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How to Get Investor Visa in Dubai? | Investor Visa Types, Validity, Requirement and Cost

Investor Visa in Dubai, UAE: A Complete Guide

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Getting an investor visa in Dubai not only allows you to do business in Dubai but automatically gives you permission to live in Dubai. This makes it a two-in-one visa. Dubai has become one of the finest and top-notch cities in the world because of its growth-centric approach. UAE offers its citizens and foreigners facilities and amenities that let them easily run a successful business there. This is one of the reasons you see many internationals, be it from the middle east, the west, or even the USA, setting up their businesses in Dubai.

And if you want to open a business in Dubai, there’s nothing better than an investor visa in UAE. Let’s cover everything you want to know about this visa type.

What Exactly is an Investor Visa?

The UAE government has numerous visa types that benefit Dubai residents and foreigners. Among them is an investor visa. This visa type is best for investors or entrepreneurs who have set up their businesses in the UAE. The foreign national can get investor or partner visa once the company registration is done and after that person can sponsor their family and dependents to live and work in the UAE.

The Dubai investor visa holder is allowed to reside in the United Arab Emirates throughout the duration of the visa and to enter and exit the country as they want. Holders of Investor Visas in Dubai are no longer subject to taxation in their home country once the foreign national become tax resident of UAE and stays more than 182 days in UAE subject to the laws of the investor’s home country.

You are eligible for the investor visa in Dubai after formation of the company in UAE and holds the minimum capital of AED 50,000/- in a local Mainland LLC company, and also for a free zone company any capital allows you to get an investor visa. It is also called a partner visa if it is issued through a partnership firm. Therefore if it is a single owned company then it is only called an investor visa. We will discuss a slight difference between an investor visa and a partner visa later in this article.

When you get an investor visa in Dubai, you can easily apply for an Emirates ID card, open a business bank account in UAE, and get a driving license and also you can get Etisalat or Du packages. Additionally, it allows you to sponsor your spouse, kids, and parents to entry and live in the UAE. Put simply that you can have all the essential services you need when living in a country. After getting a UAE investor visa, Dubai is your second home country.

Difference Between Investor Visa and Partner Visa

investor visa in UAE is for entrepreneurs and businessmen who own a company in the UAE. He should have a single-ownership company. This company type has no shareholders. Using your professional trade license, you can get an investor visa if you open a company in Dubai’s mainland or free zone or opening a company anywhere in the UAE.

On the other hand, the partner visa in Dubai is for those entrepreneurs and businessmen who own a company in the UAE with multiple shareholders. You can count LLCs (Limited liability companies) in this example.

As we said, there is only a little difference between both visa types. The difference lies in the properties that we differentiated above for you. Besides this difference, the legal aspects and the visa benefits remain the same.

Who Can Apply for an Investor Visa in Dubai?

The first eligibility to get an investor visa in Dubai is that the person who looks forward to opening a business of any type in Dubai must be 18 years old. A person looking forward to getting an investor visa needs to prove his financial stability and that he has sufficient funds to support him while he lives in Dubai.

Investor Visa Requirements in Dubai

To get investor or partner visa in Dubai there are multiple options which are:

  • Opening a company under the person name
  • Buy a property less than a 2 million worth.
  • You can also invest in a property for at least three years with your own money. But, borrowed money and loans obtained through a bank or an individual are not applicable here.

Also, investor visas are only available for freehold properties ready to move into. You can’t obtain an investor visa with off-plan or leased properties. Moreover, when you buy a property, it should be fully constructed as we said it should be ready to move into. And finally, it should be at least AED 1M.

Other than that, Investors with shares in an established business worth AED 50,000 minimum or who are starting a business with a capital investment of that amount are eligible to apply for this visa.

To get an investor visa through a company, you have two ways, you can either do it through

1. New company incorporation or

2. bringing Proof of existing investments.

1) New Company Incorporation

The simplest approach to obtaining an investor visa in UAE is registering a company on the mainland of Dubai. Depending on the legal structure of your company, when you create it in Dubai, you either become an owner or a shareholder. You must establish your firm before submitting the following paperwork to the Dubai Immigration Department to apply for an investment visa.

  • Copy of license traded
  • A certified copy of the company’s Memorandum of Association (for partnership)
  • A copy of the company’s business card
  • A paper canceling an existing visa (If you currently hold an employment or residency visa for Dubai, you must revoke it)
  • A copy of your visitor or tourist’s visa, if applicable

2) Proof of Existing Investments

This method requires you to provide with Dubai Municipality the documentation of your investments in Dubai. The Dubai Municipality will establish your file with the Economic Department if your request satisfies the qualifying requirements established by the UAE Government. You will be given a reference file number by the Economic Department, on which the Dubai Municipality would base its NOC (No Objection Certificate) issuance. This NOC will be required when you apply for your Dubai investor visa at the immigration office.

Required Documents to Get investor visa in Dubai

If you intend to invest in mainland or establish a business in freezone, you must submit these documents as part of your application to get your investor visa.

