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Green Visa in UAE – Everything You Need to Know

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The UAE is taking another step towards becoming the perfect place for employment, education, entrepreneurship, investment, and living by overhauling its entrance and residency process. The government has recently issued new forms of residency permits and entrance visas dubbed as “Green Visa in UAE policies” extending the Golden Visa classes to attract more talent into the country.

The new residency and entry system was implemented to attract and hold skilled employees and global talents, intensify job market flexibility and competitiveness and nurture a strong feeling of security amongst UAE families and residents.

What is the UAE Green Visa?

Fundamentally, the visa is a special type of residency permit that differentiates between residency and employment privileges. The Green Visa in UAE will enable highly-talented individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, and outstanding graduates and undergraduates to sponsor themselves before even establishing relationships with firms established in the City of Gold.

Green Visas & the Emirati Economy

The country has established a growth target for the economy to generate more income from non-oil streams, resulting in economic development. The travel, tourism, and hospitality industry are also projected to rise, and this revised visa application will assist in that quest. By investing residency permits, such as, the Green Visa in UAE, the country’s economy and construction sector would be reinforced. Likewise, the overall business potential will also grow with this residency program.

The Emirates has also begun to explore beyond the kingdom for highly trained employees who can assist establish a dynamic and thriving economy. Hence. this permit will aim to bring in the brightest and smartest self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs. Top grads and students with bachelor’s degrees in various professions are some of the most sought-after specialists.

Finally, the nation seeks to grow the private-sector employment pool and generate opportunities for UAE citizens with the introduction of Green Visa in Dubai. They aim to broaden the breadth of the employment landscape, and they believe that the visa will aid in that development.

Building a fulfilled and happy livelihood is critical to the UAE’s cultural and professional objectives. A haven where you enjoy what you do, enjoy where you reside, and have a lot of work contentment, you create an atmosphere where the majority of that energy may thrive. They wish for a complete package, a country people want to explore and live in.

Things No One Tells You About Green Visa UAE

The new Green Visa UAE scheme provides an exceptional chance for qualified individuals from all nationalities to work and live legally in the country. Here are a few of the advantages you may get from it.

UAE Green Visa Benefits

As per the authorities, the introduction of the Green Visa for Dubai population is a core system component of the Emirati government’s attempts to recruit outstanding talent and boost economic development. The UAE government’s announcement concerning residential permits and entrance visas, as well as the expansion of former rules and categories are designed to propel the country’s development endeavors further.

Formerly, newer such systems have helped the country recruit and retain global talents and skilled employees from all over the globe. Experts believe that with the fresher updates, however, the country’s job market competitiveness and flexibility scenario will take a new turn supporting economic development and stability. Likewise, the new rules will also nurture a strong sentiment of permanence between the residents of the country.

Some significant enhancements to the Green Visa in Dubai involve new 5-year residency courses, which were implemented primarily to attract global talents from all walks of life. In addition to simplifying and streamlining the procedures for all resident categories, perks are being granted, such as a flexible 6-month grace period to stay after the permit is cancelled or expired allowing family members to live.

No Need for Sponsors

Unlike other visas, the key advantage of the newer policies is that it does not need you to be nominated by your company. It also implies that your company does not have the authority to terminate your travel document, making it far safer than other alternatives.

Family Sponsorship

Another benefit of this residency policy is that you may sponsor your spouse, children, parents, and other family members. Endorsing a partner, immediate family members, and dependents is one aspect every foreign worker desires – streamlining this issue is geared toward public satisfaction. And much more, whoever you sponsor, each will be entitled to similar benefits and rights as you.

Male children can be endorsed until they hit the age of 25. For widows and unmarried daughters, no age constraint is applied for sponsorship.

Children with extenuating medical situations or special needs are also eligible. These youngsters are awarded a residence permit with no age limit or constraints. You can indeed support your parents if they have specific care needs.

This is a fantastic opportunity for international enterprises, self-employed individuals, or entrepreneurs to bring their families, parents, and children with them when earning in the Emirates.

