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How to Start a Cleaning Business in Dubai and the UAE?

Start a Cleaning Business in Dubai
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A wealthy expat location with a luxurious lifestyle of the national population of Dubai has converted home and commercial in a way to start a cleaning business in Dubai became a money-spinning business in the entire UAE. Whether a Business runner is national or international, getting a license to initiate a small-to-large enterprise is an open opportunity for all.

Where there is the raise of several companies serving for cleaning areas, a room of competition and more service providers still reside due to the steadily increasing population of UAE. One reason behind the increased population is the tourist who loves to visit the entire UAE, Dubai in particular. Thousands of people travel Dubai every year and with every visit more and more hotels, restaurants, free zones, and commercial areas are packed with folks. These jammed areas require cleaning services in an everyday shift to keep the environment eco-friendly.

With such massive cleaning requirements in Dubai, thinking of starting a Cleaning business in Dubai is a win-win choice.

Do you also want to open a cleaning company in Dubai? Let us understand what you need to do before cleaning a business startup!

What Does a Cleaning Company in Dubai do?

A cleaning company in Dubai tackles the residential spaces including villas, apartments in which the company provides bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other surface cleaning services. In this core, bringing the equipment and supplement is the responsibility of service providers.

In addition, a cleaning company in Dubai caters to commercial spaces, too. Commercial areas include, but are not limited to, retail stores, hospitals, offices, and other buildings. In this core, heavy-duty equipment and specialized supplement is the responsibility of cleaning providers.

Besides this, a cleaning company in Dubai specializes in sanitizing, disinfecting, and maintaining commercial and industrial sectors. This may include factories, manufacturing buildings, commercial warehouses, and others. A service provider’s responsibility is to clean up all the industrial waste, hazardous waste, and harmful chemicals.

What Are the Benefits of Opening a Cleaning Business in Dubai?

Starting a cleaning company in Dubai can bring the following benefits to you:

  1. Low startup cost
  2. Consistent Income
  3. Minimal Overhead Costs.
  4. Little Customer Interaction.
  5. Potential for High Income.
  6. Flexible Schedule with zero tax in free zones.
  7. Straightforward Marketing Plan.
  8. Business stability and independence in Dubai

How to Start a Cleaning Business in Dubai Step By Step?

To start a cleaning business in Dubai, all you need to do is:

  1. Register yourself as a company in Dubai’s municipality’s official site by signing up your account with some credentials and remember them because you will log in again and again with the same credentials.
  2. Once you register, navigate a “Company registration” Tab in order to be directed to the new page.
  3. Once you see the new page, fill out all the required details in the form you see. This includes personal information along with company details and much more. In this step, make sure to check out the “security” at the screen bottom to have a secured channel.
  4. Once filled, recheck your details and hit the “Register button.”
  5. Once you registered, you will receive a confirmation email from your portal and you are good to go with soft copies have. Soft copies include companies’ logos, authorization, or licenses. If you do not have any, acquire one.

Types of Cleaning Company Licenses in Dubai?

Cleaning business ideas require specific licenses. If you want to open a cleaning company in Dubai, you can acquire any of the following Cleaning Company Licenses in order to proceed with the business settlement.

  1. Industrial Cleaning Company License Dubai. This license provides you with 100% company ownership along with a registered proprietorship or civil company.
  2. Residential Cleaning Company License Dubai. You must register your company with the Department of Economic Development (DED). The DED is the government body responsible for issuing trade licenses for businesses in the Dubai mainland.
  3. Commercial Cleaning Company License Dubai. Your company will be registered as an LLC Company with this license.
  4. Streets cleaning services license Dubai. Streets cleaning services license in Dubai will allow you to perform general cleaning services. This service is for all streets, footpaths as well as markets by manual or mechanical means.
  5. Sea & Shore Cleaning Services License Dubai. This license will allow a company to collect and dispose of treating marine waste and pollutants, which pollute the beach, sea, all the natural and artificial lakes, and marine life. The business license is subject to all the DM rules and regulations under the department of environment.
  6. Building Cleaning Services License Dubai. This license allows interior, exterior, and cleaning outer areas to residential buildings, government and professional premises.
  7. Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services License Dubai. This license includes cleaning activities like signboards fixed on streets and road cleaning.
  8. Runways & Roads Cleaning Services License Dubai. This includes manual and mechanical cleaning of runways and roads.
  9. Yacht Cleaning Services License Dubai. This includes yacht interior and exterior cleaning, which involves buffing, polishing, metal restoration, teak brightening, oiling, plastic enclosure polish, and cleaning, interior cleaning, leather, and vinyl treatment.
  10. Car Cleaning License Dubai. The activity group of motorcycle repairs is categorized in this professional license type. This license engages in car wash business and cleaning services through movable auto or manual washing stations activities.

Why Do You Need to Set Up a Cleaning Company in Dubai?

You can start a cleaning service business in Dubai:

  1. Because it is easy and convenient while being an essential service
  2. To provide a clean working and/or residential environment to the workers/residents
  3. To make an easy and decent profit with little investment of time and efforts
  4. It is something that will always remain in demand given the high and luxurious standard of life in Dubai

What Are the Requirements for Starting a Cleaning Business in Dubai?

Things needed to start a cleaning business include:

  1. Complete application form
  2. Up to three company names
  3. Copies of shareholders passport
  4. Entry stamp or visa for foreigners
  5. NOC from a current sponsor for national sponsors.
  6. Other approvals as per DED.

Cost Starting a Cleaning Business in Dubai?

Starting a cleaning business from scratch in Dubai is very easy and profitable if you can get help from several consultants. Typically, the cost of starting a cleaning business in Dubai is 15,000 AED including name approval, initial approval, deed of incorporation. Other than this client must have to pay visa costs, office rent, and operating expenses such as utility payment, the salary of the staff, legal and administrative expenses.

Cleaning Company License cost in Dubai

The only cost of a cleaning company license in Dubai is between AED 10, 000 to AED 15, 000 this cost may vary depending on your cleaning activities. To know more and exact amount you need to spend while opening a cleaning company in Dubai contact Avyanco to assist and guide you.

How Avyanco Can Help you Start a Cleaning Company?

Still, wondering how to set up a cleaning business in Dubai?

You can contact Avyanco to help you with setting up a cleaning business. Avyanco business experts take care of your company startup from the very beginning process until you are settled with the help of Dubai Municipality. Avyanco ensures every business activity to be done on its behalf.


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