  • The sponsor’s IBAN bank account number
  • Card of Establishment
  • Memorandum Papers (MOA) as evidence of the ownership stake
  • A single image with a white backdrop
  • A current UAE visa for the partner (if applicable)
  • Copy of the partner’s passport
  • The sponsor’s authentic Emirates ID
  • Copy of Trade License

Benefits of Investor Visa in Dubai

A Dubai resident visa is something most people look forward to getting as it gives them numerous advantages. But the good news is that you get all the similar advantages in Dubai with an investor visa. We’ve listed those perks below for you.

  • A reputable place to live in the UAE.
  • Travel outside of the UAE while your visa is still valid.
  • Tax-free living
  • Access to government benefits and social services.
  • The chance to take part in the city’s expanding economy.
  • The option to sponsor children, wife/husband, and parents.

Cost of Investor Visa in Dubai

  • Investor Visa Fees When Applicant is Inside UAE
Investor Visa application fees when inside UAEFees in AED
Entry Permit While applicant is inside UAE1250
Change of status750
Medical Examinations VIP (30 mins)800
Medical Examinations Regular (24 hrs)370
Emirates ID420
Visa stamping850
  • Investor Visa Cost Fees When Applicant is Outside UAE 
Investor Visa Application fees when Outside UAEFees in AED
Entry Permit While applicant is outside UAE650
Medical Examinations VIP (30 mins)800
Medical Examinations Regular (24 hrs)370
Emirates ID420
Visa stamping850

Several factors, including time, money, application centers, and others, may affect how much an investor visa costs in Dubai. An immigration establishment card is an extra expense for getting the Visa.

Types of Investor Visas in Dubai and Categories

The new system enables foreigners to live, work, and study in the UAE without needing a national sponsor and with 100 percent ownership of their business on the UAE’s mainland. But these investor visas are issued for three, five, or ten years and will be renewed automatically. Initially, they also had a three-year investor visa plan, but now they have discontinued it and is now two years.

● Property Investment

A property investor visa in Dubai is available to those who invest in residential real estate valued at more than AED 1 million. The property value covered by a mortgage can only be up to 50% if it is leased. For anyone with property worth AED 1 million or more, a visa with a three-year validity is often provided. However, the visa’s validity period is five years. A five-year visa should need a minimum investment of AED 2 million.

● Company Investment

This visa is open to anyone who wants to start a business in Dubai or invest in an existing company. The Dubai government offers more than 2000 different sorts of business activities. This category of Investor Visa is open to investors who start their firm with a capital investment of at least AED 50,000. They must possess shares worth at least AED 50000 if they invest in an established business.

● Retirement Visa

The Dubai government made this special visa for senior citizens who are at least 55 years old. It was made to ease their retirement. The visa offers them a 5-year long plan. It requires them to own a property worth AED 2M, possess funds collected totaling at least AED 1 million, and own an active monthly income of AED 20,000 or higher. If only one of these requirements is met, they get the visa.

● Golden Visa

Golden visa holders are eligible for a 10-year residence. Many categories qualify for the golden visa. Golden visas, for instance, are available to entrepreneurs, startup founders, and real estate investors. Members may also remain in the UAE for the 10-year visa if the original Golden Residence holder passes away. An investment of AED 2 million is needed for the Golden visa. The investor’s financial obligation should not be weighed down by claims or debts that would jeopardize his capacity to make ends meet to qualify for a Golden visa.

● Green Visa

It is a new type of resident visa called the UAE Green Visa. This visa distinguishes between employment and residency permits. It makes it possible for highly qualified individuals, investors, business owners, and top students and graduates to sponsor themselves without establishing business ties with UAE-based organizations. Green visa costs AED 2,280.

Investor Visas Validity in UAE

How you obtained the investment visa will determine how long it is valid. We described the investor visa types earlier. Below we have mentioned their validity.

  • By means of property: 3-5 (according to the value of the property)
  • Financed a company: 2 years
  • Golden Visa: 10 (according to the investment)
  • Retirement Visa: 5 years (you can renew it too)

A Dubai investment visa’s minimum validity duration is three (2) years. To renew your investor visa every two years, you must undergo a medical test, update your health insurance, and renew your Emirates ID.

How to Get an Investor Visa in Dubai?

Please follow these procedures when you have shown your eligibility.

  • Submit an entrance permission application to the immigration office.
  • Visit any government health facility to get a medical fitness exam. You must identify the health facility you wish to attend while completing the admission permission form.
  • Send a Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship center your completed Emirates ID application that was written out at an Amer Center. You need to get your original Emirates ID (if possible), family photos, and Emirates ID applications for family members with you when you submit your application. You must give biometric information if this is the first time you have applied for an Emirates ID.
  • Obtain health insurance before applying for a visa.
  • Visit one of the city’s Amer centers to change your visa status to an investor residency visa.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Investor Visa?

Your investor visa will take 15 to 20 working days to process.

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