Flexible Lifestyle & Ease of Travel

The Green Visa facilitates entry and exit from the country. If you need to visit another nation, you may simply leave and re-enter the Emirates.

You will be permitted to live and work in the Emirates, which may be an excellent chance for international experts. You can also utilize this Visa to attend school.

Tax Exemptions & Easy Business Setup

In the UAE, you will be able to invest in a business or set up a new one. You will be able to supervise your company or workers with this Visa. This suggests you may establish businesses, hire employees, and supervise them.

You will also be allowed to work in Dubai Free Zone if you secure the Green Visa in UAE. The zone is ideal for starting a business or conducting studies and research because it is one of the big shareholders in the Middle East. The Dubai Free Zone is an excellent location for meeting influential individuals and learning about new prospects.

The UAE is one of the greatest places to do business. It provides a tax-free setting for its people, and international investors can take advantage of the same privileges. As a result, many worldwide investors are preferring to base their activities in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Green Visa UAE Eligibility Criteria

Skilled Employees & Green Residence

For talented workers, the new Green Visa UAE residency path gives a 5-year stay tenure without the need for an employer or sponsor. The only prerequisites are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required as the baseline level of education.
  • According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, you should be classed in the first, second, or third worker level.
  • Candidates must possess a valid contract of employment.
  • The applicant’s remuneration should be at least AED 15,000 (USD 4,083.74).

Freelancing, Self-Employment, & Green Residence

With the freelancing business and the principle of flexible working practices expanding globally, the new Green citizenship for self-employment and freelancing gives candidates a 5-year residency in the Emirates without the need for an employer or a sponsor. The only prerequisites are as follows:

  • A specialized certificate or bachelor’s degree as a baseline educational qualification
  • Acquiring a freelance/self-employment authorization from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization
  • AED360,000 (USD 9,800.99) in self-employment earnings during the last two years, or
  • The candidate must be able to demonstrate financial stability during their stay in the nation.

Partner, Investor, & Green Residence

To stimulate investment, the Green residence visa for partners or investors has been launched. It grants investors 5 years of residence if they develop or participate in business enterprises. It also replaces the previous residence, which was valid for two years. The prerequisites are as follows:

  • investment permission and evidence of investment
  • The maximum invested value will be determined if the investor (partner) holds more than one license.
  • The consent of the relevant municipal bodies is essential.

Benefits for Members of the Family

The proposed agreement gives relatives additional perks. A resident can now simply bring relatives to the Emirates, particularly their children and spouse. Furthermore, the age of offspring has been outstretched from 18 years to 25 years. For unmarried daughters, however, there are no age restrictions rules applied. To better explain this ideation, it is critical to understand that children of determination are granted a residential permit with no heed given to their age.

The Green Residence holder may invite his immediate family members, and in all situations, the residency shall be for the same term as the originating residence bearer.

The cost of UAE Green Visa

Fees DetailsCost in AED
Medical & Emirates ID1800
Government Fees3100
Total cost of UAE Green Visa4900

Apart from the government fees, the cost of Green visa in UAE will also includes services fees of AED 3000. For more information on how much you need to pay for your green visa you can contact one of our visa consultant.

Who Can Apply for UAE Green Visa?

The visa system was established to assist the extension of self-residency privilege for top graduates and students, highly qualified individuals, entrepreneurs, and investors, who desire to work and reside in the Emirates. Freelancers are also permitted to work in the UAE by applying for a federal visa. Self-employed employees in specialty sectors such as digital currencies, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence residing overseas and in the UAE are encouraged to apply for the freelancer visa.

How does Avyanco Help You Get Green Visa?

The Emirates is a wonderful destination to be, with booming growth. The nation is striving to make it a desirable location to work, visit, and live. The UAE Green Visa offers exceptional options for entrepreneurs, company owners, freelancers, investors, and skilled employees.

Don’t allow the procedure of applying for your Green Visa upset you. Contact Avyanco immediately and let us assist you in making the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.


Table of Contents