to do business inside UAE and outside of UAE.
Offshore license is for those investors who want to use Dubai as their business jurisdiction which allows 100% corporate tax free, no income tax, no sales tax.

Finally, the only essential thing to start a business as an Entrepreneur is to choose your business wisely. The business’s nature will decide where to establish a company. Some areas only allow a precise kind of activity, while for some projects like import and export, it is advisable to open either near to the port or where the whole market is available. There is no need to panic; you know what you can do with interest and your capabilities, so choose a business according to your specialties.

Dubai is considered as one of the biggest business hubs and a leading city globally; most entrepreneurs choose Dubai to start their business. The main reason to choose Avyanco to set up business in Dubai is an instant business license at a low cost. Set your business in the mainland, offshore or freezone with a fast and simple process. Avyanco provides customized and exclusive services to all the clients who dream of setting up a company in Dubai.

From cheap free zone license registration to top trade license registration, the team of Avyanco will handle your process to set up the company, including business setup in the free zone, initial approval, clear documentation, visa services, sponsorship services, company trade license renewal, and many more affordable and outstanding services throughout the setup process.

Contact us today for a free consultation to know more about opening a company in your interested area in Dubai, UAE.

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Table of Contents