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Visa Renewal in Dubai – How to Renew UAE Residence Visa?

Visa renewal in Dubai, UAE
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Due to the enormous number of expats in Dubai, visas are a crucial subject. Though the process of Visa Renewal in Dubai can be a bit difficult, it is always necessary to know your status as well as when you need to act.

If you’re living in Dubai for an extended period, you’ll need to use the visa system. Therefore, it’s critical to grasp the fundamentals for yourself as an entrepreneur, small business owner, or firm employee – as well as anybody you could be sponsoring, including family or domestic workers.

When it comes to visa renewal, we recommend that you should consult with an expert. You may then relax knowing that you’re in the hands of an expert who will guide you through the entire procedure of Visa Renewal in Dubai.

What is UAE Residence Visa?

A residency visa is actually a Visa extension in UAE. This means a UAE residency visa permits foreigners to reside in the UAE for an extended time. The visa may be valid for 2-3 or even 10 years and may be renewed as many times as the individual requires. Many overseas families have lived in the UAE for years, just by renewing visas after a certain interval.

There is nothing called permanent residence in Dubai or UAE. Being a permanent resident of the UAE simply means having a visa stamp on your passport and permanently residing in this nation.

Types of Residency Visa in Dubai

Following are the several types of available Residence visas in Dubai.

  • Residency renewal for an individual in (the GOV sector)
  • Residency renewal for an individual in (Private sector)
  • Renewal of residency visa for investor/partner
  • Residency renewal for family (Local/GCC sponsor)
  • Residency renewal for family (GOV sector sponsor)
  • Renewal of Residency visa for a person working in the private sector
  • Residency renewal for family (Investor/Partner sponsor)
  • Residency renewal for a family member that above 18

Steps to Renew Residential Visa in UAE

Here are the key steps for Visa Renewal in Dubai

  1. Begin by registering for and creating an account with UAE Pass. Log in to smart services if you’re already registered.
  2. Please submit your application. Make careful to examine and amend the data as needed. Following the submission of your application, you will be required to pay the total cost to renew a resident visa in Dubai. This covers service fees, visa costs, and other relevant expenses.
  3. Apply to authenticate your biometrics if necessary.
  4. Only expats can complete the proceedings by obtaining residence.
  5. Receive your new ID with a Residency Permit sticker at the post office.

Cost of UAE Residence Visa Renewal

Several factors contribute to the total cost of a Visa Renewal in Dubai. These fees will apply to employment visas and will include the following:

  • Government fees for contract typing and submission will range between AED 200 – AED300
  • Labour Card fee will range between AED 300 – AED 3600 depending on the employee designation and company category
  • Government fee for medical typing that will range between AED 300 – AED 800 depending on the options taken
  • Government fee for ID typing valid for 2 years costs AED 280.00 
  • Basic insurance fee that will range between AED 800.00 – AED 1000 depending on the options taken
  • Residence visa stamping fee that will range between AED 500 – AED 600 depending on the options taken

When it comes to visas for partners or investors, the following expenses are likely:

  • Emirates ID typing fees: 371.50 AED
  • Medical typing fees: 857.50 AED
  • Residence visa typing fees: 925.65 AED

Requirements to Renew a Residence Visa in Dubai

The requirements for renewing your resident visa are comparable to those for sponsoring family members, obtaining a work permit, and receiving your visa for the first time. You can renew your visa in Dubai by fulfilling the below requirements.

The basic prerequisites include:

  1. A sponsor with a valid residency permit
  2. A medical fitness certificate for individuals above the age of 18
  3. An insurance card (mandatory for a Residence visa in Dubai and Abu Dhabi)
  4. A reissued identity card or authentic registration receipt from ICA

The following documents are required:

  1. Online application or application through a registered typing office for residency permit renewal signed by the sponsor – whether public sector, private sector firm or personal sponsor.
  2. Original sponsored passport
  3. Sponsored Photo

For private-sector employers, the sponsoring business must submit the following supplementary documents for Visa Renewal in Dubai:

  1. Valid firm card copy
  2. Valid trade licence copy
  3. Sponsor’s renewed labour card copy
  4. Labour card renewal receipt copy (for 60+ ages)

For sponsoring families (children, parents, spouse, and siblings – first- and second-degree relatives) must present:

  1. A copy of the husband’s/job wife’s contract or company contract for investors
  2. A salary certificate from the employer showing the employee’s monthly wage
  3. A legalised marriage certificates
  4. A registered tenancy contracts
  5. The most recent energy bill

Renewing Visit or Tourist Visa in UAE

To renew a visa in Dubai, visitors and tourists must apply for a subsequent renewal before the original one expires for 600 AED each time. Overstayers who do not renew their visas will be fined 100 AED every day of their overstay, beginning 10 days after the visa expires.

GCC-certified visitors and tourists having special entrance permits for 96-hour or special missions are exempt from the Visa extension in UAE.

Benefits of Visa Renewal in Dubai

Foreigners who want to live and work in the UAE for an extended period must get a UAE Residence Visa. A residency visa for the UAE provides you with various benefits. Such as:

  • Option of opening a bank account.
  • Obtain a bank loan (personal or car loan)
  • Visa-free travel to several countries.
  • Children can attend either public or private schools.
  • Obtain your driver’s licence.
  • Get government health care and health insurance.

However, to obtain a Residence visa in Dubai, UAE, you must first complete certain eligibility requirements, such as finding work or investing in one of the emirates.

How Avyanco Helps You Renew your Visa in Dubai?

When you opt for Visa Renewal in Dubai, it’s a good idea to engage with an expert like Avyanco Business Setup Consultancy to guarantee this is the case. We provide visa and immigration services and can assist with all government requirements, permissions, work permits, and visa applications necessary to live and work in the UAE.

In short, our professionals can handle the whole procedure of Visa renewal in UAE, including making your application and dealing with all the essential paperwork, leaving you free to focus on operating your business.


Who are eligible for UAE Residence Visa?

Visitors who establish a new firm or invest in an established one on Dubai’s mainland or free zones are eligible for a residency visa.

How many days does it take to renew your visa in Dubai?

Visa Renewal in Dubai typically takes five business days if your application is complete and proper at the time of submission.

What is the grace period after your UAE residence visa expiration?

The UAE government enables citizens to stay in the UAE for 30 days after their visas expire. Before the end of that time, you must apply for Visa Renewal in Dubai to avoid a penalty.

Can I renew my residence visa before expiration?

The renewal period for expired resident permits is six months at max from the date of expiry. But it requires special permission for Visa Renewal in Dubai.

What is the time limit of a UAE Residence visa?

A residency visa allows visitors to live in the UAE for a longer period. The time limit depends on the type of UAE residence visa you own. The visa may be valid for two to three or even five to ten years. You may apply for a visa renewal in the UAE as long as required.


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