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Freelancer Visa in Dubai: A Complete Guide

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Given the reputation and possibilities of the UAE as a destination with fantastic economic and commercial opportunities, potential investors from all over the world often think about obtaining a freelancer visa in Dubai in order to live and work there.

Do you also want to work as a freelancer in Dubai? The guide provides you with complete information on how to obtain a freelance visa, the cost of the visa, as well as benefits of working as a freelancer in Dubai.

What Is A Freelancer Visa In Dubai?

The UAE couldn’t help but provide a freelancing visa in Dubai in 2019 given the growing acceptance of the “gig economy” globally. The UAE freelancing visa allows the applicants to self-sponsor themselves and operate in the permitted locations and jurisdictions in the UAE.

The freelancer visa enables individuals to live in their preferred Emirates including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and more. The visa allows them to work in any industry of their expertise to earn money using their talents and abilities. Other benefits include working when you can, working from the convenience of your home or even automobile, and travelling anywhere and whenever you like!

Who Can Apply For Freelancer Visa in Dubai?

The UAE has announced that anybody can apply for a freelancing visa in Dubai, including UAE nationals, citizens, residents, and foreigners, in an effort to increase employment prospects in the nation.

A few industries in which you can work as a freelancer include:

  • Tech
  • Media
  • Education

You are qualified to apply for a freelance visa in Dubai if you are interested in pursuing a career in acting, screenwriting, journalism, advertising, training, educational consulting, customer service, or web development.

However, keep in mind that Dubai Media City will grant your permit if you intend to work in the media sector, Dubai Internet City for tech sectors, and Dubai Knowledge Park will issue your permit for the education sector.

Benefits of Having a Freelancer Visa in Dubai

The lifestyle of freelancing in Dubai is fantastic, but it also calls for a lot of skills. Having a freelancer license in Dubai has several benefits to offer to eligible candidates. Such as, it gives you the freedom to work for various businesses. Being a freelancer in Dubai can be the best course of action for your career if you want to work in any of the industries but don’t want 9-to-5 employment.

Other advantages are mentioned below:

Ability to Travel Anywhere Anytime

UAE is an excellent place to start your freelance career because it is one of the most gorgeous nations in the world. Being a businessman with a freelancing visa in Dubai gives you the freedom to take extended vacations, see the world, and settle down anywhere you choose.

Richer and Robust Career

You have an opportunity to work for several clients, each of whom has unique requirements and projects. Additionally, you may update your portfolio and advance your career, which is not achievable with a typical 9 to 5 employment. You have an amazing chance to work as a freelancer and earn a good amount of money.

Generate Higher Income

Working for different clients will help you make more money in Dubai. Additionally, you might be paid significantly more than a typical salaried worker. In fact, obtaining a freelancing visa in Dubai gives you access to prospects for success, greater salaries, and a better work-life balance.

Sponsor Your Family

You may sponsor a family on your own by acquiring a freelancer visa in UAE. Individuals having a valid residency visa are eligible to sponsor their spouse, parents, and children in the UAE.

However, they must meet certain requirements, including having a minimum pay of AED 4000 or AED 3000 plus housing. Additionally, the application must be submitted within 60 days following the granting of your UAE residence visa.

Be Your Own Boss

Working as a freelancer will enable you to work all freely and independently. Your projects and assignments are entirely your responsibility. Moreover, working as a freelancer in Dubai might influence your decisions and work habits. Being your own boss gives you the freedom to pursue your interests as well.

The Cost of Freelancer Visa in Dubai

The entire cost of a freelancer visa in Dubai can range from AED 10,000 to AED 25,000. However, it depends on various factors including whether you need a one-year or three-year permit.

Difference between a Freelancer Visa and Freelancer Permit in UAE

There is a difference between both a freelancer visa and a freelance permit in Dubai. The freelancer visa is a three-year renewable residency permit that permits the holder to live and work in the emirate. However, a work permit or a freelance permit is also a must to obtain in order to operate and work as a full-time freelancer legally.

A freelancer in Dubai can work legally anywhere in the country with the help of a freelance license. Freelancers may not require a resident visa if their visas are sponsored by their spouses or businesses, but they still require freelancing permission.

In other words, freelancing permission is necessary for anyone who wants to practice in public and get paid for it, while a freelance visa is optional.

Documents Required to Getting a Freelancer Visa in UAE

Obtaining a work permit and start working as a freelancer in UAE is easy. Anyone can obtain freelancer visas and start working. However, there are always certain rules, regulations, and requirements which every potential candidate has to follow. Applicants looking to get a freelancer visa in UAE will have to fulfill certain requirements in order to work for UAE companies.

Requirements for a freelancer visa in Dubai are as mentioned below:

  • Resume or CV.
  • Bank reference letter.
  • Recent photograph.
  • NOC from your UAE sponsor.
  • Passport and visa copy that will be valid for at least 8 months.

However, applicants who are applying to work in the education sector will have to provide documentation of their academic credentials, which must be approved by the UAE Consulate in their home country or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. Similar requirements apply if you are seeking a position in the media industry: you must present a portfolio of your work to the concerned department.

Who Can Apply For A Freelance Visa in Dubai?

If you consider yourself an expert in the field of your interest and want to make it your job or source of income, you are eligible to apply for a freelancing visa in Dubai.

Journalism, advertising, writing, photography, acting, yoga, dancing, teaching, singing, customer service, education consulting, web development, or digital marketing etc. are just a few of the many professions you may work in as a freelancer in Dubai.

What Can A Freelancer in Dubai Legally Do?

A freelancer with a freelance permit in Dubai can work across multiple niches and sectors. Despite your profession, you can also work to:

  • Provide services to businesses
  • Raise Invoices and receive payments
  • Work with government bodies and agencies
  • Provide services to individuals and communities

Who Issues A Freelancer Visa?

You can acquire a freelancer residence visa in Dubai from the Dubai Development Authority (DDA). The DDA is responsible to examine the applications of the potential applicants and decide whether they meet the eligibility criteria or not.

How Avyanco Helps You Get A Freelancer Visa in UAE?

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Table of Contents