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How to Get Instant License in Dubai: Ultimate Guide

How to Get Instant License Dubai, UAE
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Dubai is recognized as the commercial hub of the Middle East. It attracts foreign investors because of its corporate-friendly laws, zero taxation policies, elite infrastructure, and strong economy. Potential foreign investors are keen to start companies in the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, the government’s latest initiatives, such as the instant trade license, make establishing a business process effortless in Dubai. Investors can obtain an instant license in Dubai in order to get a commercial business license to start operating business activities.

What Is Instant License in Dubai?

An instant trade license in Dubai is a trade license that enables potential investors to acquire their commercial license in one step. As the term implies, you can obtain an instant trade license instantly. It is available to those willing to conduct professional business activities and begin trade in Dubai.

The Instant License program was introduced by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) in 2018. The objective is to further strengthen the nation’s economy by attracting potential investors and making it simpler to begin trade in Dubai. An instant license is issued almost instantly within 5 to 10 minutes with the use of a digital site.

Benefits of Instant License in Dubai

When attempting to open a business in Dubai, applying for a trade license is a complex procedure that may take months to complete. The length of time needed to get a business license in Dubai might also change depending on the many procedures, such as documents, firm operations, and other business criteria.

A 12-month lease contract is not required for an instant license. Nevertheless, essential tenancy contracts are needed for regular business licenses as well. By doing this, the investor ensures that market access is made available quickly and at extremely low prices.

The Dubai instant license also has the benefit of allowing an investor to research the industry before deciding to make more significant investments. A few other benefits of getting an instant license in Dubai are as follows:

  • Minimum documentation is provided
  • Get your license in a matter of minutes
  • Straightforward online application
  • Cost-effective business registration procedures
  • No more authorizations or requests are required
  • Start moving your office into a physical location the following year
  • During the first year of business, you can work from a virtual location
  • There is no requirement to draught or notarize a Memorandum of Association (MOA)

Who Can Apply for Dubai Instant License?

Any business activity that doesn’t need further permissions or approvals from departments or external authorities is eligible to apply for an immediate business license in Dubai. Companies that could need clearance from the Dubai Municipality, several ministries, or other departments are not eligible to apply for the permit in question.

Anyone, including general trade organizations, other than private-public shareholding corporations, may apply for an Instant License.

The below-mentioned judicial structures are made available through instant licensing:

  • Civil Company
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Single Limited Liability Company

How to Apply for an Instant License Dubai?

In Dubai, you can apply for an instant license through an agency or a business setup advisor. When starting a new business in a foreign country, it is vital to have an industry specialist on your side. A professional business consultancy like Avyanco can help you understand the dos and don’ts of the process. We can also assist you in arranging the crucial documents and applying for an instant trade license effortlessly.

Get in touch with a business advisor and apply for an instant trade license following the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Select a corporate entity application
  • Choose a commercial activity from DED’s permitted activities list
  • Select the company’s ownership structure and choose a trade name
  • Define the company’s share capital & fill out the necessary application forms
  • Send in the required documentation and get a payment voucher
  • Remit the fees, and within a week, an instant license will be given out to you

Documents Required for DED Instant Business License

To get an instant license in Dubai, investors will have to submit the following documents to the concerned authority.

  • An Emirates ID and residence visa copy or visit visa copy
  • Copies of the local sponsor’s passport and Emirates ID
  • Passport copies of the business owner and all the shareholders

Cost of Instant License in Dubai

The cost of an instant license might range from AED 7,000 to 15,000 AED. This covers the price of registering a trading name as well. If you’re new to the UAE, you’ll also need to account for the cost of your own and any dependents’ visa applications.

How Avyanco Can Help You Get Your Instant License?

Avyanco is a team of specialists with expertise in business setup and consultation. We are passionate about helping ambitious business owners and SMEs realize their aspirations and achieve their goals. Our experts are here to make the license approval and business setup process simple for you.

We provide committed assistance to help you establish a business in the UAE. Our staff will handle all the necessary paperwork on your behalf to get you an instant license in Dubai and will advise you on the kind of business venture that can provide you with the highest returns.

Feel free to contact us for any queries!


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